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^ SOT tlRCUUTfc 


-77^. d^^. ^y.^. 

I ^iiS^^-^ 

^^ .^._ 

■.kK t:^- — .-.^ ^ 



OfficUl PuUlcatlon 



Collcse Parle, Maryland 

Numbers without Exchange are branch numbers of 'JVarfield 3800 

Accounting 303,307 

Accounting - Fay Roll 304 
Admissions Office 325 
Agr. Adjustment Agency WA 7800 
Agricultural Economics 236 
Agricultural Engineering 239 
Agriculture, College of 257 
Agronomy 222 

Aircraft Develop. Corp. WA 6668 
Air Track Mfg. Corp. WA 9200 
Albrecht's Pharmacy WA 3838 
Alpha Delta Pi Sor. WA 9864 
Alpha Epsllon Phi Sor. WA 9804 
Alpha Epsilon Pi Frat. WA 9835 
Alpha lAmbda Tau Frat. WA 9895 
Alpha Omicron Pi Sor. WA 9871 
Alpha Xi Delta Sor. WA 9720 
Alumni Office 328 

Animal Husbandry 348 

Animal Husbandry Barns 238 
Armory 352 

Arts ft Sciences, Col. of 287 
Athletic Office 338 

Bacteriology 231 

B. ft 0. R.R, Station HY 0123 
Beltsville Res. Center WA 4200 
Botany 221 
Bureau of Markets 282 
Bur. of Mines (East. Exp. Sta.)235 
Bus. ft Pub.Adm., Col. of 346 
Cashier 340 
Chaney's Garage WA 9710 
Chemistry 210 
Chemical Engineering 302 
Christens en. Dr. T. A. WA 4568 
Civil Engineering ' 344 
Coliseum 242 
College Hair Dresser WA 3674 

C. P. Auto Place WA 0881 
C. P. Building Corp. WA 1224 
C. P. Market WA 4466 
C. P. Pharmacy HY 0301 
Comptroller's Office 224, 225 
Construction Office UN 2951 
Dairy Barns 343 
Dairy Building 313 
Dairy Salesroom WA 9772 
Dean of Men 270 
Dean of Women 263 
Delta Delta Delta Sor. WA 9795 
Delta Gamma WA 3083 
Dentist - Dr. J.W.Smith WA 6166 
Diamondbaok 258 
Dining Hall 202 
Dorrrdtories - Men 

Silvester Hall 

New Dormitories 

Annex l(D«lta S ig. Phi )WA 9770 

Ann Arundel Hall 


Calvert Hall 


Margaret Brent Hall 


Dormitory C 


Dormitory D 


Dormitory E 




Education, College of 


Electrical Engineering 


Engineering, College of 


Engr. Equip. ft Supply Co. 







Experiment Station 


Extension Service 


Ext. Service Information 


Farm Labor 



Farm Superintendent 


Fire Emergency 



Fire Service Extension 


Fish ft Wild Ufe - U.S. 



Follins Garage 



Gamma Phi Beta Sor. 






Geological Survey-U.S, 



Girl's Field House 


Graduate School 


Greenhouse (Old) 


Greenhouse (New) 




Health Service 




Home Economics, Col. of 


Home Management House 



Hopkins Farm Berwyn 




Howard's Cleaners 



Industrial Education 


Insect Control 




Kappa Delta Sorority 



Kappa Kappa Gamma Sor. 



Knotty Fine Stable Berwyn 






Library Loan D«sk 


Library Seminar Room 


Little Tavern Shops 



Live Stock Sanitary Lab. 


Lord Calvert Hotel 



Lost and Found 


Md. Book Exchange 



Md. Crop Report. Ser.-U.S 





Mechanical Engineering 


Military - CoTinandant 


Headquarters Adjutant 




Nash Farm Berwyn 


Nat. Sand !-. Gravel Assn. 




Phi Delta Theta 

Phi S5gma Sigma Sor. 

WA 9884 
WA 9828 


315,HY 0120 
Shop 356 
WA 9748 
HY 0223 
WA 9707 
WA 9845 
WA 9861 

Physical Education (Men) 

Physical Education (Women) 


Pi Beta Phi Sorority WA 

Plant Maintenance 

Plant Pathology 

Plant Physiology 


Political Science 

Poultry Husbandry 

President's Office 

P. G. County Trainin; 

Prince George's Rest. 

Print Shop 


Public Relations 


Purchasing Agent 

Receiving and Shipping 

Registrar's Office 

Rotary Club 

Seed Laboratory 

Sigma Alpha Eps.Frat. 

Sigma Alpha Mu Frat. 

Sigma Kappa Sorority 


Soil Conservation Service 309 

Soil Cons.Serv.Res.Ub.WA 0848 

Soils 281 

Speech 291 

State Chemist 285 

State Farm Ins. Co. WA 7518 

State Forest Nursery Ber. 122J 

State Inspection Lab. 285 

Statelemd's Cleaners WA 0731 

Students ' Supply Store 

Summer School 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Taxi Service: 

)lt. Rainier Cab Co. 

Suburban Cab Co. 
Terrapin (Year Book) 
Terrapin Inn 
Theta Chi Fraternity 
Tippett ft Berger Bldg. 
Topper's Cleaners 

Univ. Beauty Salon 
Univ. Bowling Alleys 
Univ. Dry Cleaning Co. 
Univ. Food Market 
Varsity Grill 
Veterans Administration 284 
Victory Engineering Co, UN 3353 
Wash. Inst. of TechnolosrWA 9000 
Wells, G.T. ft Sons WA 2798 

Zoology Department 256 


















UN 2680 












Animal Husbandry Bams WA 3815 

Ann Arundel Hall WA 3390 

Athletic (Coliseum) WA 3808 

Calvert Hall WA 3803 

Chemistry WA 3812 

Comptroller WA 3810 

Dairy Barna WA 3811 

Dining Hall WA 1052 

Dormitory C WA 3177 

Dormitory D WA 3146 

Dormitory E WA 3813 

Infiriwry WA 4120 

Livestock Laboratory WA 3920 

Margaret Brent Hall WA 3911 

Nurses (Rossborough) WA 3805 

Poultry Farm WA 3814 

Power Plant WA 3800 

College Park 



September 19-22 
September 24 
September 29 
October 15 

November 1 

November 9,10 
November 17 
November 22-25 
November 24 
December 22 

January 2 
January 26-30 

Wedne sday-S atur day 





Friday, Saturday 






Registration for first semester 

Instruction begins 

Pinal date to make changes in registration without fee* 

Final date to secure refunds on laboratory fees for 

courses dropped 
Final date to secure prorated refunds on fees for 

withdrawal from University 

Uidterm report of instructors due in offices of deans 
Thanksgiving recess 

Final date to drop a course without a grade of failure 
Christmas recess begins 

Christmas recess ends 
First semester examinations 


February 4-6 
February 7 
February IS 
February 22 
March 1 

March 15 

March 15 

March 25 
April S 
April 10 
April 19-23 
May 50 
June 1-5 
June 8 















Registration for second semester 

Instruction begins 

Final date to make changes in registration without fee 

Washington's Birthday* holiday 

Final date to seoxire refunds on laboratory fees for 

courses dropped 
Final date to secure prorated refunds on fees for 

withdrawal from University 
Final date for candidates for degrees to file 

application for diploma 
Observance of Maryland Day 

Midterm report of instiructors due in offices of deans 
Final date to drop a course without a grade of failure 
Easter recess 
Memorial day, holiday 
Second semester examinations 


June 24 


June 25 


August 2 


Registration for summer session 
Instruction begins 
Sumner session ends 


June 17-22 
August 5-10 

Monday -Saturday 

Rural women's short course 
4-E Club week 



William P. Cole, Jr., 

Chairman 100 W. University Parkway, 


Thomas R. Brookes 

Vice-chairman . . . Forest Grove Farm, Bel Air 

Stanford Z, Rothschild 

Secretary 2215 Ken Oak Rd., Baltimore 

J. Vllton Patterson 

Treasurer • • • • • 1015 Argonne Dr., Baltimore 

E. Paul Knott 8, U.D. • . Denton 

Glenn L. Uartin 

Harry E* Nuttle Denton 

John E. Senmes • • . • • 100 W. University Parkway, 

Bualness Address 

U.S. Customs Court, 201 Varriok 
St., New York City 

Bel Air 

109 E. Redwood St., Baltimore 

120 W. Redwood St., Baltimore 


Middle River, Baltimore 


2500 Baltimore Trust Building 

Philip C. Turner • . . 
Urs. John L. TThitehurst 


4101 Greenway, Baltimore 

2 East North Ave., Baltimore 2 


H. C. Byrd, LL.D., D.Sc, President of the University 

T. B. Symons, U.S., D.Agr., Director of Extension Service, Dean of College of Agriculture 

J. Freeman Pyle, Ph.D., Dean of College of Business and Public Administration, Acting Dean 

of College of Arts and Sciences 
J. Ben Robinson, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Dean of School of Dentistry 
Henry H. Breehbill, Ph.D., Acting Dean of College of Education, Acting Director of Sumer 

S. S, Steinberg, B.B., C.E., Dean of College of Engineering 
C, 0, Appleman, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate School 
U. Marie Mount, M.A., Dean of College of Home Economies 
Roger Howell, LL.B., Ph.D., Dean of School of Law 
Robert U. Patterson, M.D., CM., LL.D., Dean of School of Medicine, Superintendent of 

University Hospital 
Andrew G. Du Mez, Ph.D., Dean of School of Pharmacy 
H. F. Cotterman, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of College of Agriculture 
W, B. Kemp, Ph.D., Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station 
V. J. Huff., Ph.D., D.Sci., Director of the Engineering Experiment Station 
Geary P. Eppley, M;S., Dean of Men, Director of Student Activities 
Adele H. Stamp, M.A., Dean of Women 
H. C. Griswold, Col., Inf., U. S. Ars^, Comnandant and Professor of Military Science and 

Alma H. Preinkert, M.A., Registrar 
Edgar F, Long, Ph.D., Acting Director of Admissions 
Charles L. Benton, M.S., C.P.A., Comptroller 
Carl W.E. Hints, A«M.L,S., Librarian 
T* A. Button, M.A., Purchasing Agent 
Harold A* Sayles, A,B., Assistant Superintendent of University Hospital 



Alpha Chi Slgjsa 

Alpha Delta PI 

Alpha Bpailon Phi 

Alpha GasDia Sho 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Alpha Omloron Pi 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Amerioan Institute of Chemloal Engineers 

Amerioan Institute of Civil Engineers 

Amerioan Institute of Eleotrioal Engineers 

Amerioan Institute of Ueohanieal Engineers 

Art Club 

Baptist Student Union 

Canterbury Club 

Clef and Key 

Danoe Club 

Daydodgers Club 

Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Sipna Phi 

Delta Ganaoa 


Footlight Club 

Frenoh Club 

Gamma Phi Beta 

German Club 


Home Eoonomios Club 

Independent Student's Union 

Interfratemity Counoil 

International Relations Club 

Kappa Alpha 

Kappa Delta 

Kappa Kappa Gaiona 

Lutheran Club 

"M" Book 

"M" Club 

Hen's Chorus 

Mortar Board 

Hewman Club 

Omloron Delta Kappa 

Omloron Ku 

Panhellenio Counoil 

Phi Delta Theta 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

Phi Sipia Sigaa 

Pi Beta Phi 

Pi Delta Epsilon 

Presbyterian Club 

Religious Life Committee 

Riding Club 

Si^na Alpha Epsilon 

Sipia Alpha Ifa 

Si^na Alpha Omloron 

Si^ia Chi 

Si^na Kappa 

Sigma Nu 

Si^na Tau Epsilon 

Sooiology Club 

Spanish Club 

Student Government Assooiation 

Tau Beta Pi 


Theta Chi 

Veteran's Club 

Wesley Club 

Women's League 

Wonen's Chorus 

Wonen's Recreation Assooiation 

Ed Baker 
Roberta Burdette 
Hannah Heedle 
Maguire Mattingly 
Corine Krant 
Jeanne Bennett 
Ifairty UoKiA Grill 
George Cleaver 
Babette Sellhausen 
Paul Goldbert 
Leslie Smith 
William Talbott 
Barnard Eyler 
Gloria Hoffman 
Jerry Pfeiffer 
Betty Gamble 
Jean Daly 
Ruth Jehle 
Betty Rush 
Louise Rlohards 
Charles Prof fen 
Jane Sohreiver 
Ann Troxell 
Marty MoKim Grill 
Peggy Morris sey 
Selma Helm 

Muriel Fine 
Caz*ol Haase 
Mildred Harryman 
Miohael Zetts 
Anna Jenkins 
Raymond Harrington 
LoYsdy Pedloir 
Carolyn Moody 
Ed Zeigler 
Ray Hesse 
Alexander Bobenko 
Kent Kise 
Margaret Hughes 
Frank Borges 
Robert Spenoe 
Greeba Hofstetter 
Marguerite Stitely 
Riohard Boeman 
Jay Bisgyer 
Miss MoVaughton 
Harry Howden 
Irene Caplan 
Audrey Hamblen 
Margaret Hu^es 
Graoe Enfield 
Miss Leslie 
Miohael Zetts 
Randolph Coyle 
Austin Oppenheim 
Dorothy Pitt 
Leslie Smith 
Ethel Hlblett 
Miohael Zetts 
Betty Jaokson 
Betty Jaokson 

Les Daly 

Albert Spikloser 
Lueille Stewart and 
Genie Sismons 
Riohard Spenoer 
William Huff 
Kitty Briggs 
Betty Jaokson 
Barbara Brown 
Roberta Burdette 



Arte and Soiem 










Dean of Wonon 



P Horticulturo H 

G Gynmaslum 

E Hone Eoononioa P 

I Industrial Eduoation SB 

I Chaalstry T 

L Library W 

H Uorrill Hall Z 


Dining Hall 


Service Building 


Women's Field House 

Silrester Hall 


1 • Presfaman 

2 •• .* Sophomore 

5 ••• Junior 

4 •• Senior 


Gr,t, Graduate 

Blank before College indicates unclassified status 


WA 9864 


WA 9871 


WA 9747 


WL 9720 


WA 9795 


WA 5085 


WA 9775 


WA 9759 


WA 9886 


WA 9828 


WA 9851 


WA 9861 


L. H. Allen Alpha Delta PI 

Eleanor Brefame ••.•••.....•... Alpha Omioron Pi 

Luther Ruark Alpha Epsilon Phi 

B. J. Porter Alpha Xi Delta 

Charles D. Hoire Delta Delta Delta 

Blanche Thomas Delta Gamna 

Roy D. Eensel • Gaana Phi Beta 

Marguerite Hoirell Kappa Delta 

John Hill .•.......•••.••«.. Kappa Kappa 

Olive I. Stevens Phi Signa Slgu 

R. 6. Lytwh Pi Beta Phi 

Allsette Maokenzie ••...••...••. Signa Kappa 


GR 4956 Rev. Norman Maring, 56-6 Crescent Rd., Greenbelt ........... .Baptist 

HY 0157 Rev. Henry R. Osgood, 4904-42nd PI., Hyattsvllle Baptist 

MI 6652 Rev. Father Hugh Ratigan, Holy Name College, 16 Ann Shepherd St.,N,F,,D.CCatholio 

WA 4285 Rev. Charles Friek, 4005-53rd St., Mt. Rainier Christian 

WA 7225 Rev. Nathaniel Acton, St. Andrews Reotory, C. P .Episcopal 

WA 6921 Rabbi Meyer Greenberg, 4505 Knox Rd., College Park,. Jewish 

HO 7652 Rev. Paul L. Reaser, 14 R. I. Ave., N. E., D. C. . , . Lutheran 

1EA 8582 Rev. Edgar W. Beckett, 4115 Hamilton St., Hyattsvllle Methodist 

WA 5857 Rev. W. Keith Custis, 4605 Rlttenhouse St., Rlverdale Presbyterian 

WA 5269 Rev. D. Hobart Evans, 4400 Madison St., Hyattsvllle Presbyterian 

BE 149 Rev. Edward J. Kidder, 8514-50th Ave., Berwyn Presl^erlan 

Ex 4999 Dr. Elwyn A. Smith, Westminster Foundation, 1906 H. St., D.C, .... .Presbyterian 

All addresses are in Maryland unless otherwise stated* 
Telephone numbers without esohange are branch numbers of WA 5800 


Looal Rione 



Department Room Number Residenoe 


294 Aaron, Albert A., Asst., Physios, £22,4607 Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA. 9766 

317 ♦Abrams, George J.,A88t.Prof .,Ent. ,M306,3606 Ruatan St.,Berwyn Hts.,BE 113R 

311,236 *Ahalt, Arthur M. ,A8soo. Prof .,Ag.Ed.,Tll2, 7007 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,HT 0637 

289 *Adain8, Pranois R,, Jr.,Gr^«st.,Eng.A120,6802 Balto.Blvd. ,Hyatt8ville,WL 6220 

205 Akin, anily W.(Mr8 .).Instr.,HE,HlC21,5803 63rd Pl.,Ea8tpine8 .Riverdale 

202 Allen, Florenoe F.,A8st. Inst. Man, .Dining Hall, Dining Hall, Campus ,202 

231 *Allen, Oeoar N.(Dr.).ft'of .*H©ad,Baot.,T303 

336 *Allen, Russell B.,As8oo .Prof .,CE,E207, 4610 Hartwiok Rd.,C.P.,WA 0919 

325 ♦Allen, Velma L.(lfrs.R.B.) .Sr.Sten. ,Adm. Off .,1B125, 4610 Hartwiok Rd.,C.P.,Tl& 0919 

293 Alrioh, George P.(Dr.),In8tr.,Math.,E219,1901 N St.,N.W.,D.C. 

210 *Ambro8e, Mary E.CMts .Paul), Lab, Instr., Chen., K117, 4305 VanBuren St. .University Park 
Rook. 783 *Anderson, Otto W. .Assoo.Prof .4Co.Agt.,Rookville,Gaither8burg,Gaith,84J 

359 Andrews, Anna M. (Mrs .),Dir. Res. Balls , Dorm D.Beaver, Ba. ,Dom D,359 (CH 5311 

289 •Andrews, Mary L., Dr. (Mrs , J.N. ), Ins tr, .Eng,,Al27, 3612 N.Albemarle St. .Arlington, Va. , 

292 / Andrian, Gustave W.,As8t. Prof .,For,Lang,,A223, 6826 Pineway St.,Hyatt8 .,m 8917 
268 Andrus, Geraldine M.,Sr. Clerk, SSS,lB27,llR Ridge Rd. .Greenbelt.GR 3201 

211 *Anspon, Harry D. (Dr.),Re8 .Chem,,Kl09,5711 43rd Ave,,Hyatt8ville,UN 4192 (m 6321 

232 *Appleman, Chaa ,0.(Dr, ), Dean, Gr,Soh., Prof ,Bot.&Plt.Fhy8. ,T214, 4800 Calvert Rd.,C.P., 

306 *Arnold, Floyd J, ,Prof.,DH,Dll,4203 Queensbury Rd, ,Hyatt8ville,UN 1175 
285 Baggs, Frederiok G.,Sr, Clerk. Chem.,K215, 1419 N St ..N.W.,D.C. 

211 ♦Baker, Alioe C. (Mrs. O.E. ). Lab.Instr. ,Chem.,Kll, 4313 Knox Rd.,C.P..m 4329 
334,292 ♦Baker, Oliver E. (Or, ), Prof . ,NHR,A225, 4313 Knox Rd,.C,P.,V(A 4329 

326,349 Baldwin, Estella C. Sup. of Nurses, Health Ser.,Ros8borough Inn,C.P. ,WA 3805 

212 Baldwin, Sidney,Gr.As8t,,Cheni. ,Kll7,Pr. Geo.Rest., Baltimore Blvd., C. P. 
297 Ball, Ceoil R.,Asst.Prof. ,Eng..Alll. 4805 College Ave, .C. P., UN 3642 

307 ♦Ball, Edna(Mrs.H.).Pr.Aoot.Clerk,Aoot., 18204,5721 43rd Ave. .Hyattsville 
242 ♦Ball, Herman, In8tr.,PE-M,Coli8evmi, 5721 43rd Ave., Hyattsville (ville,TlA. 7976 

221 *Bamford, Ronald (Dr.). Prof .&Head,Bot., T204. 4403 Holly Hill Rd. .College Ht8.,Hyatts- 

295 Banks, Mary A. ,Gr.As8t.P8yoh.,AlOl,2009 Lawrence St. ,N.E.18,D.C.,N0 7940 
260 Barr, Margery,A88t.Libr,,Library,Ref .Rm.,4611 Knox Rd.,C.P.,TIA 8685 

AN 2161 ♦Basil, Thomas G.,Instr.,Fire Senr. Ext,, Annapolis, AN 2161 

Rook. 360 Bastow, Jtuae E, ,In8tr,&A8st.H. D,A,,Rookville, 10621 Lorain Ave,, Silver Spring 

285 Baumgardner, Robt,E,,Ag.Chem.,St.Insp.Ser.,K216.2016 Newtcn St,,N.E.,D.C. ,DU 7894 

324 ♦Beaoh, Wanda P. (Mrs. R.C.),Sr.Aoot. Clerk,Aoot., 18204,4615 Knox Rd.,C.p.,T«A 3923 

201 Beale, Calvin L.,Gr.Fellow,Hi8t.,A237-B,629 14th St. .N.E..D,C.,AT 0722 

219 ♦Beall, Miriam L.(Mrs.C.S.),In8tr.,HE.H210.2853 Ontario Rd..N.W..9,D.C. ,C0 0800 

200 Beamer, Phyllis, Ent. ,M102, Westminster 

Cum. 1062 Bean, Maude A. ,A8800.n-of .4Co.E.D.A.,101 Washington St., Cumber land, Cum.227 J 

272 Beard, Bdythe,Sr,Sten,,Hort.,FllO.C.P..W^ 3567 

267 Beauman, Madge C.Asst, ,PE-W,3915 Calverton Dr.,C.P.,W^ 7038 

282 Beaven, Walter C.,Prof ,, Market,, Ext,, T119, 4401 Holly Hill Rd., College Hts.,HY 5143 

348 ♦Bee, Ural G.,AS800 .Prof . ,AH,D206, 4607 Cherokee St.,Berwyn,BE 176W (Cam. 1163 

Cam. 162 ♦Beggs, Harry W,,AS8 00 .Prof ,ftCo. A., P.O. Bldg., Cambridge, Hambrooks Blvd. , Cambridge, 

224,225 ♦Benton, Chas. L.,CoH5)troller .Bus .Mgnt., 18204,41 07 Clagett Rd,,Hyatt8 ..WA 9443 

267 Benton, Raohel J,(Dr.),Prof .&Aot.H8ad,PE-W.6652 Barnaby St. .D.C.WO 5678 

213 ♦Berry, Myron H,,A3300 .Prof .D.H., Dairy, 0301,3308 Cheverly Ave.,Chev8rly,WA 6120 
262 Bewley, Helen G., Sr.Sten., Ent .,M204, 8914 Baltimore Ave.,Berwyn,BE 73W (WA 2826 
341 ♦Blackburn, Alioe L. (Mrs .T,H.),Jr.Sten.,Libr.,L104,4202 Clagett Rd., Univ. Park, 

293 ♦Blaokbum, Thomas ,Gr.As8t., Math., E219, Silvester 

323 ♦Blum, William.Asst. , Poultry, LSSS, 6110 Green Tree Rd.,Bethe8da,WI 1817 

236 ♦Bohanan, Luther B. , Ass t. Prof ,,AE,A138, 4504 Guilford Rd.,C.P. (UN 2437 

302 *Bonney, Donald T. (Dr.) ,Aflsoo. Prof ..Chem.Engr. ,E7, Calvert Ct.Apts ., Baltimore 18, 

285 ♦Bopet, Leslie E. ,St.Chem.(tProf . ,Chem. ,St .Insp.Ser. ,K215,4605 Amherst Rd . ,Col.Hts ., 

293 Boyor, Jean M. ,A83t. , Math. .E226. 213 Willow Ave. .Takoma Park E, SL 7332(Wl 3382 

289 Bradley, Louise A. ,Gr.A88t.,Eng., Calvert, 352 

256 ♦Bradley, Martha C. (Mrs .Robt. ).Gr.A38t., Z00I..M6, 7509 Princeton Ave..C.P.,WA 8497 

272 ♦Bragg, Betty J.(Mrs .R.H. ) . Jr.Sten..Hort.,F110.4010 Tennyson Rd . .Hyatts . .WA 1470 

234 ♦Breohbill. Henry H. (Dr. ) .Aot.Dean.Frof , ,Ed.,N209,4605 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,WA 8135 

313 Breenahan, Rubye M. ,Sten.Seoty. ,DH, KOI, 4310 Jefferson St.. Hyattsville ,m 0973 

OR 4040, ♦Briokwedde, Ferd . G. (Dr.) .Prof ..Physics ,4980 Quebec St. ,N.W. ,16,D.C.,EM 7552 

Looal Phone in faoulty section 
♦Before name denotes married. 

is branoh nimiber of Warfield 3800. imless otherwise shown. 


512 •Briggs, G«orge M. (Dr. ) .Aosoo. Prof . ,PH,P117, 5011 Hollywood Rd . , Be rwyn , BE 287H 

356,252 ♦Briggs, Harry L.,A8et.,Ind.Ed.,NYA Bldg.,10 Powder Mill Rd.,Berwyn,BE 768J1 

329 Broughton, Laureae M. (Mra .),A88t. , Ext. Ser. ,T107, 7501 Hoplclna Av«. ,C.P. ,UT? 3055 

216 ♦Brown, Allison T.(Mra .D.E. , Jr.) .Instr. ,HE,H103,2800 Ontario Rd. ,N.W. ,D.C . ,C0 8180 

PL 1100 ♦Brown, Glen D. , Prof .4Head,Ind. Ed .(Balto.) ,3701 Hillsdale Rd., Baltimore 7,F0 5119 

Sal. 427 ♦Brown, James P. ,A8SO0 .Prof .&Co.Agt. .Salisbury, P.O. Box 336,0oeaai City Rd. , Balls bury 

LaP.3511 ♦Brown, Paul D. ,Asaoo. Prof .ftCo.Agt. ,LRPlata,LaP. 4843 

Ea.403 ♦Brown, Rudolph S.,A8Soo .Prof .&Co.Agt. ,300 S.Washington St. ,Ea8ton,Ea.749W 

221 ♦Brown, Russell G. (Dr. ) .Assoo. Prof .,Bot. ,7205,4219 Sheridan St. , Univ. Park ,WA 1714 

323 ♦Brueokner, Arthur L. (Dr.), Dir.LSSS, 4111 Colesville Rd. ,Hyatt8ville,DH 4366 

289,310 Bryan, Marie D.,Inatr.,Ed.,Eng. ,N203,A125,7501 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,WA 8246 

242 Bryant, Pail W., Football Coaoh,Athletio8 

P.P. 40 Buchanan, Florence E. (Mrs. ),As8t. Prof.ACo. H. D.A. ,Pr. Frederick, P. F.2aj (BE 669 

256 ♦Burhoe, Sumner 0. (Dr. ), Assoc .Prof . ,Zool.,M201, 5815 Branchville Rd. ,Branohvillo, 

323 Burton, Harold F.(Dr. ),A8 8t.Prof .Yet .Sci.,LSSS,Tork Rd. ,Parkton,Park.l9F4 

239 ♦Burkhardt,- George J.,A830c.Prof .,Ag.Engr. ,T52,4515 Oliver St, .Riverdale.WA 6160 

1«est.256 ♦Burna, landon C.,A880o.Prof .&Co.Agt.,We8tmin8ter,Wa8hington Rd., Westminster ,402W 

537 Byrd, Harry C. (Dr. ),Pfe8ident,Admin., 18106,4600 Beeohwood Rd.,C.P.,TIA 2281 

234 ♦Cain, Leo F. (Dr.), Instr. ,Bd. ,4615 Dreral Rd.,C.P.,lA 7291 

289 *Cain, Margaret B. (Mrs. Leo F. ), Instr. ,Eng. ,4615 Drexel Rd.,C.P.,TWl 7291 

SIS ^•Cairns, Gordon M. (Dr.), Prof .&Head,DH,D201, 6506 41st Ave., University Park 

337 Caldwell, Elsie M. ,Pr. Clerk, Pl-esident's Off .,lB109,Ro88borough Im,C.P. 

256 ♦Callaway, Robt. P. , Assoc. Prof .&Market. Spec, AE,A138, 1236 N.Stafford St. .Arlington, 
289 ♦Cardwell, Guy A. (Dr.),Prof .&Head,Eng.,A121,Burnt Mills, Silver Spring(Va.GL 2348 
239 ♦Carpenter, Ray W. , Prof .&Head,Ag.Engr.,T41 ,4804 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 7135 
B.A.54J ♦Carroll, Henry M. ,As8oo .Prof .ACo.Agt. .Gordon St. ,BelAir,B.A.685J 

Oak. 132 *Carter, John H. , Assoc. Prof .iCo.Agt., Mt. Lake Park, Oakland 327W 

216 Cassels, Suxanne F,, Instr., HE, H135, 4400 Lehigh Rd.,C.P. 

288 Chaney, Phyllis M. ,Sr.Sten.,Chem.,K215,429 Main St., Laurel, lA 290J 

201 ^♦Chatelain, Verne B. (Dr. ), Prof ., Hist., A238, 6101 5th St. ,N.W. ,11,D.C.,GE 2184 


200 ♦Chisolm, Julian J. II, Instr. ,Ent. ,M103, Little Monacaoy Farms, Dickers en, Buckeys town 

B.C. 204 Cissel, Beatrice S.(Mt*8. ), Instr. &As8t. Co. Agt.,Ellicott City,We8t Friendship, 

203 ♦Clark, Barbara K. (Mrs .J.E.),Sr.Sten.,HE,4318 Knox Rd.,C.P. (Sykeeville 7P1S 

Mar,121 ♦Clark, Percy E. , Assoc. Prof. iCo.Agt., Upper Marlboro, 208 Ave,n,Di8trict Ht8.,Hill. 

295 ♦Clark, Weston R. (Dr. ), Prof ., Psych. ,A101, 4403 Underwood St., Univ. Pk., UN 1919(0764J 

250 ♦Clemens, Eli W. (Dr.), Prof ., Boon. ^247, 4622 Harvard Rd.,C.P. 

292 ♦Clemens, Lucienne C. (Mrs^B.W, ), Instr. ,1S,A214, 4622 Harvard Rd.,C.P. 

♦Clopper, Simon,Sr. Reg. Instr., Fire Serv. Ext. .Smiths burg, Smith. 8F12 (WL 5543 

340 ♦Cobey, Wto.W., Cashier, Pr.Acot.Clerk.Admin., 4318 Clagett Rd. , University Park, 

267 ♦Colgrove, Gladys A. (Mrs. R.V.), Instr., PE-W, 3849 Wilson Blvd. ,Arlington.Va., 

(CH 1410 

257 *Comings, Betty M. (Mrs .S.L.),Sr.Sten., TllO, 2D Gardenway,Greenbelt,GR 3567 

310 ♦Conner, S. Grant, Assoc. Prof .,Ind.Ed., N211, 6408 Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase 15, CL 2266 

228 Connolly, K. Grace ,Admin.A88t., Ext., T107,15S0 Monroe St.,N.W.,D.C.,C0 1454 

292 Conybeare, Adrienne B. (Mrs .),Res.Asst., HNR,A225, 6703 44th Ave.,Hyattsville,m 6236 

289 ♦Cooley, Franklin D. (Dr. ), Assoc. Prof . ,Eng.,Al20, 3506 Walbrook Ave., Balto., FO 5276 
228 ♦cooper, Clara C. (Mrs. H.E. )Dr. ,Sr.Aoot. Clerk, Ext., T106, 4400 Lehigh Rd..C. P. 

279 Corcoran, George F,, Prof ,&Chrm., BE, E227, 7506 Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,WA 7885 

253 Corse, Mary R.,Dir. Res. Halls^MBH, 1641 Ellamont St.. Baltimore, MA 2382 

200 ♦Cory, Ernest N. (Dr.), Prof .&Head,Ent. ,A88t.Dir. Ext. Ser., ¥102,4710 College Ave.,C.P. 
.««t~" ' ♦Cotterman, Harold F. (Dr. ),As8t.Dean,Agr. .Prof . ,Ag.Ed.,Tll6, 4611 Knox Rd.,C.P., 

(WA 1105 

323 Cotton, Cornelia M.(Dr.),Coop.Agt.,LSSS,Brockwood,Wil8on Lane.Bethesda.WI 1483 

309 ♦Cotton, John, Assoc. Prof., Soil Erosion,iBl4,811 Greenwood Ave.,Takoma Park,SH 3838 

316 ♦Cox, Carroll E. (Dr. ),A8st. Prof ., Pit. Path. ,1220.7501 Hopkins Ave .,C.P. ,WA 4174 

339 ♦Cox, Elit. S. (Mrs. C.E.),Jr.Typ., Reg. Off .,18123,7501 Hopkins Ave,,C.P.,WA 4174 

We. 607 Crosby, Justina C.,A88t.Prof.4Co.H.D.A.,152 E. Main St. ,Tfe8tminster,WB 69M 

220 Crow, Jane H., Ins tr. , HE, H208, Practice Hou8e,Campus ,WA 9878 

i^rowl, James W. (Dr.), Asst. Prof .ftVet.InsJ). ,LSSS, Centreville, Centre. 224R 
216 '^♦Cuneo, George H.,Aset.Prof .of Art, H106, 4608 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,WA. 2365 

292 Cunz, Dieter(Dr. ),A8st. Prof ., For .Lang. ,A219, 4622 College Ave. ,C .P., WA. 0726 
244 ♦Curran, Spencer W.. Chauffeur, PM40,Serv.Bldg.,Ammendale Rd.,Beltsville 

216 Curtiss, Vienna, Prof .,HE,H103, 3900 Hamilton St.,Hyatt8ville,UN 4595,DE 6100 

334 ♦Dambaugh, Luella M. (Mrs .A.0.),Fellow,Geog.,NHR.A225,7608 Dickinson Ave., C. P. 

293 ♦Dantiig, Tobias (Dr.), Prof. , Math., E226, on leave 

279 ♦Davies', Gomer L., Lecturer, BE, £229,1107 Woodside Parkway. Silver Spring.SL 4375 

323 ♦Davis, Chas. R. (Dr. ),AS800. Prof .Vet. Sci.,LSSS, 7306 Princeton St.,C.P.,WA 6994 

267 Davis, Evelyn, Instr., PE-W, 1514 17th St. .N.W.,6,D.C.,N0 2358 

304 ♦Dawson, Mary R. (Mrs .H.E. ),Sr.Acct. Clerk, Acct., 6202 43rd St. .Hyattsville.HY 5634 

An. 3141 ♦Day, St«uiley E. .Assoc. Prof .&, Annapolis ,Davlasonvl lie, West River 8F11 

202,206 Delahunt, Charles V., Gen. Mngr. , Dining Hall, Dining Hall,Wft. 1052 

267 DeLoaoh, Helen M., Instr. ,PE-W,7501 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 

318 *Dengler, airry W.,As80o. Prof .Forestry, T102, 4615 Cherry Hill Rd.,Berwyn,BE 17SR 

TO. 3800 Denton, Viola A., Telephone 0per.,PMft0,T16,3900 Hamilton St.,Hyattsville 

Tow 466 *Derriok, Horace B. ^seoo. Prof .ACo.Agt. ,818 E. Joppa Rd.,Tow8on 4, Tow.l095M 

236 •DeVault, Sasuel H. (Dr.). Head & Prof ..Ag.Eo on., Al 38, Paint Br.Farms ,R.F.D.2,SilTer Spr. 

323,324 *DeVolt,H. M.(Dr.) Assoc. Prof ., Path. ,LSSS, 5307 38th St. .Hyattsville.TO 2040(SH 2047 

504 Diefenderfer, Araminta J.,Aoot.Mach.0per. ,Bus .Off .,4402 Madison St. ,Hyatt8ville, 

341 Diggs, Elitabeth.Sr.Sten., Library, L104,13E Parkway, Greanbelt (Wk 3615 
251 *Dillard, Dudley(Dr.) .Assoo .Prof ., Boon., A244, 4619 College Ave . ,C.P. ,1tt 3007 
200 •Ditman, Lewis P. (Dr. ),Asboo .Prof . ,Ent. ,11304,4809 Indian Lane,Berwyn,BE 595 
292 *Dobert, Eitel W. ,A88t. .For .Lang. ,A224, 3972 Tunlaw Rd.,D.C.,EM 0385 

251 *Dookeray, James C . (Dr. ), Prof . ,BPA,A244,4120 Woodberry St. , Univ. Park,WA 2805 

351,352 •Dodson, Charles H. (Sgt. ) .Instr. ,lB4r .Armory, 1223 Gallatin St. ,H.W. ,D.C.,TA 7660 
231 Doetsoh, Raymond N.,Gr.A8st..Baot. ,T303,1120 E.Capitol St.,S,D.C . ,FR 3676(IA 296 

285 *Donald8on, Edmund C. ,A6.Prod .Insp.,St.Insp.Serv. ,K215,409 Montgomery St. .Laurel, 

246 *Dor8ey, K. H.(Mra.LJr.)Sr .Sten., Ext., T114, 4514 Conn.ATe.,N.W.,D.C .,W0 3081 (HT 5553 

318 *Downey, Mylo S. , Assoo .Prof .4>«ft .Boys ' Club Agt. .Ext .,1102,4609 Beeohwood Rd.,C.P., 

210,211 »Drake, Nathan L. (Dr.), Prof .ftChrm.,Chem.,Kl22, 6820 Pineway, College Hts.,Hy0112 
210 Draper, John D.,Gr J^sst. ,Chem.,Kl09,7201 Rhode Island Av«.,G.P.,TO 4456 

Han 218 'Dunbar, Charles 0. .Assoc. Prof . ,Hort. .Fruit Lab., Hancock 

351 *D\mlap, George W. (Capt .) ,Asst. Prof . ,B5&T .Armory, 7501 Rhode Island ATe.,C.P.,W&. 8195 

315 ♦Duvall, William A., Inst. Police, PM&O, 8804 48 A-ra .,Berwyn,BE 162J(Ni^t Kk 3803) 

323 Dysinger, Mabel A., Sr. Sten. ,LSSS,Brockwood, Wilson Lane ,Bethesda,WI 1483 

210 *Eaker, Charles M. ,Gr.Fellow,Chem.,K312,7506 Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,TIA 7885 (SH 5199 
231 *Eastment, George W.,A88t.,Bact.,T302,9319 Old Bladensbiirg Rd., Silver Spring, 
264 / *Eborsole, Luke E.,Instr.,Soo.,A241, College Park 

Gen. 166 *Eby, James W. , Assoc. Prof .&Co.Agt., Ext., Belvedere ATe.,Centrevilla,Cen.ll3R 

291 *Ehrensberger, Eay(Dr. ), Prof .&Chrm. ,Speech,A301, 4608 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,TIA 2365 
221 Ely, Maxine,Sr.Sten.,Bot., 1203,6904 Wake Forest Dr.,C.P.,WA 7756 

268 Ely, Sara L. , Jr. Sten., Purchasing, 1827,4600 Queensbury Rd.,Riverdale (UN 1905 

358 Einerson, Dorothy, Pr of .&Girls ' 4H Club Agt. , Ext., Till, 4510 Kennedy St. .Hyattsville, 

203 *aigland, Curry N. (Mrs. H.L.).Asst. Prof ., HE, H115, 4415 Ifaple Ave. ,Bethesda 14,WI 5731 

342 Engle, Margaret G.,Sten.Secy.,Engr ., £123,9020 49th Ave.,Branchville,BE 20JI 
Tow 676 *Enaor, J. Wheeler, Ins tr. 4 Asst.Co.Agt .,Ext.,Bellona Ave.,Lutherville,Tow.l2lR 
338 *Eppley, Geary, Dean of Stud .Act. ,18103,4603 Beeohwood Rd.,C.P.,HT 5206 

227 *Eversfield, Catharine M. (Mrs. O.C. ),Prin.Acct. Clerk, Ext ,,T120, College Park,WA 0926 
523 *Bver8on, Clyde L. (Dr. ),A8gt. Prof .AVet.Insp.. LSSS. 7303 Dickinson St. ,C.P.,WA 8175 

292 *Falls, WillUm F. (Dr. ) .Prof ., For .Lang. ,A224, 6907 Dartmouth Ave. ,C.P. ,W/L 7778(W& 7196 
243 *Ferguson, Anna H.(Mrs .R.S .),A8st .Seed Anal. , Exp. Sta., 4323 Woodberry St. , Univ. Park, 
308 ^♦Fettus, George H. , Jr. Assoc. Prof .,P8yoh..A103, 5701 Pontiac St.,Berwyn Hts.,BE 389M 
296,289 *Fitthugh, Robert T.(Dr,),A880o.Prof .,Eng.,A211,408 Montgomery St. .Laurel, LA 274 

B.C. 204 Flanagan, Mildred J..A8St.Prof.&Co.H.D.A..Ext..32 Melvin Ave., Catena ville.Catons 
300 Fluhrer. Mary, Printer 's Asst. .PMlO.Ser.Bldg. 108. 5112 Decatur St. ,Edmonston(lk 1309 

285 ♦Footen, William J. ,Agr.Prod .Insp. ,St.In8p.Sor ..K215.4326 Clagett Rd. ,Univ.Park.(296M 

307 *Forrester. Hattie S. (Mrs .D.R. ) .Sr.Acct. Clerk, Bus .Off . ,18204,5626 Rxiatan St.,Borw5n 

282 *Forrester. Rudolph S. .Asst. Prof . .Market.. T119, 5013 Ready Ave.,Baltimore,CH 0159 
202 Frank, Claudia F. (Mrs .J.Sen.Sten.. Dining Hall, 327 Pr. Geo. St., Laurel, LA 110 

292 ' *Frank, Rachel (Mrs .J. N.),Inatr. , For. Lang. rA222. 721 Erie Ave.,Takoma Park.DI 2900 

228 Frey, Mary P.. Jr.Sten.,Ert..Tl06,4500 Sheridan St..Riverdale,WA 8656 

254 Frothingham. Alma I.,Sten.Seoy.,Ed. ,N201.S27 Pr.George St., Laurel ,U 110 (LA 110 

288 Frothingham. Bdith M. ^dm.Asst., Comptroller 's Off . ,18204,527 Pr. Geo. St.. Laurel. 

229 Gahan, Winifred E.,Jr.Typ.,Ext.Ser..T108,4816 Berwyn Rd.,Berwyn,BB 689J 
256 Galler, Sidney R.,Gr. Asst., Sool..M505A. 7605 Dickinson Hd.,C.P. 

211 *Garman, John A..Res .Chem.,Chem.,Kl05.7404 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 
LaP.5511 Garofalo. Ernestine M..Assoo.Prof .*Co.H.D.A.,LaPlata.LaP.4621 

294 Gautier. William K. ,Gr .Asst ., Physics .E22, 1414 Hemlock St . ,N.W..12.D.C.,TA 8280 

341 *G«tchell. Louise W. (Mrs. M.W.). Asst. Libr. .Library,L122, 2504 10th St. ,N.E. ,18,D.C. 

289 Getty, F.Vemon.Gr . Asst. ,Eng. ,A120, 4509 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 2885 (DE 3259 
Marl. 121 *Gibbs. Clarence J.(Dr.).As8t.Prof.4Vet. Insp. .Upper Marlboro, 526 E St. ,N.E. ,D.C. 

324 Gibbs, Robert E. (Dr.) , Asst. Prof .&Vet. Insp. ,LSSS, College Park (FR 5999 
306 *Gilbert, Mildred L.(Mrs .J. E.) .Sr.Sten. ,DH, 0209,4606 Hartwick Rd..C.P.,Wl 3675 

312 ^ Glatener, Edward W. .Asst .Prof . ,FH, 4704 Oglethorpe St. .Riverdale ,WA 1957 

344 *Gohr, Carl W. , Asst .Prof . ,C.E. , £201,7728 Frederick Rd..West Lanham Hills 

293 ^Good. Richard A. (Dr . ) .Asst.Prof . .Math. .6733 Eastern Ave..Takoiiia Parte 12 .SH 4590 
213 ^•Gould, Ira A. (Dr.) .Prof .DH.D7.1102 Linden Ave.,Takoma Park.SL 5941 

352 Graham, Florence T. (Mrs. ),Dir.Res.Hall.25 S. State St. .Vineland, N.J. .Calvert. 552 
352 *Graham. Florence T. ,Dir. Res .Hall .Vineland, N.J. .Calvert, 352 

S.H.32 *Grant, Robert T. .Assoc .Prof .ACo.Agt . .Ext . .Martin St. .Snow Hlll.S.H. 2 

296 «Gravely, William H. , Jr. , Asst. Prof . ,Eng..A211. 4512 Hartwick Rd.,C.P.,UN 2462 

316 Gray, Jacqueline I..Jr.Sten..Plt.Path. ,T213,5102 Roanoke PI. .Berwyn 
267 *Gray,Jean T. (Mrs .C .W. ), Asst. Prof . ,FE-W.Mt.Airy.Mt.A. 78 

Pr.P.40 *Gray, Vivian I. (Mrs .G.B.D. ) .Inetr.4A.BBt .Co.Agt. .Prlnoe Fred«rlok,Pr.F.29M 

283 *Green, Wilaon P. ^boo .Prof ., ME, £245,6900 Dartmouth Avo .,C. P. ,WA 2761 

289 Greene, Romain G.,InBtr.,Eng. ^129,3900 Hamilton St., Hyattsvillo.DTJ 0825 

213 Gregarek, Floyd J. ,A08t. Prof .,DH, 0204,4609 Beeohwood Rd. ,C.P. ,HY 5553 

265 Griffin, Helen R. .Sr.Sten. , Ext. ,T114 ,9530 Baltimore B Ivd . , Be rwyn , BE 285m(W. 6868 

326 *Griffith, William A. (Dr. ) ,Consu Iting Physic Ian, Health, 4 900 Ruatan St. .Berwyn.BE 68 

261 *Gri5ircld, Harland C . (Col .), Commandant, MS*T,1D111 ,4500 Beeohwood Rd.,C.P.,WA 4546 

286 Gross, Lenna L. ,Dlr. Res .Halls ,DW,Anne Arundel Hall .Campua ,286 

251 ♦Gruohy, Allan 6. (Dr. ), Prof ., Boon. ^244, 7011 Wake Foreat Dr.,C.P.,WA 7413 

282 ♦Guenther, Lillian (Mrs .W.O. ),Sr.^en. , Ext., T119, 601 4th St., Laurel 

295 Hall, Dick W. (Dr. ).Aa8t. Prof . .Math. , £226,6733 Eastern Ave.,Takoii« Rark,SH 4390 

Hall, Roaooe W. (Dr. ), Lecturer, Payoh. , St. El irabetha Hosp . ,20.D.C. ,AT 1118 

367 Halstead, Jea8ie,Lab^38t .,Hort. ,F5,4312 Knox Rd . ,C .P. ,Tl»A 7146 

236 *Hamilton, Arthvir B. .Aaaoo. Prof . ,Agr.Eocii. ,6515 40th Ave . .Univ. Park, HA 9276 
Fred. 881 Haannarly, Jeaae M.^aoo.Prof.tCo.H.D.A., Ext. .Frederick 

289 Hannan, Svaan E. (Dr.), Prof ..Eng. ,A125, 6904 Oakridge Rd. .Hyattaville.WA 7536 

PL 8460 Harrison, W. Edgar .Aast. in Market. .Market. News Serv. , U.S. D .A. .Baltimore 2(GI 1054) 

Gen. 246 *Ha8ting8. J. Walter. Jr. (Dr. ),Aaat. Prof .4Vet.Inap..LSSS,Glendale Ave. .Centreville 
*Haatings, J.Walter ,Sr. (Dr.). Asst. Prof .4Vet.In8p..LSSS. Cambridge, Cam. 700(Cen. 248 

274 *Haut. Irvin C.(Dr. ),As80c. Prof ,, Pom., F123, 1002 Houston Ave.,'ftikoma Park.SL 8320 

200 Haviland, Elizabeth E. (Dr. ),Instr .,Ent..M206,7209 Dartmouth Ave.,C.P.,HY 0512 

208 *Hawes, James E. .Asst., Hort., Greenhouse , Bowie (Baltimore 29 

Bar. 0446 *Hairea . Russell C. .Prof .&Uarket. Spec . ,815 Fidelity Bldg.,Balto.l ,1202 Pine Hts.Ave., 

285 *Heagy. Albert B. .Chem. .Inap.4Reg.Serv. ,K216,4307 Clagett Rd. ,Univ .Park,WA 4735 

283,301 Hennick, Donald C. ,Instr. .ME.E239.A147,4805 College Ave.. C. P. .TO 3642 

200 Hermann. Adelheld M. .Sr .Sten. ,Ent . ,M102,7501 Hopkins Ave . ,C.P. ,W/^ 9171 (TO 1558 
WA 3800 *Hetterly, Ruth E. (Mrs .H. ), Telephone Oper . .PM40.T16.4616 Queenabury Rd . .Rlverdale. 
285 High, Milton E. .Lab. Tech. .St .Insp. .K216. 6207 44th Ave. .Rlverdale ,WA. 6368 

304 Hinkston, Eleanor M. .Aoot.Moh. Oper . .Bus . Off . ,1B204 ,4509 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,WA 2150 

341 *Hintz. Carl W.E. .Dir.Libr . .Prof . .Library .L114. 3 Forest Way.Parkbelt.Greenbelt ,GR 


279 *Hodgin8, Lawrence J. , Assoc. Prof . ,EE. £227,7308 Yale Ave..C.P..WA 8433 

132 *Hoffman. Mildred B. (Mrs .R.T.) .Assoc. Prof .4C0.H.D.A., 65 Greene St., Oakland, Oak. 307 

201 Hofstadtar, Richard (Dr.), Aast. Prof . .Hist. .A239e. 943 Mass.Ave. ,N.W..D.C..EX 1328 

282 *Holland, Louis C. , Insp.. Markets ,T1 19, Poo omoke 

243 *Holme8, Forrest S. .Chief Seed Insp.. Exp. Sta.,F203. 6917 Carleton Ter.,C.P..WA 4331* 

289 *Holt, Delight W. (Mrs C. J.).In8tr. .Eng..Al20.4124 7th St. .N.W. ,D.C . .GE 9480 

Hager.6 *HoIter, D. Vernon, Inatr, 4 Asst. Co.Agt. .Hagerstown.Rt. 2, Williamsport, Will .3366 

285 Hook, Martha K. ,Sr. Sten. .St. Insp. 4Reg.Serv. .K215, 7500 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,WA 

310 V *Hornbake, H. Lee(Dr.).A8SOO.Prof .,Ind.Ed.,N211.8 Hartford Ave..Beltsville(8375 

301 Hoahall, Harry B. , Asst .Prof ., ME, £2 39, 7308 Yale Ave..C.P.,WA 8433 


268 *Houghton, Muriel A. (Mrs .F.C., Jr. ), Jr. Sten., Purch. Off .,1827,7404 Rhode Island Ave., 
247;TO *Huff, Wllbert J.(Dr.),Prof .4Chrm. .Ch.Engr .,Dir. ,Engr.Exp.Sta. ,Bur.of Mines, 
3100.11 15 Hilltop Rd., Silver Spring.SL 1724 

264 *Hutohlnaon, Charles E. (Dr. ), Asst .Prof . ,Soo.,A239-C 

*Hutson. Lewis C. .Mining In8tr..Etigr. .Main St. ,Kltzmiller,Kitz.451(Hyatts . ,WA 7046 

269 *Hutton. Thomas A . .Bxiyer4Mngr .SSS ,Pur3hasing.lB27.4407 Beeohwood Rd.. College Hts . . 
306 »Hyatt. George, Jr., Assoc. Prof . ,DH,D9, 4512 Tuokerman St., Rlverdale ,M 3031 

331 Iglehart, Bernloe C. ,Sr.Sten.,PH,P104,4704 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,WA 8527 

283 *Jaok8on. John W., Assoc. Prof ., ME, £245. 5809 63rd PL.E.Riverdale.TO 4493(SL 9288 
293 *Jackson, Stanley B.(Dr.),Aaat.Prof ..Math. .£226,122 Sherman Ave..Takoina Park 12, 

259 *Jaoob, Emerson, Inatr.. Lib .Sol.. Library Desk 

269 •James, Howard V.,Mail Carrier ,PM40,U. of Md. P.O. ,4705 Amherst Rd.,C.P. 

287 Jay, Reba B. , Jr. Sten . ,A112, 4600 Queensbury Rd ., Rlverdale ,WA 5913 (WA 

316 *Jeffer8, Walter F. (Dr. ) .Asst. Prof . ,Bot. ,1215,6824 Pineway.Hyattsville.WA 8349(9008 

316 »Jehle, Robert A. (Dr.), Prof .Pit. Path., St. Pit. Path. ,1213,5004 43rd Ave. ,Hyattsville, 

292 •Jlmenet, Zenobia C. (Mrs . J.R.) ,In8tr. ,For.Lang. ,A220,2480 16th St.,N.W.9,D.C. , 

344 ♦Johnson, A.Morgan,As8t.Prof . ,CE,E203,5 Lookout Green, D.C ., AT 1143 (AD 0187 

230 Johnson, Blna W. ,Sten.Secty. .PM^O.Ser. Bldg. 230, 7506 Hopkins Ave., C.P. 

I/eon. 108 ♦Johnson, Joseph J,,Assoc.Prof .4Co.Agt. ,Leonardtown,Bu8hwood,Leon.50F14 

271 Johnson, Marlan,A88t .Dean of Woman, DWl 03, 7601 Hopkins Ave., C. P., TO 4474 

310 Johnson, Sonja J. ,Fellow,Ed.,H201,6415 Baltimore Ave., Rlverdale, TO 1851 (nier.WA 9126 

202 ♦Johnson, Thetla 0. (Mrs .F.T.), Food Supervisor, Dining Hall, 4215 Russell Ave.,Mt.Ral- 
325 Johnson, Virginia J. , Jr. Sten., Adm. Off .,18125, Box 194-B, Laurel , LA 8F11 

♦Johnston, Williain,Mallman,PM40, P.O. ,4423 New Hampshire Ave.,K.W.ll.D.C. ,RA 7792 

WA 3800 ♦Jones, Kathryn H.(Mrs .O.E.), Tel. Oper. ,PM40,T16. 6515 Wells Pfcwy. .Rlverdale ,WA 5836 

Leon. 108 Joy, Mary B., Assoc .Prof .ftCo.H.D.A. ,Ert. ,Leonardtown, Leon. 13R 

312 ♦Juhn, Ifcry, Dr. (Mrs. R.M.Fraps), Prof. ,FH,P118, Cedar Lane, Beltsville, BE 196 (WA 2964 

332 ♦Jull, Morley A.(Dr.),Prof.4Head,PH,P105,6906 Pinaway, Col lege Hts . ,Hyattsville, 
266 ♦Just. James W.,Dlr.,Fire Senr.Ext . ,E238,4318 Tuokerman St.,Hyatt8ville,WA 9136 
354 Kangas, John T. , Assoc. Prof .4A8st.Ext. Editor, 1103,4805 College Ave. ,C. P., TO 3642 

289 Kearney, Flora, Gr.A88t.,Eng.,A120, 4611 Knox Rd.,C.P.,m 8685 

243 Kelk, Olive M,,As8t.Seed Anal., Seed Lab. ,F202 ,7309- PriMeton Ave .,C .P. ,m. 8027 

237 Kellar, Venia M., Prof .&Afist.Dir ., Ext .Serr. ,1110,236 Mass J^ve. ,N.E.,D.C. ,LI 3360 

P. A. 269 *K9ller, Clarence Z, , Assoc .Prof .(5eCo.Agt.,Beokford & Linden Ave. , Princess Anne,P.A.82 

292 ^ Kelley, Edna S. , Res .Asst.,NHR,A201, 2300 California St. ,8,D.C . ,N0 4328 (TE 3903 

295 ^■'*Kelly, Geo.A. (Dr.), Assoc .Prof ..ftyoh. ,A102B,B2, 2845 S. Buchanan St. ,Arlington,Va. , 

320 *Keinp, TTilliam B. (Dr. ),Dir. Exp. Sta., Head, Agron. ,T121 ,5603 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,IIA 5849 
292 *Kem, Edith G. ,Dr. (Mrs .H.F.), Instr.,For .Lang.,A223,118 34th St. ,S .E. ,D.C. ,FR 8300 
357 Kramer, Amihud(Dr .) ,Re3 .Assoc . ,Hort. ,F5, SOD Crescent Rd . ,Greenbelt,GR 2678 

292 Kramer, Charles F. .Assoc. Prof ., For. Lang., A219, Green Gate Apts . ,C.P. ,HA 7842 

(Hyattsville.TIA 3727 

239 *Krewatch, Albert V. .Assoc .Prof . ,R\ir.Elec ., Ext. ,T48, 4402 Holly Hill Rd., College Hts ., 

341 ♦Ladewig, Adelheid G. (Mrs .H.C. ),Asst.Libr. ,Libr. ,4315 Lehigh Rd.,C.P.,WL 1988 

257 *Land, Doris A. , (Mrs .R.O. ) .Sr.Sten. ,Agr. ,T114,7501 Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,WA 4650 

262 *Langford, George S. (Dr .) ,A830c.Prof . ,Ent. ,M204,4606 Hartwick Rd.,C.P. ,WA 3675 

330 Lansdown, Margaret B. .Sr.Sten. , Reg. Of f. ,1B123, 3212 Upshur St. ,Mt. Rainier. UN 2942 

219 *Lapp, Hazel W. (Mrs .L.W.) ,Asst. Prof ., HE, H212, 7309 Yale Ave.,C .P. ,UTT 4461 

♦Larrimore. Curtis C . ,Sr. Ins tr. .Fire Serv.Ext. ,302 Hanson St ..Easton.EA 831J 

Cen.166 Larrimore, Vary A. .Asst.Co.Agt . ,Ext.,Centreville,Cen.l28 

242 *La8lie, Carney G. , Line Coaoh,Ath. , Coliseum, Camptis 

211 ♦Layton, Laurence L. (Dr.) .A-Sst. Prof .,Chem.,Kll, 4309 Knox Rd.W,C .P. ,!tt. 4329 

280 Lee, Shu Ching.Gr.Asst. ,HHR,A201,4313 Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 4329 

348 *Leinbach, Fred H. (Dr. ),Prof .&Head,AH.D202 ,4306 Colesville Rd.,C.P. ,HY 5224 

Leiter, Mirisun L.,AS8t.Co.H.D.A. ,Ext . .Box 107 TTestminster .West .607 

264 *Lejins, Peter P. (Dr. ),A88oo.Prof .,Soc. ,A239,4606 Guilford Rd.,C.P..UN 0486 

326 Leonard, Gladys M. ,Grad.Nvu*8e, lias tr.. Health, Rossborough Inn,C.P.. 349, Night TO. 3805 

271 Leslie, Rosalie, Ass t. Dean of Women, DTT 101,3900 Hamilton St. ,Hyattsville .UN 4676 

212 Levin, Irvin, Gr.Asst. ,Chem,Klll,2232 Orleans St. , Baltimore 31. BR 5845 

312 Lillie, Robert J. .Gr.Asst. ,PH,P119, 4704 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,TO 8527(Hyatt8.,TO 8943 

321 ♦Linkous, Elsie G. (Mrs. A. M. ), Sten.Seoty. , Ext., 1104,4402 Underwood St., Univ. Park, 
261 Little, Ann.Sr.S ten., IB&T^rlDl 1,6015 Baltimore Ave.,Riverdale,WA 0831 


339 ♦Little, Eliae(llrs .E.T. ),Sr. Clerk, Reg. Off .,18123, c/o C.L.Oursler.Jessup, Waterloo 

256 *Littleford, Robt.A.(Dr.),A88t.Prof . ,Zool.,M301,6 Austin Court, Benryn 

289 Lloyd, Betty, Instr. .Eng., 4813 46th St., N.W. .D.C, EM 7136 

Cinn.1062 Loar, Margaret T, , Instr .iAsst. Co. H.D.A. ,753 Washington St., Cumber land, Cum. 1986R 

*Lockwood, Chas .R. (Dr.), Asst. Prof .&Vet.In8p.,LSSS ,1616 Naturo Rd . ,Tow8on,ToiT.2066W 

325 ♦Long, Edgar F. (Dr. ),Aot.Dir.Adm. ,18124,4401 Holly Hill Rd., College Hts . ,Hyatt8ville, 
Cen.166 Long, Marianna L. .Asst .Prof.ftH.D.A. ,Centreville,Cen.6R (HT 5143 

283 Longanecker, Doris E.,Jr.Sten., ME, £246,9052 R.I .Ave. ,Branohvil le ,BE 359W 

280 Lustig, Marie B. , Gr.Asst . .Geog. ,NHR,A202, Calvert, 352 

210 Lynham, Lucy A., Sr.Sten. ,Chem.,K106, 4106 Gallatin St. .Hyattsville.UN 4386 

206 Lyons, Betty L. ,As3t. Inst. Mgnt., Dining Hall, Dining Hall, Campus 

S.H.32 Maclntyre, Cynthia A. ,Co.H.D J^. ,33 Ironshire Rd.,Snow Hill. S.H.131J 

Tow.456 ♦Mack, Nancy F.(ltt-8.H.P.).l™*r.&A88t.Co.H.D.A.,812 St. Paul St. , Baltimore 

281 ♦Madigan, George F. (Dr. ) .Asst. Prof ., Soils ,T8, 201 Washington Ave. , Laurel. LA 250 

326 Magalotti, Angeline.Gr.Nvirse .Health, Infirmary, Rossborough Inn,Can5)U8 ,TO 3805 
222 ♦Magruder, John W., Assoc .Prof . ,AgroD,Tl8. 6905 Dartmouth Ave. ,C. P., TO 1987 
351 Mahon, James B. (Lt. ),A88t. Prof .,MS&T,Annory. 4509 Calvert Pd..C.P.,TO 2150 

272 ♦Mahoney, Charles H. (Dr. ), Prof .4Head,Hort,P110, 7009 Fordham Crc.,C.P.,TO 8620 
228,229 Maisaok, Helen I. ,Sr.Acot. Clerk, Ext., T106, 7209 Dartaoubh Ave. ,C.P.,HY 0612 
Hager.6 Martin, Ardath E.,A880C.Prof .4Co.H.D.A.,50 W.Hill Crest Rd. ,Hager8town,Hager.l996W 

(Baltimore 15, FO 3657 

PI. 2416 ♦Martin, Arthur F.,AB8t. Prof ..Market., 815 Fidelity Bldg. , Baltimore, 3812 Glengyle Ave. 

289 Martin, Minerva L. (Dr. ). Instr., Eng. ,A124, 930 16th St.,D.C..ME 8328 

293 ♦Martin. Monroe H. (Dr.), Prof .&Head. Math. .E226, College Rairk.HY 0§fij__ 
351,352 ♦Martin, Pullen D. (Sgt.), Instr. ,MS4TrArmory, 7303 Baltimore Blvd . ,C.P. .UN 1032 

294 Martino, Salvatore F., Gr.Asst. .Physics ,E22, 7311 Hopkins Ave.,C.P. 

Sal. 1301 Mason, Florence H. , Prof .ftDlst.Agt. ,H.E. Ext. ,708 Camden Ave. .Salisbury.Salis .1678R 

215 McFarland, Frieda W. (Mrs. ). Prof. .HE. H123, 7409 Dickinson Ave, ,C. P., UN 4078 

Gun. 1062 ♦MoHenry. Ralph F. .Assoc. Prof .&Co.Agt.,C\anberland,Cre8aptown,Cvan.400lF4 

209 ♦McKnight, John, Mechanic. PM«:0. Pone r Plant, 6207 44th Ave..Riverdale.TO 6368 
289 ♦McLaughlin, Laura N. (Mrs .D.), Instr. .Bng. ,6602 44th Ave. .Hyattsville.UN 1676 

225 ♦McWahon, Lois S . (Mrs. W.J. ), Sr.Sten . .Bus .Of f. .1B204. Box. 49. Belt8ville(Cha8e,CL 2031 

At.4800 ♦McManaway, James G. (Dr. ),Lect. ,Eng. .Folger Shakespeare Libr.,5505 Center St., Chevy 

304 MoNamara, Joann D. ,Acct.Mach. Op. ,Acot. ,18204,4204 Gallatin St. , Hyattsville.UN 2634 

233 McNaughton, Edna B. .Prof . ,HEEd ,N102 .2853 Ontario Rd. .N.W. ,D.C. ,00 0800 

237 MoPheeters, Margaret I. ,As8oc.Prof .,Bxt ..Till ,2150 Pa. Ave. , N.W. .D.C. , RE 2646 

Ches.202 ♦MoVean, Jams D. .Assoc. Prof .iCo.Agt. .Philosophers Ter. ,Che8tertawn,Che8 .569 

348 ♦Meade, DeVoe, (Dr. ),Prof .,AH,D205,6714 Queen's Chapel Rd . ,Univ.Park,TO 1333 

210 ♦Welamed, Sidney(Dr.) .Res. Chem.,K311 ,3900 Hamilton St. .Hyattsville.UN 0314 
Den. 63 ♦Merrick. Charles p.. Jr. .Asst. Prof. .Agr.Bngr. .Denton, Den.91J 

239 ♦Mettger, Julia A. (Mrs .M.E. ).Sr.Sten.,Agr.Engr. .148,46154 Knox Rd..C.P..WA 9701 


(Hyatt,svlll«,WA 7416 
326 ♦Mioh«l, Helena D. ,Dr . (Mrs. R.M.).Phy8 ician, Health, Inf. ,6518 40th St. , Univ. Parle , 

289 Miller, Frances H. .Inatr . ,Eng. ,A127,9409 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SH 9409 

HY 0231 *Miller, J. Albert,Adiii. Coord ., Ed., Hyatta .H.S. ,4607 Clemoon Rd.,C.P.,WA 5873 
Slk.325 ♦Miller, James Z. , Assoc. Prof .4Co.Agt. , Ext . ,Elkton 

Eager. 6 *Mlller, Mark K. .Assoc .Prof .ACo.Agt., Rt.l,Hager8tonn ,Hager,2848M (WA 6368 
285 Milton, Emory H. , Lab. Tech. ,Chem. , St .Insp.Serv. ,K216, 6207 44th Ave. ,Riverdale, 

231 Miniok, Anna L., Jr.Sten. ,Baot. ,T303»4600 Queonsbury Rd . .Riverdale ,nA .5913(SL 8467 

308 *K*itohell, Jeanne S. (Mrs .W.G.) ,P8yohometri8t,Psyoh. ,A103, 1520 East-West Highway.S.S ., 

204 Mitchell, Thyra F. .Asst. Prof ., HE, H21 ,3202 18th St.,N.W. ,D.C.,C0 8713 

294 *Morgan, Rayinond(Dr.),Prof,4Chrm. .Physics ,E22, 4800 Guilford Rd.,C.P.,UN 4335 

P.F.40 *Morsell, John B. .Assoc. ft-of.&Co.Agt., Prince Frederick, Adeline, P.P. 4F12 

242 Moseley, Frank 0. , Asst. Football Coaoh,Ath. , Coliseum, Campus (Sal .273M 

Sal. 170 *Moulthrop, Irwin M, (Dr.), Assoc. Prof ., Vet. Sci.,LSSS, 316 New York Ave ., Salisbury. 

250 *Mounce. E. W. .Assoc. Prof . ,BRft.,A247. 4804 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 7135 

214,203, Mount. M. Marie, Dean, HE, H21 9. The Kennedy-Trarren,D.C. ,C0 6773 (WA 8570 

282 *Mowitt. Ruby B. (Mrs .G.J. ). Jr. Sten.. Markets, T119. 3009 Cheverly Ave. .Cheverly, 

294 ♦Myers, Ralph D. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof ..Physics ,8316 50th Ave . , Be rwyn , BE 393J 

E.G. 204 *My8rs, Warren G. .Assoc .Prof .ACo.Agt., Columbia Pike.Ellioott City, E.G. 582 (WA 6226 

339 rtlesbit. Beatrice L. (Mrs.R.A.) . Jr.Sten. .Reg.Off . ,lBl23,Univ.La.&Colesville Rd.,C.P., 

291 >/ Niemeyer, Grover C. (Dr. ),A6st. Prof ..Speech,A302, 1769 Church St. ,N.W.,D.C. , NO 8540 

351.352 *Norris, Pay J. (Sgt. ),Instr. .MS&T.Armory, Powder Mill Rd.,Beltsville.BE 761W5(WA 3656 

265 ♦Nystrom, Paul E. .Prof .&Deputy Dir.Farm Labor, Ext. , Til 3, 4400 Holly Hill Rd.,Hyatts., 

231 Oginaky, Evelyn L.,Instr. ,Bact. ,T307b, 210 Rhode Island Ave. ,N.E. ,2 ,D.C. ,H0 1304 

251 *0'Keill,Jane H. (Mrs .J.T. ),In8tr.,BPA,A245,4323 Reno Rd. ,N.W. .D.C. ,0R 4217 

246 ♦Oswald, Edward I . ,Prof .fcAsst.Dir . ,Ext. .Tll5,7206 Dartmouth Ave.,C.P.,WA 2226(7961 

291 ♦Pagel, Elaine,Dr. (Mrs .D.W.Paden) , Ins tr. , Speech, A302,Pre8 .Gard ., Alexandria, Va. ,TE 
AN 3141 Parmenter. Miriam F.,A8st.Prof .iCo.H.D.A. .1009 Poplar St. .Annapolis , AN 3797 

232 Parrett, Elsie M. ,Sten .Secty. .Grad .Sch. .T214,4208 Colesville Rd ., Univ. Park, HY 0562 

292 ♦Parsons, Arthur C. , Asst. Prof . .For. Lang. ,A221 ,2706 Cathedral Ave . ,N.W. ,8,D.C ..CO 
251 ♦Patrick, Arthur S. , Asst. Prof . ,BPA,A245, 4217 Sheridan St . ,Hyattsville ,yffi. 8253(8333 

280 Paucek, Viola, Res .Asst. ,NHR,A201. 541 E.78th St ..New York.N.Y. .BU 8-6490 
211 Peck, Richard M. .Res .Cham. .Chem..K105. 6816 Pineway, Hyattsvillo.WA 3321 

256 ♦Phillips, Norman E. (Dr. ) .Pl-of.&Aot. Head, Zool . ,M106. 4326 VanBuren St.. Univ. Park, 

210 ♦Pickard, Hugh B. (Dr.), Asst. Prof ..Chem. ,2504 Allison St. ,Mt. Rainier (Hyatts . ,HY 5205 
213 ♦Plager. Dorothy B. (Mrs .F.L.M. ).Asat. Dairy Insp. ,0201.6112 44th Ave..Rivordale.TO. 3270 
323 ♦Poelma. Leo J. (Dr . ),As80C.Prof , ,Path. ,LSSS,6907 Oakridge Rd ., Hyatts ville.HY 5535 

222 *Po8ey. Walter B.. Spec. in Tobacco, Agron. ,T20, Upper Marlboro, Marl. lOM 

303 Powell. Dorothy L. ,Pr.Acot. Clerk, Bus .Of f. ,1B204, 7404 Rhode Island Ave. .C.P. ,W!L 9763 

352 Powell, Mary V..A88t.Coun8ellor.DW,603 N.Potomac St . .Hagerstown, Calvert. 352 

207 *Power, Jos .M. .Aset. .Music .Wash. -Balto.Blvd . .Beltsville .BE 371M 

292 ♦Prahl, Augustus J.(Dr.).Prof ..For .Lang., A221. 4504 Guilford Rd.,C.^.,WA 3365 

211 ♦Pratt, Ernest F. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof ..Chem., K312. 2700 Allison St. .Mt. Rainier 

211 ♦Pratt. Yolanda. Dr. (Mrs. E.F.), Lab. Instr.. Chem. ,K312, 2700 Allison St. .Mt. Rainier 
339 Preinkert. Alma H. . Registrar. 1B122 ,1436 Chapin St..N.W.9,D.C.,C0 3525 

Cam. 162 Proctor. Helen L..Co.H.D.A.,209 Belvedere Ave. , Cambridge ,C«un. 665 J 

291 ♦Provensen, Hester B. (Mrs .H. ), Asst. Prof .,Speech,A302, 3831 13th St. ,N.W., D.C, RA 0885 

346 *^l9, J. Freeman (Dr.), Dean, BPA.Aot. Dean, AS ,A144, 6912 Oakridge Rd. .College Hts . . 

319 *Pyle-Jones, Elie. R. (Mrs. G.),Dir. of Res. Halls ,DW,Dorm C (UN 5593 

331 ♦Quigley. George D..Assoo ,ft-of . .PH,P103.R.#1 .Laurel ,LA 171M (TR 5620 

TR 2424 *<iuiiin. Robt. B. (Dr. ). Prof ..Physics .Naval Res .Lab.. D.C. .3221 Wheeler Rd . ,S .E. ,D.C. 

207 ♦Randall. B. Harlan.Prof. .Music .B, 2nd ft Auburn Ave.. E. Riverdale 

■<Me ♦Reeve. E. Wilkins (Dr. ). Assoc. Pfof.. Chem. .K106. 4706 Harvard Rd. .C.P.,HY 5049 

WA 0^1 Allegan. Ethel M. .Assoc. Prof .ftCo.H.D.A. .Ext. .2711 Crest Rd.,Hyattsville.WA 6197 (15 
■ago* ^0 ♦Reid, James H. .Assoc .Prof . ,Econ. .Act. Dean of Men, 1B132, 2706 Colston Dr. .Chevy Chase 

210,211 ♦Remington, Eliz.H. (Mrs .J.A. ),Sr.Sten.. Chem. ,K106. 320 Laurel Ave.. La ur el , LA 495J 

281 ♦Reynolds, Kenton C. Asst. in Soils ,Agron.Tl2 .1617 Monroe St. ,N.E. .18,D.C. ,N0 4158 
358 Rhodes. Margaret A. .Jr.Sten. , Ext ., Till .4402 Holly-Hill Rd. .College Hts . .Hyattsville 
351 ♦Rice. German W. .Storekeeper. MS&T. Armory, 4 909 4th St. ,N.W. ,D.C. ,TA 9891 (WA 3727 
361.234' ♦Rice, Harry H..Asst.Prof. ,PE-M,Ed ..Armory. N201. 4502 Amherst Rd..C.P.,WA 8785 

318 ♦Richards. Lucile C. (Mrs .W.).Sr.Sten. .Ext.. T102. 4508 3l8t St. .Mt. Rainier ,WA 3194 

326.349 Roach, Mary J. .Gr. Nurse, Health. Inf . .Rossborough Inn.C.P.,WA 3805 (BE 469W 

236 *Robert8. Irene K.(ilr8.E.M.),Jr.Sten..Ag.Econ. .A138.9005 48th PI . .Branohville. 

291 Robinson. Marlon P.,Dr .(Mrs .).Instr..Speech,A300,Box 248 Greenbelt.BE 114W 

Elk. 325 Robinson, Ruth E.,Co.H.D.A.,Ext. ,402 Maryland Ave. .Elkton.Elk.175M 

Den. 37 *Rogers, Francis M.,ABSoo.Prof .&Co«Agt ..West 7th St. ,Denton,Den.335 

294 Rosenblatt, Harlan, Gr .Asst.. Physics ,A300. 4607 Knox Rd..C. P. (HY 0562 

348 Ross. Nan S.(Mr8. ).Sr.Sten. ,A.H.,D202.4208 Colesville Rd. , Univ. Park, Hyattsville. 

223 ♦Rothgeb, Russell G.(Dr.).A880c.Prof ..Agron. .T17.311 Cedar Av8.,Takoina Park.SL 1641 

293 Rudebock. Betty- Irene, Gr.Fellow,Math..E226, 2218 Bunker Hill Rd. ,N.E.18,D.C..IfQ 4880 
298 ♦Russell, Herbert A., Chief Engineer .FWbO.Ser.Bldg. 101, 3900 Hamilton St.. Hyattsville, 

(WA 4312 


292 *Rusio, Raiko H. (Dr. ).Lect. .For .Lang. ,A221, 1600 16th St. ,N.W.,9,D.C. ,N0 6600 

291 St. John, Ann M. ,Asst .,Speech,A302 ,6811 9th St. ,N.W. ,D..C . ,RA 4560 

293 *Sallsbury, Elon G. (Dr.) , Ins tr. .Math. ,614 Flower Av0..Takoma Park.SH 8511 

211 Sanders, Herman, Gr. Asst. .Chem. .7401 Princeton Rd. ,C. P. ,WA 9733 

Ch.202 Sohellinger, Helen N.,Assoo.Prof.&Co.H.D.A. ,105 Water St. ,ChestertOTO,CH 387 

310 •Schindler, Alvin W. (Dr. ), Assoc. Prof ., Ed., N202 ,7304 Hopkins Ave. ,C. P., UN 3797 

274 Schrader, A.Le^^r. ),Prof ..Hort. ,F121,6319 Woodside PI., Chevy Chase, vn 4797 

285 Sohueler, John E. .Chem. , St. Insp.Ser. ,K216. 5001 Hazel Ave .,Relay,Elk.5j 

212 Schwartz, Marvin, Gr .As st. , Chem., K117, 2207 First St.,K.''.V. ,1 ,D.C. 

292 *Sohweizer, Mark(Dr. ) .Instr. .For. Lang. ,6207 43rd St. ,Riverdale,WA 7057 

357 *Scott, Leland E. (Dr. ), Assoc. Prof . ,Hort. ,F106, Cedar Lane, Belts ville, BE 777J1 

341 Seabolt, Ruth,A8st .Libr. , Library, 4200 Clagett Rd.,Hyattsville,m 3355 

222 Seek, Mary A.D. , Jr.Sten ..Agron. ,T18,5711 Ager Rd. ,^attsville,UN 4103 

223 Shank. Elizabeth R. ,Sr .Sten. ,Agron. ,118,7508 Princeton Ave.,C.P.,WA 6988 
273 *Shearer, Henrietta H. (Mrs .J. G.).Dir. Res .Halls .DW.Centreville .Dorm E. 273 
237 Shelby, Iielen,Assoc .Prof ., Ext. , Till, 1954 Columbia Rd.,D.C.,DU 8686 (VIA 2536 
268 Sheldon, Annah B. ,Sr.Acot. Clerk, Purchasing, 1827,6902 Oakridge Rd. .College Hts . , 
Sal. 170 Shillinger, Robert B. (Dr.) , Asst .Prof .&Vet .Insp. ,LSSS ,425 Ca;nden Ave .,Sal isbury, 
242 *Shipley, H. Burton, Asst. Pl-of . ,PE-M,Coliseum, Rosemary Lane .Ashton.m 7434(Sal.301 
Fred. 994 *Sho0maker. Henry R., Assoc .Prof .&Co,Agt. ,21 E. Church St. .Frederick, Fred .1335W 

255 *Shoemaker, Mark M.,A88oc.Prof . ,Hort. ,311 Willard Ave. .Chevy Chase IS.TTI 3203 
283 *Shreeve, Charles A. ,Jr. .Assoo.Prof . ,ME,E241,4612 Drexel Rd.,C.P.,HY 5383 

351 *Siebeneiohen, Otto(Sgt . ),Band Leader, !S4T, Armory, 1019 Upshur St . ,N.E.,D.C. ,N0 3961 

♦Siegler, Maurice R. , Assoc .Prof .in Art,AS, 138 Charles St. , Annapolis 

201 ♦Silver, Arthur W.,Asst.Prof. , Hist. ,A237A, 604 Main St ., Laurel, LA 163M 

237 Smith, Helen I. .Asst. Prof ., Home Mgnt.,Tlll,l Montgomery Ave.,Takoma Park.SL 6942 

Ea.403 Smith, Margaret,Assoc.Prof .&Co.H.D.A.,Box 519,Eastoii,Ea.l4lM 

367 *Smith, Mary H. (Mrs .H.D. ). Instr., Hort. .4400 Knox Rd.,C.P.,7l& 9701 

292 Smith, Virginia S. , Instr. , For .Lang. ,A220, 110 Taylor St. .Chevy Chase 15. WI 5531 

279 *Smith, William C. .Asst. Prof . ,EE,E227, 6913 Dartmouth Ave.,C.P. ,WA 3179 

211 •Smith, W. Mayo, Jr., Instr. , Chem., K305,40A Crescent Rd. .Greenbelt 

281 •Snavely, Lois M. (Mrs. J.E. ). Jr. Sten. .Soils ,T7, 4400 Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 9701 

305 *Snyder, Addison H. , Prof .&Ext. Editor, Ext .Serv. ,T117, 4912 New Hampshire Ave . ,11,D.C., 

Ea.403 Somers, Joan V., Instr. &As8t .Co.Agt. ,219 S. Harrison St., Eas ton, Ea.749R 

Den. 142 Spafford, Bessie M.,Assoo.Prof .iCo.H.D.A. ,305 S.2nd St., Denton, Den. 165 J 

263 Speicher, Mary R.,Sr. Sten. ,DW,DW200, 3900 Hamilton St. ,Ifyattsville,WA 3028 

295 *Sprowls, Jesse W. (Dr. ), Prof. .Psych. ,A101 .Riggs Rd.,Hyattsvillo,SH 2588 

BE 364W ♦Stabler, Stanley P. .Assoc .Agron.&Farm Supt. , Pit. Res .Farm, Spencerville , Ash. 5662 

263 Stamp, Adele H.,Dean of Women, DW202, 7013 Fordham Court, C .P. 

201 ♦Stampp, Kenneth M. (Dr. ) .Assoc. Prof ., Hist. ,A237C, 3900 Hamilton St., Hyatts ville 

Cum. 1062 ♦Steger, Joseph M. ,Instr.&Asst.Co.Agt.,Rt .2 ,Cumborland,Cum.85Jl 

342 ♦Steinberg, S.S ., Dean, Engr. , Prof. ,CE,E123, 4622 College Ave. ,C. P., UN 5456 

280 ♦Steinmeyer, Reuben G. (Dr. ), Prof ., Pol .Soi. ,A200A, 5903 40th Ave. ,Hyattsvillo,UN 2786 

210 ♦Sterling, John, Jr. , Res .Gr.Asst. , Chem. ,K109, 3401 37th Ave. ,Colmar Man or, UN 4135 
236 ♦Styne, Mary J. (Mrs ,H.A.) .Sr.Sten. ,Ag.Eoon.A138 ,5803 44th Ave ., Hyatts ville ,WA 1503 
348 Suit, Muriel E. , Jr .Sten. ,AH,D202 .4708 Norwich Rd..C.P..UN 3767 

B.A.54J ♦Sutton, Richard S . .Instr. &Asst. Co. Agt. .Rock Spring Rd.,Bel Air,B.A.9J 

Ch.202 ♦Sutton, Stanley B., Asst. Co J^gt. .Chestertown, Chest. 833F12 (WA 4660 

211 ♦Svirbely, William J. (Dr. ) .Assoc .Prof ., Chem. ,K231 ,4107 Queensbury Rd. .Hyattsville , 
322 ♦Symona , Thomas B. (Dr. ) ,D«an,Agr. , Director, Ext .Serv. ,T122 ,7410 Columbia Ave . ,C. P. , 

(WA 4114 

LE 7771 Tappan, Elise G.(Mr« .),Infltr.&A88t .Co.H.D.A. ,301 Northfield PI. ,Balto.lO,UN 8493 

218 Taylor, Esther T., Asst. Prof ., HE, H206. Home Management House, Campus ,WA 9878 

256 Thibadeau, Robert T. , Gr.Asst . ,Zool . ,M6, 9507 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SH 5410 
291 Thomas-, Dwl^t R., Asst. .Speech ^302 ,4055 Holly Hill Rd. .College Hts ., Hyatts ville . 

281 ♦Thomas. Roylo P.(Dr . ) .Prof . .Agron. ,T6,4605 Beeohwood Rd.,C.P..7l\ 3598 (WV 2059 
330 ♦Thompson. Li8ette(Mr8 .L.B. ),Sr. Sten. .Reg. Off .,18123,2309 1st St . ,N.W. ,1 ,D, C. 
334 v'^lhornthwaite, Charles W. (Dr. )', Prof . ,NHR, 4708 Calvert Rd..C.P.;WA 1726 (DE 1531 
277 *Thur8ton, Arthur S., Prof ., Hort, F206, 5017 Rivordale Rd. ,Riverdale,^ 6334 

BE 364J ♦Todd, S. Herman, Asst. , Hort. , Exp. Farm, Cherry Hill Rd. ,B9rwyn,BE 364J 

351 ♦Tompkins, Theron A.,A88t.Prof .,re-M,Annory,22F Parkway, Greenbelt 

P.A.46 Topfer, Hilda, Assoc .Prof .ACo.H.D.A. ,Fruitland ,Salis .931R 

345 *Trembly, Edward D. .Assoc .Prof . ,BPA,A140, 3900 Hamilton St.,Hyatts ville .UN 4110 

Tow. 1321 Trentham, Anna .Assoc .Prof .4Co. H.D. A. ,300 Burke Ave.,Towson 4,Tow.l624W 

236 Troelston, iimil S. (Dr. ) ,A8300. Prof . ,Ag.Econ. ,A138C ,4605 Calvert Rd.,C.P. 

♦Trout, Mahlon H. (Dr. ) .Asst .Prof .4Vet. Insp.,LSSS ,303 Marshall St. , Sal isbury, 

212 Tucker, Irwin W. ,GrJl88t. , Chem. ,K117, 4122 14th St.,N.E.17,N0 7076 (Salis.l668J 
Rock. 360 Turner, Ldythe M. , Assoc. Prof .iCo.H.D.A. ,108 Woodridge Ave., Silver Spring,SH 8968 
287 Turner, Reba A.,Secty.Sten. ,AS ,A112 ,7501 Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,WA 9171 (BE 341V 
315 ♦Underwood, Bernard M., Special Of ficer, Inst. Police, Calvert ,500T Quebec St. ,Berwyn, 
260,259 Urban, Anna M. , Instr ., Asst. Rof.iLoan Libr. ,L202 ,4711 Amherst Rd.,C.P. 


293 •Vanderolioe, John L. (Dr.) .Asat .Prof ., Math. ,E226 ,7406 Dickinson Ave..C .P. ,UT; 2246 
211 VanHook:, John 0. .Res .Chem. ,Ch©m. ,K105, 7400 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 

280,292 •VanRoyen, mi.(Dr. ) .Prof . ,raR,A202,224 Parkway, 'ffinohester.Va ..Win. 6554 

348 *Vial, Joseph M. .Prof ..AH, D206 ,4304 VanBuren St. .Hyattsville ,m 7236 

275 ♦Vierheller, Albert F. , Ass oo .Prof ..Hort. ,F120, 4504 Amherst Rd.,C.P.,HY 5683 

243 ♦Vierheller, Ethel S. (Mrs .A.F. ) .Seed Ub.Helper ,F202 ,4504 Amherst Rd.,C.P.,HY 5683 

279 •Wagner, T.C.G. ,Assoo .Prof . ,EE,E227, 3616 Corneotiout Ave. .8 ,D.C. ,0R 7429(Vtt. 7297 
316 •Walker, Earnest A. (Dr . ) ,ABst. Prof. ,Bot . ,T215 ,6903 Car le ton "Ter. .Calvert Hills, C. P., 
236 ♦Walker, Vfci. Paul ,A6800 .Prof . .Agr.Econ. ,A138, 4602 Clemson Rd . ,C .P.,HY 0614 

276 ♦Walls. Edgar P. (Dr. ), Prof . .Canning Crops. Fl 15, 4405 Holly Hill Pd. .College Hts., 

(Hyattsville,WA 2059 

285 *Walls, Henry R. , Chem., St. Inap.Ser . ,K215. 4300 Sheridan St . .Dnivora ity Park.WA 6714 
211 Walton. Edward. Res. Chem., K105, 6 908 Willow St. ,N.W. ,D.C. ,TA 0454 

280 . ♦Walts, Waldo E. (Dr. ) .Prof . .Pol .Sci . ,A201. 912 Haddon Dr..Takoma Park 12. SH 4945 
289 Ward. Kathryn M.P. (Mrs . ) .Asst.Prof. .Eng. ,A123.3626 Prospect Ave..N.W. ,D.C. .HO 5668 

280 Watson. Dorothy M.. Inst r. .A202, 731 9 Baltiinore Blvd.,C.P. 

292 Way, Edith L. .Sr.Sten. ,NKR,A215,7504 Hopkins Ave..C.P.,WA 4372 

B.A.54J Weaver, ^Iga D. , Assoc .Prof .&Co.H.D.A. , Bel Air, B.A.324J (WO 0504 

289 ♦Weaver, Catherine M. (Krs .T.E. ) ,Instr. , Eng ..A120. 3610 Quebec St. ,N.W. ,16 ,D.C . , 
Hager.6 Webb, Margaret A., Inatr .iCo.H.D.A. ,1140 Hamilton Blvd . .Hagerstown.Hager .2496R 
346 Weber, Mathilde E. .Sr.Sten. .BEft.,A144. 4506 Guilford Rd.,C.P. 

289 Weiss, Charlotte I.. Gr. Ass t., Eng. .A200, Calvert, 352 (WA 6856 

266 ♦Weitrell, Mabel S. (Mrs .H.R. ) .Sr.Sten. , Fire Serv.Ext . ,E238.6101 43rd St. .Riverdale. 
249 Wells, Jane A. .Jr. Sten., Publications , Admin. ,3640 Everett St. ,N.W. ,D.C. ,W0 3640 

210 Werble, Eleanor ,Gr. Ass t. , Chem. ,1311 Quinoy St. ,N.W. ,D.C. ,TA 8634 

282 ♦Wessells, John W. , Asst.Prof. .Markets .T119.Hanoook. Han. 208 
Rock. 783 ♦Whipp. Rosooe N. ,Instr .4Asst.Co.Agt . .Rockville.Gaithers .161W 

286 White, Alta()/r8 .) .Dir. Res .Halls ,DW,AAH.Univer8ity Lane.C.P..WA 5835 

210 ♦White. Charles E. (Dr. ) .Prof ..Chem. ,K6, 4405 Beeohwood Rd . .Hyattsv ill e.HY 5030 
260 White, Kate, Jr. As8t.Libr..L202. College Park.WA 5835 

242 ♦Whitlow, Kenneth M. .Fresh. Coaoh.Ath. .Coliseum. 5808 43rd Ave. .Hyattsville 

211 Whiton. Alfred C. (Dr. ), Res .Chem. ,K109, 7400 Rhode Island Ave. .C. P. 
312 Wiatt. Addie V., Jr.Sten..PH,Plll,4705 Harvard Rd.,C.P. 

323 Wiatt. Margaret L., Sr. Stan. .LSSS, 4705 Harvard Rd.,C.P. 

310 Wiggin, Gladys, Instr. , Ed., N209, 4624 Harvard Rd..C.P. 

211 ♦Wiley, Raymond C. (Dr. ) .Assoc .Prof ., Chem.. K106. 4507 Boechwood Rd.,C.P.,HY 5102 

Sal. 427 Willerton. Helen F.. Assoc. Prof .ftCo.H.D.A. .Park St .Apts. .Salisbury. Sal. 531W 

275 Williamson, Elisabeth. Sr.Sten. .Hort. ,F116. 1750 16th St. ,N.W. ,9,D.C. ,N0 5400 

203 Wilson. Shirley J. .Fellow.HE.Alpha Xi Delta.C.P.,WA 9720 

281 ♦Winant, Howard B.,As8t.Prof. .Soils .T8. 4309 34th St. .Brentwood .m 2868 

315 ♦Wiseman, Daniel B.,0fficer, Inst. Police, B'&O, Calvert .Vetserotte Rd .,Berwyn;BE 342M 


Hager.6 *Wood, Harley B. (Dr. ), Asst.Prof .&Vet .Insp. .LSSS ,426 Virginia Ave ..Eager stcwn, 

211 ♦Woods, G. ForreBt(Dr.), Assoc. Prof ., Chem., K105 

304 Wooster. Helen A. .Sr.Acot. Clerk.Acot . .13204.8907 Baltimore Ave . .Berwyn.BE 197 

304 Tamasaki. Ada K. .Acct.Mach.Oper . .Bus .Of f . .1B204 ,4703 Ravenswood Rd . .Riverdale 

281 Yamasaki, Miye .Asst. .Soils ,T5, 4703 Ravenswood Rd. , Riverdale 

283 ♦Younger. John E.(Dr. ) .Prof .&Chrm. .WE.E243,510 Rolling Rd., Chevy Chasel5 ,WI 8926 
351 ♦Yourman, Harold .Asst.Prof. ,1B&T, 5604 36th PI . .Hyattsville .IW 2772 (WA 6462 
289 ♦Zeeveld. W.Gordon(Dr.) .Assoc .Prof . .Eng. .A124. 4312 Woodberry St . .University Park. 
285 ♦Zenti, E. Monroe.Agr. Prod. Insp., St. Insp. *Reg. Serv. ,K215, 4407 VanBuren St., Univ. 

(Park,WA 8513 




Residence Phone 

Agricultural A djustment Agency^ Ylk 7800 

(Rossborough Inn) 

*Abell, John Lee 
*Bertschnan, U. Ilene 
*Blandford, Joseph H. 
♦Burns, Leonard C. 

Burroughs, Amelia W, 
*Carson, Richard M. 
*Cooper, Homer E, 
*Culp, Mamie D. 
*Cutaiar, Violet R. 
♦Dyott, J. Spencer 

Geiser, Grace A. 
*Heeley, Lillian E. 
♦Jenkins, Eben C, 

Klein, .Josephine M, 
♦ Linthicum, Hair i It on 
*^^adden, Anthony M. 
♦Mester, Frances H. 

O'Dea, Alice T. 

Roaohe, Anita H. 

Ste-wart, Margaret V, 
♦Sylvester, Fred B, 

Troy, Gertrude E, 
♦Tumey, 'William H. 
♦vyelsh, Charles E. 

Leonard town 

20-E Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 



222 Cedar Ave., Takoraa Park 


Box 316, College Park 

4400 28th Place, Mt. Rainier 

4505 Beech7/ood Rd., College Park 

5712 Greenleaf Rd., Cheverly 

7212 Bowdoin St., College Park 

4805 Drexel Rd., College Park 

5616 30th Ave., Hyattsville 

3401 43rd Ave., Colmar Manor 


17-E Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

4031 Ingraham St., Hyattsville 

Ruatan St., Berwyn Heights 

Hill St., Ellicott City 

Box 6, Greenbelt 

Queen Anne 

4515 ftedison St., Riverdale 

45 Avondale St., Laurel 

1-B Woodland Way, Greenbelt 

Leonardtown 37-F-ll 
Greenbelt 5062 
Brandywine 2646 
Ashton 5424 
SH 2451 

WA 3952 
UN 2712 
WA 9760 
WA 3418 
UN 4175 
WA 8631 

Buckeystovm 52-F-22 
Greenbelt 4607 
WA 1689 
Berwyn 296-R 
Ellicott City 208 
Bovrie 3483 
Hillsboro 9-F-24 
WA 4600 
Laurel 378 
Greenbelt 4811 

American Society of M eo hanioal Engineers - Aviation D i vision, 283 (Room E245) 
♦Younger, John E., 510 Rolling Rd . , Chevy Chase, WI 8926 (Executive Secretary) 

Bureau of Mines , 


♦Babcock, Robert E. 
♦Banning, Lloyd H. 

Baskerville, Eirona E, 
♦Blakely, John 
♦Bland, Rebecca C, 
♦Blue, Delwin D. 
♦Boyd, Lena P. 
♦Brinkley, Margurite 

Brown, Eric H. 
♦Brown, Helen C. 
♦Brown, Hylton R. 
♦Brown, Richard A. 
♦Bullock, R. Foster 

Burch, Dorothy U. 
♦Burch, Mary T. 

Cain, Dorothy I. 
♦Calhoun, Fred W. 
♦Carl, Howard 
♦Chaney, Gertrude 
♦Chayes, Felix 
♦Clower, Hugh R. 

Coleman, Ruth 
♦Conley, John E. 
♦Comproni, Melvina 
♦Coulter, Beatrice E. 
♦Cservenyak, Frank 
♦Cunningham, Y/illiam K. 
♦Dalrymple, George B. 

Dalrymple, Walter B. 

Dalziel, May 

Dalriel, Mildred E, 
♦Dashiell, Louis L. 
♦Davis, Cecil 
♦DenHartog, Edith 
♦Dennis, Cleveland 

Dinnin, Joseph I. 
♦Dorsey, Joseph E. 

Duke, Frances S., 

Duvall, Wilbur I. 
♦Dwiggins, Roscoe 
♦Eaker, Wildred S. 
♦Ehrhardt, MAry S. 

Vienna, Va. 

2 Austin Court, Berwyn 

57th St., N.E., 19, "d.C. 

500 5th St., Laurel 

4220 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville 

806 Houston Ave., Takoina Park 

5712 39th Ave., Hyattsville 

6803 Dartmouth Ave., College Park 

4617 Harvard Rd., College Park 

58-F Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

9410 2nd Ave., Silver Spring 

3919 Madison St., Hyattsville 

3030 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Va. 

4339 Claggett Rd., University Park 

4206 Kennedy St., Hyattsville 

4305 Gallatin St., Hyattsville 

4320 Sheridan St., University Park 

1615 Noyes Dr., Silver Spring 

4317 Clagett Pine Way, College Park 

4104 Queensbury Rd . , Hyattsville 

9511 50th Ave., Berwyn 

6 Annapolis Blvd., Glenbumie 

4406 Colesville Rd., University Park 

5-B Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

1-G Southway, Greenbelt 

9 Austin Court, Berwyn 

5309 38th Ave., Hyattsville 

4112 53rd Ave., Bladensburg, Apt. 2 

4206 Queens bury Rd . , Hyattsville 

3604 9th St., N.E., D.C. 

421 Newton PI., N.W., D.C. 

4916 40th Place, Hyattsville 

5900 63rd Ave., Riverdale 

5906 Pontiao Ave., Berwyn 

621 11th St., N.E., D.C. 

4010 Marlboro PI., N.W., D.C. 

R.F.D. 1, Landovor 

3900 Hamilton St., Hyattsville 

304 Baltimore Rd . , Rockvllle 

Prince Georges Apt. .Hyattsville 

7506 Hopkins Ave., College Park 

13-G Hillside Rd.. Greenbelt 

Vienna 104-W 
Berwyn 147-R 

Laurel 587-R 
WA 6630 
SL 9495 
UN 1978 
WA 7741 
WA 6389 

SL 2483 
UN 4186 
Chestnut 9552 
WA 1841 
WA 6213 
WA 6581 

WA 2352 

Berwyn 36 
Glenburnie 424 
WA 7011 
GR 3302 
GR 3761 
Ber-fryn 147-R 
UN 5102 

UN 5394 
DU 4910 
TA 515£ 

Berwyn 103-J 
TR 3602 
GE 6294 
HY 0340 
WA 2423 
WA 4888 
WA 7885 
GR 6481 



*Falck, David A. 

Fee, tory D. 

Fine, Edward P. 
*Fink, Louis 
*Fisher, Margaret 

Fitzgerald, Milton 
*Fleshman, Herbert M. 
♦Fletcher, Irene 

Fletcher, Mary 

Flood, Agnes T. 

Flowers, «tery E, 

Fraas, Foster 
*Frattali, Frances J. 

Franklin, Raymond T, 

Fuerst, Rosemary 
♦Gabriel, Alton 
♦Garst, 0, C. 

Gee, E. A. 
♦Gerhardt, Alvln W, 

Gibson, Ruby C, 
•Gilbert, Janet VT. 
♦Gillette, Harrison, 

Goetzger, Helen F, 

Golden, Lex 
♦Gottschalk, Victor H. 
♦Gowan, Leo F. X. 

Graves, Frances 
♦Graziano, Carmellft L. 

Guthrie, L, Rosemary 

Harris, Viola C. 
♦Haszard, Susan D. 

Heindl, R. A. 

Herbert, Dorothy L, 
♦Hilderbrand, Bessie 
♦Hogan, Anna 
♦Huff, vaibur J. 

Jaffe, Howard W. 
♦Johnson, Bill L. 
♦Jones, Elizabeth L. 
♦Jordon, Nancy C. 

Kaighn, Helen M. 
♦Kandiner, Harold J. 
♦Kauffnian, Albert, Jr. 
♦Kelly, Ann 
♦Kennedy, Francis J, 

Kidwell, Alfred 
♦Klahold, Bertha R. 
♦Kleindienst, Betty F. 
♦Kudlich, Rudolf 
♦Lamb, Frank 

Larin, Edward V, 
♦Levine, Shirley R, 
♦Lock, Dixie 

Long, Albert E, 

MacDonald, Howard J, 
♦Mackall, Helen 
♦McDermid, Archie J, 
♦McLendon, Verda I. 

Milewski, Henry J, 

Moore, Margaret A. 
♦Obert, Leonard 

Ohlson, Theodore 
♦Owings, C. W. 
♦Palmer, Lydalu B. 
♦Parker, Lida 
♦Peed, Richard 
♦Peterson, Maurice 
♦Potter, Robert 
♦Price, Michael 
♦Prickett, Hilda M. 

Reese, Seth T. 

Rioe, Archie 
♦Ritter, Myron H. 

Roberts, lona A, 
♦Rogers, Sophia 
♦Roller, Paul 
♦Rorabaoher, Lenora J. 

3902 'ffest Rogers Ave., Baltimore 

1416 North Carolina Ave., N.E., D.C. FR 2117 
2144 Mt. Royal Terrace, Baltimore 
16-C Ridge Road, Greenbelt GR 5342 

14-P Hillside Rd., Greenbelt 
6106 44th Place, Riverdale 
22-C Crescent Rd . , Greenbelt 

56 Gateway Ave., Burnt Mill Hills SH 7660 
1515 44th St., M.W., D.C. 

5002 43rd Ave., Hyattsville 'A'A 7065 

c/o yi. N. Rawley, R. F.D.I, Hyattsville WA 5974 
7505 Dartmouth Ave., College Park WA 2448 
5318 Deoatur St., Hyattsville 
3009 Crest Ave., Cheverly 

5512 Taylor Rd., Riverdale WA 7520 

5800 39th Ave., Hyattsville WA 3737 

6926 Pineway, College Heights HY 0168 

1107 E. Capitol St., D.C, LI 4392 

lATiitfield Rd . ,R.F.D.l,Box 71, Lanham HY 5308 
210 Tulip Ave., Takoma Park 

R.F.D. 1, Box 84, Laurel Laurel 101-W 

Jr. 4-J Plateau Place, Greenbelt GR 2791 

3104 Varnura St., Mt . Rainier WA 9420 

9104 Rhode Island Ave., Branchville Berwyn 312-J 
47 Central Ave., Cottage City 
1228 Ingraham St., N.W., D.C. 

6715 Queens Chapel Rd., Hyattsville HY 5455 
1-B Southway, Greenbelt GR 3366 

4314 Woodberry St., University Park WA 1943 
4001 Quintana St . , Hyattsvi 1 le 

4031 Ingraham St., Hyattsville WA 1689 

4917 43rd St., N.W., D.C. WO 3815 

3-C Crescent Rd., Greenbelt GR 4611 

14-S Ridge Road, Greenbelt 
5-K Eastway, Greenbelt 

15 Hilltop Rd., Sligo Park SL 1724 

5704 4th St., N.W.,D.C. q^ 5395 

5405 38th Ave., Hyattsville Y/A 6137 

4206 Kennedy St., Hyattsville WA 6213 

9607 Clearview PI., Silver Spring SH 8109 
13-V Ridge Road, Greenbelt GE 4891 

1432 Girard St., N.W., D.C. 

4205 Russell Ave., Mt. Rainier WA 5872 

4013 Nicholson St., Hyattsville WA 3052 

4605 Calvert Rd., College Park 

7405 Dickinson Rd., College Park WA 3747 
4602 Drexel Rd., College Park WA 8306 

4622 S. Dakota Ave., D.C. NO 5949 

406 Turner St., Chevy Chase WI 3219 

5206 Tilden Rd., Hyattsville UN 0891 

2423 E St., N.W., D.C. RE 8067 

38-B Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 
32-E Crescent Rd . , Greenbelt 
4812 30th St., S. Arlington, Va. 
6210 42nd Ave., Hyattsville 

4200 Clagett Rd., Hyattsville WA 3355 

50-A Ridge Road, Greenbelt GR 6502 

7501 Hopkins Ave., College Park 
6203 41st Place, Hyattsville 

3706 Utah Ave . , Brentwood UN 1539 

8404 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring SL 8963 
4317 VanBuren St., University Park 
3013 Wake Forest Dr., College Park UN 1584 
1-D East Way, Greenbelt 

36-A Crescent Rd., Greenbelt GR 5447 

Contes Rd., Laurel 

3900 Hamilton St., Hyattsville WA 7097 

316 S. Irving St., Arlington, Va. CH 6093 
1416 N. Carolina Ave., N.E., D.C. FR 5187 
4905 Erie St., Berwyn Berwyn 10-W 

8901 49th Ave., Berwyn Berwyn 339-J 

1918 F St., N.W., D.C. ME 0753 

4910 Blackfoot Rd., Branchville 

5104 Emerson St., Edmonston WA 4894 

26-C Crescent Rd., Greenbelt GR 3171 

121 Kilmer St., Cheverly WA 8369 

117 Washington Blvd., Laurel Laurel 48-W 


♦Roush, Gar A. 

Ruppert, John A, 

Ryan, Katherine 

Seal, Eleanor 
♦Sedmck, William T. 

Shapiro, Leonard 

♦ Sheridan, 'Villa 
♦Sherwood, Alexander M, 

Singleton, Mary A, 
♦Slavin, Morris 
♦Smith, "Villiam F. 

Solomon, Edwin M, 
♦Spille, Ruth C. 
Q„*^tasiak, Helen 

• 3teffen, ?,1ary R. 
Sweeney, Margaret 
Teichman, Plerbert. 

♦Tether, Bertha E. 
♦Thomas, Florence G, 

Timnwrman, M. Catherine 
♦Todd, r'argaret B. 
♦Vanover, Lawrence F. 
♦'.Vindes, Stephen 
♦Wintermoyer, Frances B. 

Wintermoyer, J. Paul 
♦Woodard, Dedrick A. 
♦Wright, Eva 
♦Yeager, Roberta L. 
♦Yelmgren, Alden 
♦Zadra, John B. 

Zeiger, Herbert J. 
©-♦Stasiek, Raymond 

7305 Yale Ave., College Park 

5833 Nebraska Ave., N.W., D.C. 

4801 Calvert Rd., College Park 

6618 4th St., K.W., D.C. 

4801 Longfellow St., Riverdale 

4617 Arkansas Ave., N.W., D.C. 

10108 Lorain Ave., Silver Spring 

609 Northern Terr., Alexandria, Va. 

4908 Holl^/wood Rd., Berwyn 

4610 Knox Rd., College Park 

Hillwood rianor. Apt. 1107, Takoma Park 

212 Clifton Terr., N.W., D.C. 

6509 40th Ave. , University Park 

4922 40th Place, Hyattsville 

16-C Parkway, Greenbelt 

9022 48th Place, Berwyn 

6607 44th Ave., University Park 

18-E Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

4605 Beechwood Rd., College Park 

6109 43rd Ave., Hyattsville 

P.O. Box 203, College lark 

14 Bellehaven Ave., Seat Pleasant 

9302 Flower Ave., Silver Spring 

5712 Ruatan St., Berwyn 

5712 Ruatan St., Berwyn 

Apt. 3, 4100 53rd PI., Bladensburg 

Box 89, Beltsville 

7003 Dartmouth Ave., College Park 

45-K Ridge Road, Greenbelt 

9020 49th Place, Berv/yn 

4602 Drexel Rd., College Park 

4922 40th Place, Berwyn 

WA 8331 
WO 7351 
WA 6020 
GE 1398 
DU 1715 
RA 5257 
SH 4326-W 
TE 3232 
Berwyn 191-J 

CO 7744 
WA 6148 

GR 5496 
WA 3598 

Berwyn 364-J 

SH 7551 
Berwyn 99 
Berwyn 99 

Berwyn 783-W-3 
WA 4138 
GR 5373 

TVA 8306 

Fish and Wildlife Service, 

WA 5800 

♦Beale, Elsie V. 
♦Bittenbender, Conrad D. 

Cable, Louella E. 
♦Church, Evelyn V. 

Clinedinst, I'tary R. 
♦Dean, Wargaret E. 
♦Folliard, Christine M. 
♦Fulton, Leonard A. 

Galloway, Elsie 
♦Gaits off, Paul S, 

Ginsturg, Isaac 
♦Glenn, George W. 
♦Jarvis, Nor-Tir. D. 
♦Kerr, Rose G, 

Landau, Helen 
♦Lee, Charles F, 

Maskell, Kenneth T. 

Myers, Charles S, 

Nils on, Hugo 'f{, 
♦Pottinger, S. R. 
♦Rust, '.Valter A. 
♦Sandholzer, I«slie A. 

Weems , Sarah F . 
•'Winter, Charles S. 

4837 Langdrum Lane, Chevy Chase 

4500 38th St., N. Arlington, Va. 

4810 Fox St., Daniels Park 

6512 46th Place, Riverdale 


2714 Webster St., Mt. Rainier 

6005 Pontiac St., Berwyn Heights 

5027 56th Ave., Hyattsville 

4122 Illinois Ave., N.W., D.C. 

420 Cumberland Ave., Chevy Chase 

5733 3rd Place, F.W., D.C. 

Terrapin Inn, College Park 

5010 14th St., N. Arlington, Va. 

1705 Kilbourne PI., N.W., D.C. 

4001 Queensbury Rd., Hyattsville 

806 Garland Ave., Takojna Park 

3109 Gibbons Ave., Baltimore 

901 13th St., N.W., D.C. 

1107 Flower Ave., Takoma Park 

4307 Van Buren St., University Park 

Fish and Wildlife Service, College Park 

2704 Upshur St., Mt. Rainier 

4616 Harvard Rd., College Park 

252 Park Ave.. Takoma Park 

OL 0446 



Berwyn 153 



Berwyn 243-R 











CO 6186 













UN 0509 





Marylan d Crop Reporti ng Service, U. S. D. A, 


♦Brewer, Ha r ley M. 
♦Kane, Mary P. 

Kellogg, Dona Mae 
♦McLaughlin, Ella Mae 
♦Wilson. Donald B. 

4200 53rd Place, Hyattsville 
4310 Jefferson St., Hyattsville 
3400 Varnum St., Brentwood 
3402 Varnuir. St., Brentwood 
1833 Otis St.. N.E.. D.C. 

UU 1180 

WA 3682 

UK 1971 

HO 2063 

National Sand and Gravel Association Re search Foundation, 
National Ready Mixed Concrete AssociatTon, 

WA 3883 
WA 3883 

(Room A27) 
(Room A27) 

Bloem, D. L. 
Edwards, V. R. 
►Vtelker. Stanton 

Box 185, Beltsville 

R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring 

8 Parks ide Rd., Silver Spring 

A«hton 3171 
SL 8384 


Soil Conservation Service, 

V.'A 3290 and V.'A 3800, Ext. 309 (Rooms 1B14, 1B19) 

*Cotton, John 
*Davis, Denver C. 
♦Davis, Edward ?/i. 
♦Hancock, Hugh 

811 Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park SH 3838 

7404 Hopkins Ave., College Park HY 5510 

7018 Forest Dr., Calvert Hills '.7A 2401 

8303 50th Ave . , Berwyn Berwyn 8-Ti' 

♦Hause, Katherine P.(Frs. J.L.)2-E Research Rd . , Greenbelt OR 6643 

Jones, C. Irwin, Jr. 4410 Beechwood Rd., College Heights ',VA 2650 

Scott, Joanne M, 7-K Crescert Rd., Greenbelt GR 2392 

♦ Stewart, John S., Jr. Box 6, Greenbelt Bc/irie 3483 

Werz, Frances J. 14-1.' Ridge Road, Greenbelt 

Soil Conservation Sertrice, Office of Research, WA 0848 (Rooms T32 and T37, Agr. Bldg. Annex) 

♦Bendixen, T. 'A'. 
♦Bryant, Jay C, 
♦Hobbs, Harold W. 

Lum, Elizabeth C. 

Porterfield, Anna Lee 
♦Slater, Clarence S, 

4510 Kennedy St., Hyattsville WA 9756 

R.F.D. 1, Glenallan Rd., Silver Spring Kensington 477-J 

302 Birch Ave., Takoma Park SL 0221 

4547 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

5916 Harrison Ave., Riverdale UN 0610 

7005 ■'.hode Island Ave., College Park WA 9481 

United Nations Relief end Rehabilitation Administration Training Center, UN 2620 (Dorm. G) 

Burgess, J. S, (Dr.) 
Compronie, Anne 
Munk, Frank (Dr.) 
Pearce, Rheua S, 
♦Senesh, Dorothy 

7305 Yale Ave., College Park 
7305 Yale Ave., College Park 
4609 College Ave., College Park 
7305 Yale Ave., College Park 
7305 Yale Ave., College Park 

WA 8331 

WA 8331 

WA 6204 

7;A 8331 

WA 8331 

Water Resources Branch, U. S. Geological Survey, Middle Atl anti c Dis tr ict, WA 6348 


■Bennion, Vernal R, 
Brewer, Philip W. 

'Davis, Oroy M. 

•Kennedy, Edward J. 

• Lee, Clara V. 
Zeigler, Edward J. 

7009 Fordham Court, College Park WA 6533 

Terrapin Inn, College Park WA 9870 

739 N. Albemarle St., Arlington GL 0273 

4711 Tecumseh Rd., Berwyn Berv/yn 274-J 
Sumiyside, Springfield Rd. ,Rt. I.Bowie 

Terrapin Inn, College Park WA 9870 



Year-College Naiae Home Address Local Address Phone 

OBn Aaron, Albert A,, 481E Belalr Rd., Baltinore, Ian Epsllon Phi, WA 9766 

SEd Aaronson, Helene B«, 4514 Conneotieut Are*, N.W* 8, D.C., Alpha Epsllon Rii, WA 9804 

SAS Abella, Lnis R., Box SS5S.. Santurce, P.R«, 7506 Dlekineon ATe., C.P., WA 6065 

Gr Abraham, George, 2808 Erie St., S.B., 20, D.C,, TR 2424 Brt.S55 

2AS Abranson, Harriet, 5000-Sfd St., N.W., D.C., GE S997 (FR 7SS4 

6r Aoker, Carl H., 5246 Ditman St., Philadelphia, Pa», 806 Maryland Are., N.E., D*C*« 

IAS Aokrill, Thoaas B., Tonrte Lotte Hill Rd., Chepaohet, R.I., Dom.-l(Hyatt8Tille,WA6220 

Gr Adams, Pranois B.,Jr., 218 W.Walnut St., Selins grove, Pa., 6802 Baltimore Blvd., C.P* 

IHE Adams, LaFaye, 5916 Oneida Fl., Hyattsrille 

lAS Adams, Mary B., 608 B St., Lenoir City, Tenn., Calvert, 562 

IHE Adamson, Barbara L., R.F.D.S, RoolnriUe, AAH, 286 

lAg Adkins, B. Franklin, Hebron Cosquay Pam, Dorm. -I 

lEn Adkins, Kelvin L., R.F.D.l, Salisbury, Dorm.-K, 

OEd Adkins, Lonise S.,(Mrs.), Heirark 

lEd Adler, Dolores.B., 8301 River View Rd., 20, D.C, Dorm.-E, 275 

2BPA Ahem, Mar:^ "^•» 2465 Wisconsin Ave., D.C, A10ia Oaicron PI, WA 9871 

2AS Ahmanson, Ada M., 1805 E St., N.E., D.C., TR 4685 

IAS Aiken, Margaret C, 7409 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, 18, Calvert, 562 

2AS Aiken, Phyllis E., 2629 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15, Dorm.-E, 275 

2AS Altcheson, Margaret L., Laurel, 6909 Wake Forest Dr., C.P., WA 1724 

2Bn Akers, Sheldon B.,Jr., 68 lenilworth Ave., Garrett Park, Theta Chi, WA 9755 

lAS Albaugh, Mary C, W. Main St., Thurmont, Dorm.-C, 319 

IAS Albert, Melvin I., 1565 Peabody St., N.W,, D.C, TA 9805 

2AS Alcorn, Lillian C, 88 W, High St., Union City, Pa., MBH, 265 

4AS Alden, Cordelia L., 106 Highland Ave., Yonkers 6, N.Y., Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

2AS Alden, Prisoilla, 915 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, SL 5649 

Gr Alderson, William S., 6660 Eagle PI., Detroit, Mich., 1616 Irving St., S.W., D.C. 

lAS Alexandre, Jeanne D,, 4102 Elnerton Ave., Colonial Park, Pa., Dora.-C, 519 

Gr Allen, Arthur B., 2865 Denver St., S.E,, D.C, 

5Ed Allen, Barbara M,, 1556 Live Oak Dr., Silver Spring, SL 6220 

5HE Allen, Beatrice E,, 4610 Hartwick Rd., C,P,, WA 0919 

2BPA Allen, Harry S,, 529 Prince George St., Laurel, Laurel 656 

OEn Allen, James C, 6005 Geronimo St., Bemyn, Berwyn 581 

2AS Allen, Loraine E., 4610 Hartwiok Rd., C,P,, WA 0919 

2AS Allen, Margaret A., 6501 -4l8t Ave., Hyattsville, UN 4691 

2Ed Allender, Carolyn E., Main. St., Hafflp8tead,MBH, 255 

2AS Altman, Laura, 911 Quiney St., N,W,, D.C, (C.P., WA 6206 

lAg Alvaree, Rafael L., 29 Calle Libert ad, Santa Ana,El Sal vador,C.A., 6705 Baltimore Blvd., 

lAS Alverson, Barbara J., 4214 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore 18, Dorm,-E, 275 

2AS Amadon, Nancy R., 58 Pollard Rd., Mountain Lakes, H.J., MBH, 255 

lEd Amose, Mary L,, 6100-42nd PI., Hyattsville, WA 1150 

2Ed Amoss, Virginia E., 6100-42nd PI., Hyattsville, WA 1150 . 

2BPA Anarino, Stephen J., Jr., 5720 Fairhaven Ave., Baltimore 26., Phi Delta TheW, WA 9884 

lEn Anderson, Donald W., Seabrook 

2BPA Anderson, Eleanor C, 6 Forest Lane, Salisbury, Kappa Delta, WA 9769 (SH 4026 

OEd Anderson, Jeannette, 5700 Uokswk Ave., Baltimore 7, 8712 Colesvllle Rd., Silver Spring 

lEd Anderson, Louise M., 603 Annabel Abe., Baltimore 25, Dom,-D, 559 

2AS Anderson, Mildred E., 900 Montgomery St., Laurel, Laurel 47W 

2HE Anderson, Vira M., Gambrills, Calvert, 562 

lEn Anderson, Walter C, Willards, Dorm.-L 

5Ag Andrews, Lila W., 101 St. Johns Rd., Baltimore 10, Kappa Delta, WA 9769 

SHE Andrewsr Lucile B., 4828 Chevy Chase Dr., Chevy Chase, Calvert, 562 

2AS Andrews, Shirley T., Breathedsville, 4603 College Ave., C,P., WA 9864 

4Ed Anselmo, A. Margaret, 5611-16th St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 6111 

2Ed Antal, Alice M., 137-9th St., Passaic, N.J., Dona.-C, 519 

En Appel, James D., 5365 Runnymede PI., 16., D.C.,. WO 1768 

Gr Appel, John C, R.F.D.l, Paradise, Pa., 7504 Hopkins Ave., C.P,, WA 9807 

2A€ Archer, John P,, Shamrock, Bel Air, Terrapin Inn, WA 9870 

2BPA Aristitabal, Hugo, Cali-Colombia, Colombia, 4613 College Ave., C.P,, WA 6486 

2AS Armbruster, Jean E., 5204 Otis St., Mt. Rainier, WA 9464 

2BPA Armstrong, Jasmine, 9410 Columbia Blvd., Silver Spring, MBH, 265 

SHE Armstrong, Rachel E,, 711 C St., Baltimore 19, 4611 College Ave., C.P., WA 9861 

4Ed Arnold, Kerry A., Highland Ave., Broad Brook, Conn., Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

4HE Arps, Jacqueline N., Naval Radio Station, Annapolis, Dorm.-D, 369 

2HE Arthur, Cynthia, 17836 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, Ohio, Sipia Kappa, WA 9861 

IHE Arthur, Valencia I., 911 Ridgedale Ave., Cumberland, MBH, 265 

IAS Ashe, Patricia L., 5101 Lake Ave., Cheverly, WA 4699 

5HE Ashley, Mary D., Centreville, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

2AS Auerhan, Samuel J., 1502 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 51, 

IAS Auker, Marilyn J,, 5109 Northhampton St., N,W., D,C., AAH, 286 


Or Aaelrod, Joseph M., 1801 Good Hope Rd., S.B,, D.C., FH 5180 

2AS Axt, Betty L., Mowatt Lane, C.P., Berwyn 50-R 

lAS Baccala, Angelo, 8120 E. Vonumeat St., Baltimore 5, SilTester 

2i4, Baoooff, Barbara, 4607 CalTert Rd., C.P,, WA 7022 

4AS Baoh, Breljm F., 119 Tr,71at St., New York, N.T., 4825 Oeage St., Berwyn, Berwyn 281 

lEd Baokert, Margaret, 4706 Homer Ave., Baltimore 15, 7505 Yale Ave., C.P, 

lEn Baoon, Jo Anne, 1854 Columbia Rd., N.TT., D.C., DonB.<^C, 319 

Gr Baer, Byron, 1617 Buchanan St., N.W., 11, D.C., Theta Chi, WA 9755 

lEB Bailey, Betty A., Prinoeas Anne, IfBH, 255 

4AS Bailey, Kathlyn A., 5150-7th St., K.W., 11, D.C,, 4517 Knox Rd,, C.P,, WA 9720 

Ag Balrd, Alrln V,, Jr., Oak Hill Farm, Delaplane, Va., 4524 Clagett Rd., C.P, 

lAS Baird, Franoelia R., 4002 Jefferson St., Hyattsville 

2Ag Baity, 3arl C, Jr., S940 Madison St., HyattsTllle 

lAg Baity, Warren M., Street, Dairy Bams, 545 

2AS Baker, Doris, 4801 Delray Are., Bethesda 14, Bradley 0086 

5AS Baker, Helen T., 4315 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 4529 

BPA Baker, Robert W., 5805 Kenmore Rd,, Baltimore 10, 6407-46th PI., RiTerdale, WA 8189 

lEn Baldwin, George R,, Bowls, Bowie 5521 

lAS Baldwin, Sally W., 4540 East West Highway, Bethesda 14 

Gr Baldwin, Sidney, 215 Ave. C, Rochester 6, H.Y., P.O.Box 822, C,P, 

lAS Baldwin, William H., 1 Glenmore Ave., Raspeburg, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

8AS Ball, E, Eleanor, Ditohley, Va., 4210 Jefferson St., Hyattsville, WA 2516 

lAS Ball,, Mary L., 718 Oneida Rd., N.W,, D.C, Dorm,-D, 569 

2BPA Ballinger, Eleanor M., 6308-46th PI., Rlverdale, WA 2598 

5AS Bancroft, Ruth H., 351 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 8072 

BPA Bandiere, John H., 4703 Norwood Ave., Baltimore, 4615 Aahurst Rd., C.P, 

Gr Banks, Mary A., 2009 Lawrenoe St., N.E,, 18, D,C,, NO 7940 

2AS Banx, John B,,Jr., 107 Uaoe Ave., Baltimore 21, 7401 Princeton Ave,, C»P,, WA 9735 

3AS Bardwell, Helen M., 1614 Longfellow St., N.W., 11, D.C,, Dorm,-B, 275 

2Ag Barger, Cornelius B., Upper Marlboro 

IBPA Barkalow, Gerald H., 711-lOth Ave,, Belmar, N.J., Dorm,-L 

5Ed Barnes, George W,, 1219-55rd St., N.W., D.C, MI 5048 

IBPA Bamhart, Jeanne E., 402 B. Main St., Thurmont, Dorm.-E, 275 

lEd Barrett, Rosanne R., RosBeo- Farms, Port Deposit, AAE, 286 

2AS Barry, Margaret, 405 Fairview Dr., Charleston, W,Va,, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

4AS Bartlett, Marilyn, 4128 Military Rd., 15, D.C, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9775 

IAS Bartram, Patricia A,, Glen Echo, Dorm,-C, 319 

lAg Basadre, Jaime C., M, Caoeres 240, Lima, Peru, Dorm,-I 

2BPA Bass, Marvin, 2426 Lakeview Ave., Baltimore 17, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

lEn Bassette, Paul G., Box 15, I^andover, WA 6756 

lAS Bassler, G, Florence, Fulton, AAH, 286 

2AS Bastian, David C, 2015 Plymouth St., N,W., D.C, GE 5476 

Gr Bates, Jo J., (Mrs,), 8S07-16th St., Silver Spring, SL 9249 (61 5164 

Gr Batter sby, Kenneth A,, 17 Beaver St,, Worcester, Maes., 4316 N.4th St., Arlington,Va,, 

2AS Batman, Walter M., 3227 Quesada St., N.W., D.C 

2BPA Baumann, Joseph C, 4510-31 st St., Mt. Rainier, WA 6496 

2AS Baumann, Madeline M., 21 Main St., Lonaconlng, Calvert, 352 

2AS Baumgardner, John E., anmitsburg, Silvester 

4En Baxter, Jack L., 7019 Georgia Ave., N.W., D.C, GE 7808 

2Ed Bayard, LaDonna M., 6612 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, UN 1061 

5En Baylor, Walter R., 5806-31st St., Mt. Rainier, WA 8164 

2AS Baylus, Alvln R., 2404 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 16 

OBPA Beaeh, Wanda P, (Mrs.), Chester, 4615 Knox Rd., C.P, 

4Ed Beachy, Elisabeth J., Box 57 Grantsville, 2820 Devonshire PI., NW., 8, D.C, MI 8897 

Gr Beale, Calvin L,, 629-14th St., N.E., 2, D.C, AT 0722 

SBn Beam, Walter R,, Jr., 8500-48th Ave., Berwyn 

OHE Beard, Edythe, College Park, WA 3667 

Gr Beck, Victor W., 724 Sims Ave., St, Paul 6, Minn,, 125 Ivanhoe St,, S,W,, 20, D.C 

lAg Becker, Joseph, 30 Altanlio S,B,,D.C, TR 8884 

2AS Becker, Margaret R,, 220 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park, SI 2789 

4AS Beckley, Eleanor L., 4819 Alton PI., N.W., D.C, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

2AS Bedell, Dorothy P., 602 -4th St., Uurel, Laurel ISSM 

2AS Beebe, Barbara S,, 6601 -14th St,, N.W,, 12, D,C,, AAH, 286 

AS Beebe, Charles L., 7 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase, WI 1546 

2AS Beebe, Patricia N,, Sandy Spring, Dorm,-D, 359 

2BPA Behr, Sam A., Box 345, Orlando, Fla., Colisexm, 242 

IAS Beissig, Carolyn R,, Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn 

2Sd Beissig, Marilyn M., Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn 

5Ed Bell, Carl D,, 151 W, 5rd St., Frederick, Silvester 

lEn Bell, Carleton L,, 4017-29th St., Mt.Rainier 


IAS Bell, Patrioia A., 6E Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

IBn Bellman, Robert E., 4609 Amherst Rd., C.P., TTA 4330 

IAS Belief f, Mildred E., lip-4th Ave., Brooklyn Park 26, Calrert, 552 

2AS Belmont, Rose, 310 Shepherd St., H.TT., D.C, GB 4404 

IAS Benefiel, LeGrand A., 60B Cresoent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 4441 

4AS Benesoh, Rhone, 2218 Mt, Royal Terr., Baltimore, Alpha Bpsilon Phi, WA 9804 

lAS Benjamin, William F., 5915 Calverton Dr., Hyattsville, WA 7058 

IBPA Bennett, Ellen A., 4905 Queensbury Rd., Riverdale, WA 5150 

lAg Bennett, George T,, Sykesville, Dairy Barns, 545 

OBd Bennett, Leo C,,(Mr8.) 6004 R.I. Are., Rirerdale, WA 6828 

ASS Bennett, M. Jeanne, 5224-42nd St., 15, D.C., Alpha Omloron Pi, WA 9871 

5BPA Bennington, Helen A., R.F.D.2, Aberdeen, Sipic Kappa, WA 9861 

2Ed Benson, Marion B., 6P Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

lAS Berger, Bernard W., 2615 Loyola Southiray, Baltimore 16 

2AS Berger, Elaine, 2804 Hilldale Ave., Baltimore 15, Alpha Bpsilon Phi, WA 9804 

IAS Berger, tfarjorie T., 2202 Rosedale St., Baltimore 16, MBH, 255 

2AS Berger, Mary L., 1549 Hamilton St., N.W., 11, D.C, GB 6821 

lAS Bergman, Howard R., 5403 Pinkney Rd., Baltimore 15, Silvester 

IAS Berlin, Phyllis R., 4556-29th St., N.W., D.C, 7609 Princeton Ave., CP., WA 8497 

2AS Berman, Phyllis Z., 1602 Crittenden St., H.W., 11, D.C, Phi Sipna Sl^ia, WA 9828 

IBPA Bernhardt, Jay S., 4015 Pinkney Rd., Baltimore 15, Silvester 

IAS Bernstein, Eileen B.. 5620-54th St.. N.W., 8, D.C, Calvert, 552 

4AS Bernstein, Rhona P., 2419 Calloir Ave., Baltimore 17, Alpha Bpsilon Phi, WA 9804 

IAS Berta, Vene M., 1323 Kenhlll Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm D, 559 

IBn Bertier, Theodore L., 218 E. Audrey Ave., Baltimore 25 

zen Besohe, Bdeound C, 4212 Belaar Ave., Baltiaore 6, 4602 College Ave., CP* 

IAS Besley, Robert E., 4510 Clagett Rd., Univ. Park, WA 9540 (Bethesda 14 

Gr BesoBsl, Alfio J., 551 W.27th St., New York 1, H.Y., Haval Medioal Sohool.I.N.M.C. 

IHE Best, Margaret K., 4651 S.56th St., Fairlingtoa, Va., 7504 Tale Ave., WA 4262 

IBPA Betsoh, Harry R., 51 B.South St., Prederiok, 4606 College Ave., CP, 

2AS Setts, Geraldine G., Lanham, HT 0154 

Gr Bewlg, Karl W., 4706 Hiohols Ave., S.W., 20, D.C 

IBn Bialek, Bugene L., 402 Gallatin St., N.W., D.C, RA 5824 

IBn Biokford, Prederiok H. C, % Montgomery National Bank, Falls Rd., Rookvllle 

4AS Biggs, Prederiok M., 406 Pairview Ave., Prederiok, Dorm.-J 

Gr Bilbrey, Joseph H., Jr., Sligo k Hudson Aves., Takoma Park, 4609 Inox Rd., C.P.,ini 2885 

2AS Bisoarr, Phyllis J., 5425-4th St., N.W., D.C, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

IBd Biser, B. June, R.P.D.5, Hagerstown, Dorm.-B, 275 

IAS Bishins, Eileen R., 1566 Parkwood Rd., N.W., 10, D.C, AAH,286 

IHB Bishop, Gloria H., R.F.D.15, Box 244A, Baltimore 20, AAH, 286 

IBPA Bissell, John L., 5647 Newland Rd., Baltimore 18, Coliseum, 242 

2Ag Bitter, Harold L., 5640 Belair Rd., Baltimore, College Avenue & Dickinson, CP. 

IBd Bittle, Rachel B., Haines City, Fla., Dona.-C, 519 

Gr Blaok, Arthur 0., Jr., 4421 S. Capitol St., 20, D.C, FR 9296 

2BPA Blaok, Robert L., 2809 Haverford Rd., Ardmore, Pa., Si^ui Alpha Bpsilon, WA 9707 

Gr Blaok, Sannel J., 512 Rittenhouse St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 5057 

Gr Blaokbum, Thomas H., R.F.D.l, Newton, N.C, Silvester 

IHE Blake, Betty S., Sparks, Domu-C, 519 

IHB Blake, Josephine P., Sparks, Calvert, 552 (UN 1584 

IHE Blake, Katharine C,(l^s.) 1804 Walnut Ave., Baltimore 9, 7015 Wake Forest Dr., CP., 

lln Blaloek, Henry W., Jr., 9211 Kingsbury Dr., Silver Spring, Silvester 

2AS Blaser, Amelia R., 1468 Harvard St., N.W., D.C, HO 7669 

IHB Bleteh, Marjorie R., 4000-19th PI., N.B., 18, D.C, DB 4850 (PR 6700-2667 

Or Blevins, Bugene W., 1116 Florida Ave., Bristol, Tenn., S16C Livingston Terr., S.B.,D.C. 

4Si Blias, Lois M., 15 W. Seamon Ave., Baldwin, N.Y., Kappa Kappa Gansa, WA 9886 

2HB Blitsard, Jane C, 2022 Columbia Rd., N.W., D.C, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9775 

SAS Blondet, Enrique, Caliaano 1, Ouayama, P.R., Baltimore Blvd., CP. 

IBPA Bloomberg, Harvey S., 8509 Irvington Ave., Bethesda, Silvester 

2aS Bltaaenfeld, Branda B., 5602 Bllamont Rd., Baltimore 16, Phi Sipta Sigma, WA 9828 

2AS Blumenthal, Geraldine D., 611 Pa., Ave., S.B., D.C, AT 1017 

IHB Blythe, Ann W., 1246 Wagner Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., Calvert, 552 

(Bethesda, OL 2500BKT669 

Gr Boehme, Werner R., 2066 Stuart St., Brooklyn, N.Y., Naval Medical Researoh Inst., 

IBn Bogart, Melvin V., 158 Laverne Ave., Lansdowne 27,aR 523 R 

IHB Boger, Nancy K., 2501-38th St., N.W., 7, D.C, Calvert, 552 

lAS Boggs, Winifred C, 10 Capstan Green, S.W., Anaoostia, D.C 

lAS Bolen, Jo A., 2816 Crest Ave., Cheverly, WA 8866 

2AS Bolgiano, Margaret A., 4014 Hamilton At.. Hyattsville, WA 5008 

2HB Bolgiano, Mary B., 4014 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, WA 5006 

Or Bollinger, Gladys K.(Mrs.), 6911 Carleton Terr., C.P., WA 6942 

Gr Bond, John L., Clinton, Clinton 571W 

Bd Bonk, Harry, Box 294, Coram, N.Y., Dorm.-L 

20 • 

lEd Booratein, Claire G., 4920 Hampden Lane, ^ethesda, Dorm.-E, 275 

2AS Boots, E. Jane, 5601 Nevada Ave. N.W. 15 D.C. Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

LAS Borders, Nettajo A. 6207 York Road, Baltimore 12, Calvert 402, WA 9895 

lEa Bordley, Ralph C. 21 York Court Baltimore 18, 6601 Queens Chapel Rd, Coll.Hgts.WA 5688 

5AS Borges, Francis J., Luke, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

IAS Borjesson, Margaret E., 114 Miller Ave. Sayreville, N.J., Dorm.-D, 559 

IAS Bortner, Sylvia A., 6906 A Wake Forflst Dr. C.P. WA 5121 

IBd Bosioa, Carl P., 502 E. Audrey Ave., Brooklyn Heights, 25, Donn.-K 

2AS Boswell, Marjorie R., 5811 Fessenden St., N.W. 16 D.C. Pi Beta Phi, WA 9851 

2Ag Bouina, John C,, Box 129 Beltsville, BE 766W5 

IBPA Bounds, Robert L., 60B Walnut, Pocomoke City, Terrapin Inn, C.P. WA 9870 

lAg Bounds, Roland R., Box 227 R.F.D. #5 Baltimore 7, Silvester 

Gr Bourd«au, Robert E. 116 5rd St. Turners Falls, Mass., 517 Livingston Ter, D.C. 20 

IAS Bowen, Earl W. 4207 Edraonston Ave. Blsdensburg, WA 4679 

Gr Bowen, Hilary T., 5901 Woodridge Rd, Baltimore, GI 5512 

lEn Boven, James H., Hillandale, Silver Springs, SH 8752 

4Ed Bowen, Jean V., 57 Washington St. Frostburg, AAH, 286 

2AS Bowen, Perry G., Adelina, Delta Sig, WA 9770 

Gr Bowen, William A. 202 Newoomb St. S.E. 20 D.C. 

IBPA Bowers, ^rving, 4902 Belle Ave, Baltimore 7., FO 9179 

2En Bowers, Melville D., 9512 Rhode Island Ave. Berwyn, BE 76-J 

IHE Bowles, V. Dolores, 515 Alabama Ave. S.E. D.C, 7504 ^ale Ave, C.P. WA 4262 

2AS Bowling, Doris J., Wicomico, AAH, 286 

2AS Bowling, Mary C, Hughesville, MBH, 255 

lAg Bowling, Walter W. Jr., Newport, Silvester 

2AS Bowman, Alice M. 5517-17th St. N.W.D.C, CO 5271 

Gr Boyer, Jean M., 215 Willow Ave. Takoma Park, SL 7552 

lEn Boyer, Oliver P. Jr., Ferryman, Dorm. -I 

2AS Boteman, F. Marilyn, 4528-52nd St. Mt. Rainier, TO 2175 

2AS Boslck, Peter A., 5510 Putty Hill Rd, Fullerton, Tippett Bldg, C.P. 

2En Botman, Richard L., 711 E. 4l8t St. Balti-iore 18, 4605 College Ave, C.P. WA 9884 

IBn Botman, William P., 4402 Tuckennan St. Hyattsville, UN 4665 

OEd Bracken, Anna E.(Mra.) 6109-42nd Place, Hyattsville, UN 4705 

2AS Bradford, Virginia A. 1628 Columbia Rd, N.W. D.C. Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

Gr Bradley, Louise A., 25 University Place, Lexington, Va., Calvert, J68 

Gr Bradley, Martha Clfrs.) 7509 Princeton Ave. C.P., WA 8497 

IAS Brady, Robert E., 7952 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, Dorm.-Z 

IAS Bralower, Edna, 282 Cabrinl Blvd. New York, 55, 7509 Princeton Ave, C.P. WA 8497 

2AS Bramhall, Joanne F, 9515 Garwood St. Silver Spring*. Dora.-C, 519 

Gr Branin, Franklin H.,Jr.; 147 Tarrell Ave, S. Orange, N. J. , Apt 1,4502 Halley Terr, SE, 20, D.C. 

2HB Branner, Barbara A, 4805 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, Alpha Omioron PI, WA 9871 

5BPA Bransdorf, Kenneth H, 5612 2nd Place, NW 11, D.C. 

IAS Brash, Lee A, 2475 Callow Ave, Baltimore 17 

IBPA Bratt, Harry M, 125 Mame, Haddonfield, N.J. 

2AS Brau, Wigberto L, Del Valle f4, Santurce, P.R., 6705 Baltimore Blvd. 

IAS Braudes, Alvin R., 2416 Presbury St, Baltimore 16, Silvester 

Gr Braungart, Dale C, 6806 Meadow Lane Chevy Chase. 

IAS Breoher, Hannah, 4117 Forest Park Ave, Baltimore 7, Dorm-C, 519 

OEn BSBdall, Charles H., 1615 17th Place, S.E. 20 D.C. 

IAS Bregman, Jgnloe E., 951 Longfellow St. N.W., D.C, RA 5595 

BPA Bremer, Robert C, 2724 Ordway St. N.W., D.C, WO 9259 

SAS Brendler, Alna, 704 15th St. S.E., D.C, AT 4056 

SEn Bresnlck, Gilbert V, 105 N. Stnart Ave, Baltimore, 21, Theta Chi, WA 9755 

Gr Brewer, George R., 626 E. Chestnut St. Jeffersonville, Ind., 158 Ivanhoe St,S.W.,D.C 

IBn Brewington, Robert M., 5705 45rd Ave, Hyattsville, Md., WA 4157 

2Ag Bridge, Elizabeth H., 5801 - 55th St. Mt. Rainier, Md. 

SHE Bridges, Rose M., 2914 Harford Road, Baltimore, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9871 

4AS Brlggs, Catherine L., 6990 MaoArthur Blvd, Brookmont, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 987J. 

lEd Brlguglio, Emanuel, 4212 Gallatin St., Hyattsville, WA 6282 

2Ed Brinsfield, Twlla M., Vienna, R.F.D. , Dorm.-C, 519 

OAS Britt, Yvonne, 1704 Lanier Place, N.W., D.C, Pi Beta Phi, WA 9851 

2BPA Brookmeyor, Catherine C, 4450 14th St., N.B. 17, D.C, DU 6489 

IBPA Brockmeyer, Mary A., 4450 14th St., N.E. 17, D.C, DU 6489 

IAS Brodell, Richard L., 212 Cedar Ave, Takoma Park, 12, SL 4884 

2AS Brodsky, Madeline H., 55 N. Milton Ave., Baltimore, 24, Donn.-C, 519 

4AS Brody, Beverly L., 758 Princeton Place, N.^., D.C, TA 5424 

Gr Brogden, John W., 2714 Minnesota Ave. S.E. 19, D.C, TR 6165 

5AS Bronfeln, Paula R., 4100 Ethland Ave. Baltimore, Dorm.-C, 519 

2BPA Brookley, Eunice J., 604 Kent Ave. Cumberland, Dora.-C, 519 

lEn Brookshire, William W.,Jr., 6402 46th Ave. Rlverdale, UN 5881 


lEd Brcrun, f i rir\ u,, Leonardtown, MBH, 253 

4HE Brown, Barbara, 2731 Lorcom Lane, ixlinrton, Va., Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

lAS Brown, Daniel H., 4106 Milford Kill Rd., Pikesville, Dorm Z 

Gr Bro-im, Donald k'., 31 Woodland Ave., Takoma Park 12, S"L0020 

3AS Broim, Ella M., R. 3, Box 240, Denton, AAH, 286 

IBPA Brown, Gerald ine I., 5355 Nevada Ave., N.Tf., D.C, 

?Ed Brown, Helen P., 58 F Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

lAS Brown, Joan E., Linden Ave., Mercersburg, Pa., Dorm C, 319 

IHE Brown, Katharine E., 7 Forest Grove Drive, Silver Spring, SH 6285 

lEd Brown, Louis E., 3608 Buckingham Rd., Baltimore 7, Roslyn 946 J 

2AS Brown, M. Jeanne, 6 Maple Ave., Baltimore 6, Dorm C, 319 

lEn Brown, Norman L., 4316-lOth St., N.E. 17, D.C, DU 7521 

lAg Brown, Richard E., 35 York Court, Baltimore 18, BE 7713 

IBPA Brown, Robert S., 4515 Harling Lane, Bethesda, WI 2869 

IHE Brown, V. Lee, 4515 Harling Lane, Bethesda, WI 2869 

lEn Brown, William R., Millersville, Dorm Z 

lEd Browne, Shirley J., 420 Williams St., Cumberland, Dorm E, 273 

lAS Browning, Harriet R., Germantown, AAH, 286 

IBPA Browning, U. Patricia, Germantown, MBH, 253 

lEd Broter, Joyce R., 3501 Edgewood Rd., Baltimore, Calvert Hall, 352 

Gr Brumbaugh, Donald Q., 4108 Roanoke Rd,, Hyattsville, WA 2928 

AS Brunk, Emily M., 6407-46th Ave,, Riverdale, UN 4606 

lEd Brunner, Joan A., 45 Oakland Ave, Union, N,J,, AAH, 286 

2AS Bryan, Carolyn E., 6803-47th St,, Chevy Chase 15, Dorm D, 359 

Gr Bryant, Herwil M., 2724 Minnesota Ave., S.B., 19, D.C, FR 8257 

4HE Buck, Carolyn V,, 235E Midi Ave., De Land, Fla., Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

lEd Buck, Donald M., Upper Marlboro, Dorm I 

2Ed Buck, Franklyn A., 3A Gardenway, Greenbelt, GR 6906 

IBPA Buckley, John S., 3531 Hertford PI., N.W., D.C, Lord Calvert Hotel, CP, (WI 8324) 

OEn Buehler, John H,, 6435 Central Ave,, Indianapolis, Ind,, 6622 Hilleuidale Rd,, Chevy Chase, 

lAS Buker, Kenneth C, 2637 Myrtle Ave., N.E., D.C, MI 7739 

3AS Bulani, Maria E., 14 W. Hamilton St., Baltimore 1, Delta Gamma, WA 3083 

IBPA Bull, Frank C, 55 Kinship Rd., Baltimore, Dorm J 

2AS Bunting, George S., 101 Linden Ave., Pocomoke City, 4513 College Ave,, C.P., WA 9870 

IBPA Burbage, Thomas I., 3556-79th St., Jackson Hts., Long Island, N.Y., Rii Delta Theta, WA 9884 

4Ed Burdette, M. Roberta, Hyattstown, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

2AS Burger, Catherine W., 4053-20th Rd., No. Arlington, Va., Dorm C, 319 

lAS Burke, Edward F., 520 Elm St., Frederick, Dorm I 

4HE Burke, M, Louise, 60-D Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, AAH, 286 

Gr Burke, Richard J., 4803 Lackawanna St., Berwyn, FR 5700-436 

2HE Burkey, Doris E., 1704 Douglas St., N.E,, 18, D.C, MI 6990 

2AS Bums, Mary K., 4514 Walsh St., Chevy Chase, Delta Gamma, WA 3083 

4Ed Bumside, Jean, 3802 Ingomar St., N.W,, D,C., Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IAS Bumside, Waldo H., 5214-42nd PI., Hyattsville, WA 1569 

IBPA Burr, David R., 2612-lOth St., N.E., D,C,, MI 6078 

lEn Burtner, Edwin R,, Keedysvillc, Dorm I 

lAS Burton, Jean F., 1609 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton, Va., MBH, 253 

IBPA Burton, Mary L., 513 Frederick St., Cvmiberland, MBH, 253 

2Ed Burton, Mildred M., 3115 Juneau Pi., Baltimore, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

lEd Buser, Edith J., 231 E. Pierrepont Ave., Rutherford, N.J., MBH, 253 

2AS Bush, Patricia A., 17187 Van Buren, Detroit, Mich., 4611 College Ave., CP,, WA 9861 

Gr Bush, Thomas G., 6201 Washinrton Blvd., Elkridge 

2Ag Burrell, Royce A., 1628 Columbia Rd., N.W,, 9, D.C, DE 7826 

4AS Buzzi, Elaine C, 2530-14th St., N.E., 18, D.C, DE 1978 

Gr Caldwell, Paul A., 3539 E. Capitol, 19, D.C, FR 8300-41 

IAS Callaghan, Cherron R., 3705-35th St., N.W., 16, D.C, Calvert Hall, 352 

IHE Callahan, Mary D., Queenstown, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

IBPA Callaway, William H,, 411 S. Truitt St., Salisbury, Dorm I 

lAS Callegary, Claude L., 1942 W. Lafayette Ave., Baltimore, Dorm I 

2AS Calloway, Betty J., Mardela, Calvert Hall, 352 

lAS Caiman, Eileen, 5724-16th St., N.W., D.C 

2HE Campbell, Ann M., 800 Southern Ave., S.E., D.C, Dorm D, 359 

2AS Cannon, Marilyn L., 40 No. 6th St., Newark, N.J., MBH, 253 

lAS Cantor, Lillian, 3603 Wabash Ave., Baltimore 15, Calvert Hall, 352 

lAS Cantwell, Any H., Ravenwood, Falls Church, Va., Calvert Hall, 352 

IBPA Caplan, Donald H., 3512 Fairvierw Ave., Baltimore 16, Lord Calvert Hotel, CP. 

4AS Caplan, Irene, 3702 Dorchester Rd., Baltimore 15, Phi 8igm« Sigma, WA 9826 

lAS Capotti, Marian R., 6802 Dunhill Rd., Baltimore 22, Calvert Hall, 352 

Gr Carbonell, Carlos S., 4866 Aconcagua, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2904 Coleavllle Rd .Riverdale 

2aS Carey. Joan S., 4107 Westchester Rd., Baltimore 16, MBH, 253 













Carllner, Elaine R., 5615 Gl«n Ave. .Baltimore, 15, Calvert, 352 

Carlook, Charlotte R., Graoeland, Cabin John,, Dorm.-C, 319 

Carpenter, Ann A., 7504 Yale St. C.P,,WA 4262 

Carpenter, Barbara A., Route #4, Hagerstown, Alpha Delta PI, WA 9864 

Carpenter, Louise B., Plum Point, 4502 College Ave, C.P. WA 3085 

Carpenter, Margaret V., Plum Point, 4611 College Ave, C.P., WA 9861 

Carpenter, Virginia L., 1801 Thornbury Rd, Baltimore 9, Alpha Oraioron Pi, WA 9871 

Carpenter, William J., Jr, 4211 Woodberry St. University Park,Hyattsville P.0.,M 7403 

Carr, Harriet, 2020-4 St, N.E.,DwC., AD 5339 

Carre, Jose A., Box 17,Orocoui8,P.R. , 4612 Reservoir Road, D.C. 

Carl, Doris N., 2506 Gibbons Ave. Baltimore, 7511 Princeton Ave, WA 9831 

Carson, Doris E., 3316 Woodley Rd, N.W.,D.C., El' 7047 

Carter, Jares C, 4528 - 32nd St. Mt. Rainier, ITN 2175 

Carter, Richard M., 4625 Magnolia Ave, Halothorpe 

Gary, Sylvia G., 4804 Berwyn Road, Berwyn 

Case, Prances E, 5442 Broad Branch Road, D.C, Dorm.-C, 319 

Cassatt, June f^., 1728 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, 8, Dorm.-C, 319 

Cassedy, Anra M., 1308 Anson St, Silver Spring, SL 7996 

Casteel, H.Elaine, 68 Center St., Oakland, 1474 Chopin St., D.C, DE 4738 

Catalan©, Catherine, 5404 Edmonston Rd, Hyattsville, WA 7817 

2HE Cermak, June M., 7200-7th St. N.W. D.C 12, Dorm.-D, 359 

IAS Ceaky, Albert C, 616 Radnor Ave, Baltimore, Dorm. Z 

IAS Chai, Earle M., 89 Abercromby St, Port-of -Spain, Trinidad, Dorm.Z 

Gr Chambers, Torrence H., 124 Irvington St., S.W., 20, D.C, AT 4912 

3Ed Chance, June E., Gambrills, AAH, 286 

2HE Chaney, Marjorie C, 40 Decatur Rd., Bay Ridge, Annapolis, Alpha Xi Delta,WA 9720 

lEn Chaney, Richard B., 66 Main St, Westemport,, 3659 Minnesota Ave, S.E, D.C, FR 8300 

lEn Charles, Bemhard C, Big Spring, 4605 College Ave, C.P. , WA 9884 

2BPA Charlow, Stanley I., 2432 Callow Ave, Baltimore, 17, Tau Epsilon Pi 

IAS Chamook, Edwar'd W., 544-llth St.,S.E., D.C, Coliseum, 242 

Gr Chase, David G, 3141 Buena Vista Terrace, S.E.,D.C 

lEn Chase, Laird R., Riggs Road, Route #1, Hyattsville, Silver Spring 0102 

2Ea Chasen, Rita P., 415 Deoatur St., N.W. 11,D«C., Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

3AS Cheppas, Aspasia, 4317-41st St. , Brentwood, UN 3050 

IAS CherigOB, Harry P., 225 N.Lakewood Ave, Baltimore, 24, Silvester 

2AS Cherigos, John P., 225 N. Lakewood Ave, Baltimore, 24, Silvester 

IBPA Chesser, Donald R., 4512 Weitzel Ave. Baltimore, 14, 7802 Dartmouth Ave, C.P. 

3BPA Chesser, Harry P., 4512 Weitcel Ave, Baltimore, 7802 Dartmouth Ave, C.P. 

3AS Chickering, Jean K., 3106 Seouoia Ave. Baltimore 15, 4610 College Ave, C.P. WA 9759 

5Ed Chisari, Thomas G., 1035 Newton St. N.E., D.C, Coliseiim, 242 

IHE Chisoln, Edna A., r.ickerson. Dorm. C, 319 

2BPA Chlan, Dorothy A., 6315 Hazelwood Ave, Baltimore, 6, Dorm. C, 319 

IAS Chrisman, Margaret A., 6704-5th St. ,N.W.,D.C, Calvert, 352 

IAS Christie, Joyce A., 2326-39th S-t., N.W. D.C, Dorm C, 319 

IAS Chrorot, Raymond J., 104 Flemi-^g Ave, Newark, 5,N.J., Delta Sigma Phl,WA 9770 

lAS Cifuenteo, Alvaro C., 49 Santiago R.Pa"! !,Box 689-Mayaguet,P.R.,Dorm. I 

lAS Clagett, Gene C, Randallstown, Dorm. D, 359 

IAS Clapp, Nancy R., 2804 N. St., S.E, D.C, Calvert, 352 

lEn Clark, Alfred J., 8130 Georgetown Rd . , Bethe sda, WI 2416 

5AS Clark, Anna M., 2801 Daniel Rd.,Chev:/ Chase, Dorir E., 273 

Gr Clark, Austin B.J., ^371 Oxon Hill ^d,S.E. 20, D.C, SP 0699-W 

OBPA Clark, Barbara K., 4318 Knox Rd, C.P. 

IBPA Clark, John E., 4318 Knox Rd, C.P. 

IAS Clark, Joseph L., 4912 ^lackfoot St. Branchville, BE 694-M 

IAS Clark, Leila M., Harman, Md., MBH, 253 

Gr Clark, Lewis J., 22-2 Hall Place, N.W. 7 D.C, WO 2265 

2BPA Clark, L. Cecelia, 419 E.Joppa Rd, Towson, 4, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

AS Clark, Margery H., N. Adams Rd, Birmingham, Mich, 4506 College Ave, C.P. WA 9273 

IAS Clark, Nancy A., 851 Pinewood Ave, Schenectady, N.Y., Calvert, 362 

2En Clark, Raymond G.,Jr., 3614 Warren St. N.W., D.C, WO 8083 

IAS Class, Jay B., 5006 Pembridge Ave, Baltimore 15 

lEn Clawson, David L., I/ountain Rd, Joppa, Dorm. L 

4BPA Cleaver, George G., 128 Church St, Westemport, 4509 Knox Road, 

IAS Clendaniel, George W., H.F.D. |3, Denton, 4615 Amherst Rd, C.P. 

IAS Clement, Thomas P., 2018 Edmondson Ave, Baltimore, 23, GI 2857 

IdE Clemrer, Preda M., Auburn Ave, East Riverdale, Donn. C, 319 

lEd Clift, Charles E., 4300-40th Place, Brentwood, Md., WA 3371 

2AS Clifton, Sutanne, Stockton,Md. , MBH, 253 

IBPA Cline, CLorraine, 331 S. Market St, Frederick, Md, Dorm.D, 559 

IAS Clowes, Dean K., 6800 Prince Georges Ave, Takoma Pk., SL 6o57 

WA 1131 


2AS Coakley, William '^., 212-11 th St.,, D.C. 

lAg Coal©, W. Chase, Jr., Ifterdeen, 7401 Prineeton Ave, C.P., WA 97SS 

IBPA Coates, Frances E., 319 East Ashby St., Alexandria, Va., Dorm. E 

IAS Coblenter, Mervin I., 1732 N. Bentalou St, Baltimore #16 

lEn Cochrane, John H., 1005 Winding Way, Baltimore, 10, 4602 College Ave, C.P.. 

IHE Coe, Anna H., 10 East Kirke St, ChevyChase, Calvert, 562. 

lEfl Coffey, Stephen R., 14 Alder, Oakland, Sigira Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

IHE Coggins, Barbara J., 5509 First St. ,N.W.,D.C., Calvert, 552. 

4AS Coggins, Margaret E., 4324-18th St.,N.W. 11,D.C.,TR 6258 

2BPA Cohen, Alfred L., 1768 Hobart St.,N.W., D.C, 4607 Knox Rd., C.P.,WA 9766 

IAS Cohen, Jones K., 2220 Mt. Royal Terrace, Baltimore, 17, Silvester 

5BPA Cohen, Sonya S., 5611 Dennlyn Rd, Baltimore, 15, 4600 Norwich Rd, C.P,, WA 9804 

4En Cohen, Stanley S., 2056 W.Korth Ave, Baltimore, 17 

2Ag Cohill, Roger W., Cohill Manor, Hancock, 4614 Harvard Rd.,C.P., WA 6929 

2Ed Cohn, Selma E., 5205 E. Capitol St., D.C, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

SAS Colbum, Jean E., 6614 - 6th St., N.W., D.C, GE 8529 

2AS Cole, Betty E., 1555 Northirick Rd, Baltimore, TU 5167 

IAS Cole, Dorothy P., 217 Spruce Ave, Takoma Park, SL 2526 

2HE Collier, Rose A., 1555 Ogden St., N.W. D.C 

SAS Collins, Carol E., 5566 Runnymede Place, D.C 16, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

4AS Collins, Clark S, 1223 Floral St. N.W. 12, D.C, GE 1952 

IBPA Collinson, Oliver L., 7505 Dartmouth Ave, C.P. 

lAS Collmus, M. Virginia, 627 N. Bend Road,Bpltimore 29, AAH, 286 

Ug Combs, Wayne L., 1435 B St., N.E., D.C, AT 0083 

2AS Comegys, Ifarie L. 

5Ed Compher, Charlotte F., 6124 Kingstan Rd, Capitol Heights, HI 0429-W 

2HE Compton, Catherine E., 2815 Evarts St., N.E. 18, D.C, FBH, 255 

2Ag Comstook, Robert 0., 4817 Kontgomery Lane, Bethesda » BR 0517 

lAS Conant, Edith M., 2420 Davis Ave, Alexandria, Va., AAH, 286 

SHE Conavay, Charlotte A., Greenwood, Delaware, AAH, 286 

lEd Condon, William P., 48 Adams St., N.W., D.C* AD 9044 

lAS Congiundi, Nicholas R., 185 Division, Trenton, N.J., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

SHE Conlon, Sara E., Route #1. Silver Spring, Dom. C, 519 

Or Connor, John A., 6479 S. Kimbark Ave, Chicago, 15, 111., 102 ^rvington St. S.W.,20,D.C. 

lEn Connor, Joseph A., 6314 Ma^iolia St., Philadelphia, 44, Pa., 7007 Dartmouth Ave, C.P. 

4Ed Continetti, Reno A., 221 Williair St. Solvay, N.Y., 1613 Highland Dr, Silver Spring, SH 4512 

SHE Cook, Carol, 3211 Rittenhouse St., N.W., D.C, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IAS Cook, Corliss R., 3211 Rittenhouse St., N.W., 15, D.C, Dorm E, 273 

lEn Cook, John M, Jr, 116 MoKendree Ave, Annapolis, Theta Chi, WA 9753 

2BPA Cook, Leland A., 1014 N.Irving St. Arlington, Va., 4606 College Ave, C.P. WA 9884 

Gr Cook, M. Eugene, Vioksburg, Pa., 2921 - 7th St., S.E., 20, D.C, AT 4676 

OEd Cook, Mildred L., 4626 Rosedale Ave., Bethesda 14, WI 472S 

OEd Cook, Nellie E., 4625 Rosedale Are., Bethesda 14 

IAS Cooke, Samel L., Rt.l, Upper Marlboro, Hillside 0921-M 

IAS Cooksey, Alma P., Spring Hill, Calvert, 352 

lEd Cookson, William E., 2S-N Ridge Rd.. Greenbelt, GR 4752 

2AS Cooper, Lawrence J., 706 Chestnut Hill Ave., Baltimore, Coliseum, 242 

2AS Cooper, Mary M. , 2707 Louise Ave., Baltimore 14, Calvert, 552 

lAS Cooper, Patricia, 819 B. 22nd St., Baltimore 18, Calvert, 552 

Gr Cooper, William K., 6209-42nd Ave., Hyatt svllle, UN 22S9 

IAS Coplln, Mark D., 4001 Barrlngton Rd., Baltimore 7, Dora Z 

2AS Corenfield, Arlyne, 298 Cedar Avo., Takoma Park, SL 7976 

IBPA Corkran, Robert W., Hurlook, Dorm I 

SEd Cornelius, Jane, 21 Crescent Dr., Berea, Ky., Dorm C, 519 

IAS Corridon, Uis A., 1544 Gallatin St., N.W., D.C, AAH, 286 

Gr Corwin, Isabella H., 2209 Rockwell Ave., Baltimore 28, 4506 College Ave., C.P. 

2Ed Cory, Jean M. , 4710 College Ave., C.P. 

lEn Cory, Thomas C, Jr., 2716 Terrace Rd., S.E., D.C, Dorm Z 

IAS Covell, Geraldlne M., South Post, Fort Myer, Va., AAH, 286 

IAS Covert. Marjorle J., 6218 Washington Blvd., Baltimore 27, Elkridge 494-W 

2BPA Cowen, Cheater M., 11 W. Lenox Rd.. Chevy Chase, Sigma Alpha Mu, WA 9845 

4AS Coyle, Randolph IV, "Marsha lee" Montgomery Rd., Elkridge 27, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

OEd Crabbe, Virginia C, 196 Prince George St.. Annapolis, AN 4696 

SEd Craley, Colleen C. , 514 S. Main St., Red Lion, Pa.. Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

SAS Craley, Elaine A., 614 S. Main St., Red Lion, Pa., Sigma Kappa. WA 9861 

IHE Crampton, Royellen. 3627 Chesapeake St.. 8, D.C, MBH, 265 

4AS Crane, Elitabeth, 6426 Connecticut Ave., D.C, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9796 

Or Crane, Roger R. , 4305 Holley Ter., S.E. 20, D.C, TR 2224, Ext. 534 

IAS Crapster, Mary G., 4696 Homer St., S.E., 20, D.C. Calvert, 562 

lAS Crawley, Jean E., 714 N. Payson St., Baltimore, AAH, 286 


2AS Cr0«ger« Grace L, , 11 Lombard St.« Thurmont, MBH. 253 

IAS Crede, Rosemary K., 4604 Walther Blvd., Baltimore 14, MBH, 253 

lEd Crolghton, Dorothy A. (Mrs.). Lanham, HY 0154 

2AS Crisp, Joyoe C, 2924 Green-rale Rd., Chevy Chase, Delta Delta Delta, TTA 9795 

lEd Crist, Emma I., Glenelg, AAH, 286 

lEd Cronhardt, Ellen M. , Green Spring Ave., Lutherville, MBH, 253 

IBPA Cronin, Anne L., 118 Rogers St., Aberdeen, Calvert, 352 

BPA Crosland, Robert E., 354 Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, Fla., Dorm, J 

lAS Crosley, Margaret J., Spenoerville, Calvert, 352 

2AS Cross, Patricia A., 94l3-2nd Ave., Silver Spring, Dorm. C, 319 

4AS Crosthwait, Jeein-Lou, o/o General Delivery, Homestead, Fla., Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

2BPA Crouch, Charles T., 123 Washington St., Baston, Biota Chi, WA 9733 

4AS Crouch, Lois R., Rock Hall, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

lEE Crowdor, Wilraa L., 62 Northship Rd., Dundalk, MBH, 253 

lEn Crowther, Dean K., R. 4, Box 567, Alexandria, Va. 

4AS Crut Cher, Cynthia M., 4839-27th Rd. S., Arlington, Va., AAH, 286 

Gr Csonka, Virginia C, Cedar Spring Farm, Waldorf, MBH, 263 

lEn Cugler, Harry C, 402 Chestnut St., Delmar, Del., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

OEn Culling, Evert J., Utica, Mo., 1835 T St., S.B., 20, D.C., LI 1125 

GAS Cumbo, Harold W., R.l, Forest Grove, Ore., 641 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, SL 3340 

4BE Curran, Ruth E., Bittinger, AAH, 286 

lAS Cxirtis, Norma L. , Box 14, Brandywine, MBH, 253 

IAS Cutton, Doris L. , 605 Forest Glen Rd. , Silver Spring, 4506 College Ave., C.P., WA 9273 

4AS Daly, Jean F., 4012 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, Gemma Phi Beta, WA 9775 

4Sn Daly, Leslie D., Jr., 4402 East West Highiwiy, Bethesda, Bureau of Mines, UN 3100 

Gr Dambaugh, Luella N. (Mrs,), 531 DuBois Ave., DuBois, Pa., 7508 Dickinson Ave., C,P. 

IHE Dame, Phyllis R., 5th and Tomlinson Sts., Cabin John, Dorm. E, WA 3813 

2AS Danglade, June P., Hay-Adams House, 6, D.C., 7511 Princeton Ave. , C,P,, WA 9831 

IHE Danoff, Evelyn, 6105-14th St., N,W., D,C,, RA 1869 

IAS Danoff, Helen, 732 Sheridan St., H.W., D.C., TA 0269 

2AS Dansberger, Dorothy I., 232 Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, AAH, 286 

lAS Darhanian, Lillie, 105 Tulip Ave., Takoma Parte 12, Calvert, 352 

AS Darroir, Wilson L. , Bowie, Boirie 3431 

2HE Dau^erty, Nancy L., 101 Bast St., Delmar, AAH, 286 

4HE Davey, Alice J,, 223 Baltimore Ave,, Takoma Park, SL 1403 

lAS Davidson, Ruth L. , 4610-9th St., N.W., D.C., 7405 Dickinson Ave., C,P., WA 3907 

lEn Davis, Edward W,, Jr., 7317 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, Silvester 

OBd Davis, Elsie H., Woodbine 

IHB Davis, Eunice E., 6205-44th PI., Riverdale 

2BPA Davis, Harry S., Baston, 4602 College Ave., C.P., WA 9600 

IBPA Davis, Margaret V., Bamesville, Calvert, 352 

SAS Davis, Mary-Harry, Street, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

4AS Davis, Mercedes T., #42, Sandy Spring, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

2BPA Davis, Robert W., 969 Park Ave,, New York 28, N.I,, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

iBd Davis, Sarah J,, 1201 Russell Ave., Salisbury, 4517 Knox Rd. , C,P., WA 9720 

3Ed Davis. Vivian G., 2598 Druid Park Dr., Baltimore, Phi Signa Sigma, WA 9828 

Gr Davis, William W., 19 Elmira St.. S.E., Apt. 5, 20, D.C. 

2Bn Day, HughW. , 1802 Walnut Ave., Baltiiaore 9, Silvester (TR 9897 

SAS Dea, Franklin, 840 Gremt Ave., San Franclsoo. Calif,, 656 Pennsylvania St.. S.E.. D.C, 

2AS DeAtl^, Virginia H., 1710 Otis PI,, N.E., 18. D,C,, HO 7571 

ZAS Deckelbaiim. Joseph. 113 S, Schroeder St,. Baltimore 23. Silvester (WA 8012 

lAS Deokelnan. Emily R,, 3401 Devonshire Dr,, Baltimore 15, 7406 Dickinson Ave.. C.P., 

2AS Decker, Margaret A., 809 Sheridan St., N,W,, 11, D.C, <S 5497 

2Bn Deffert, Richard W. , Annapolis Junction, Waterloo 493- J-3 

2AS de Ford, Barbara F., 3601 Connecticut Ave., 8, D.C, 

2HB De La Vergne, Claudia M, , 5618 New Heunpshire Ave,, D,C, GE 7179 

2Bd de Laviez, Jeanne N., 3043 Military Rd, , N,W.. D.C, 7405 Dickinaon Ave,, CP,, WA 3907 

2En De Lawder, Robert K. , 722 Ingraham St., N.W. , D.C. (S 0548 

lAS Dellinger. Mildred I.. 915 Corbett St., Hagerstown, MBH, 253 

Gr Delnege, Arthur H., 775 Newport St., Detroit, Mich., 1500 U St., S.E. 20, D.C 

En Del Signore, James R., 1501 Locust St., McKeesport, Pa., Coliseum, 242 

lAS De Ifcirr, Frederick S., Berwyn, BB 373-M 

OAS Denton, Viola A., New Russia Rd., Elitabethtown, N.Y., 5900 Hamilton St., hyattsville 

4AS De Phillips, Charles T., 205 Wayne Ave., Paterson, N.J.. 4707 Calvert Rd,, CP., WA 5998 

lAS Derr, Marianna, Broad St., Middletown, MBH, 255 

IHB Desmarais, Aline M. , 1008 Hillwood Ave., Falls Church, Va, , Calvert, 352 

2Ed Devlin, Thomas H,, 1819 W. Saratoga St., Baltimore 25, Silvester 

IAS Diaz, Carlos R., 58 W. 100 St., New York, N.Y., 7426 Baltimore Blvd., CP. 

2AS Dibble, Patricia A., 1124 S. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va. , Dorm. C, 519 

SAS Diokinson, Anns K., 4629-SOth St., N.W., D.C, WO 2606 

Gr Diehl, William C, 310 N. Potomac St., Hagerstoim 

4AS Diericoph, Henry K. , Jr., 248 Quaokenbos St., N.TT., 11, D.C., GE 4107 

QAg DiGiullan, Charles A., 1320-56th Are,, Hillside 

Ed Dill, Elmer, 4904 Blaokfoot Rd. , Berwyn, BE 294-W 

OEd Dillon, Isabelle L., Galesrllle 

lEn Dillon, Leiris A., Aoookeek, Dornu K 

OEn Dinger, Harold E.. 1301-46th St., S.E. 19, D.C. 

2AS Dinsmore, Dorothy A., 225 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park, SL 8664 

US Di Pietro, Conoetta M., 4007 Pinkney Rd. , Baltimore 15, MBH, 253 

IBPA Dixon, William J., 4615 Kansas Ave., N.W., 11, D.C, lA 8286 

Gr Dobert, Eitel W., 3972 Tunlaw Rd., D.C. 

Gr Dobrin, Milton B., 3510 A St., S.E., D.C, FR 8550 

Gr Doetsch, Raymond N., 1120 E. Capitol St., 3, D.C, FR 3675 

3AS Doline, Irma §., 3918 Maine Ave.; Baltimore, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

Gr Donahay, Katherlne, 2609 Hamlin St., N.E., D.C, DO 4688 

Gr Donahue, Thomas F., Jr., 5-L G«u:deniray PI., Greenbelt, GR 3781 

2Ag Donofrio, Harold C, Liberty Heights, Westminster, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

2Ed Donoghue, Ora M. , 2-A Woodland Way, Greenbelt, GSR 2911 

2AS Donovan, Johanna P., 7812 RaybuzTi Rd. , Bethesda, Dorm. B, WA 3813 

lEd Doolan, June C, 17 Scotch Hill, Lonaooning, 4214-28th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 2267 

2Ed Dam, Frank E., 315 Orchard Ave., Brooklyn, Baltimore 

4Si Dorsey, Ruth E. , Forrest Ave., Dorsey 

IAS Dotson, Cecil J., 3400 Manor Rd., Landovsr, WA 3599 

2HE Downes, Jane B., Centreville, Dorm. C, 319 

IBPA Downey, Patricia M., 429 Alabama Rd., !Pow8on, MBH, 253 (N.E., D.C, DB 0474 

Gr Downs, Ifargaret B., 112-13 - 72nd Dr., Forest Hills, N.Y., 2357 Rhode Island Ave., 

lEd Doyle, Gerald L., 6601 Old Washington Blvd., Elkridge 27 

IBPA Doyle, William J., Jr., 1917 E. 28th St., Baltimore, 6916 Oak Ridge Rd., CP., WA 2956 

BPA Draoh, Joseph J., 542 Woodland Ave., Cheltenham, Pa., Coliseum, 242 

Gr Drake, John L., 39 Pine St., Wellsville, N.Y., 47 Forrester St., S.W. 20, D.C.,FR 4034 

3AS Drake, Ruth, 6820 Pineway, Hyattsville, HY 0112 

2AS Draper, Fl-ankW. , III, Centreville, Silvester 

2AS Draper, Helen P., Milton, Del., Dorm. D, 359 (WA 4456 

Gr Draper, John D., 910 W. Washington St., Hagerstown, 7201 Rhode Island Ave., CP., 

Gr Dreisbach, Mary G., 2007 Eye St., N.W. 6, D.C, DI 0515 

Gr Drew, Glen G., 37 Forrester St., S.W. 20, D.C 

IBPA Drewyer, Marilyn J., 118 Hamilton Ave., Silver Spring, SH 5576 

lEn Drobner, Harry M., c/o Greenhouse, 9302 Oeala St., Silver Spring, SH 8725 

2AS Drucker, Rae, 1311 N. Capitol St., D.C, 7406 Dickinson Ave., CP., WA 8012 

US Dnillard, E. Claire, 2 Ifadison St., N.W, 11, D.C, TA 4396 

US Drullard, Mary J., 2 Madison St., N.W. 11, D.C, TA 4396 

2BPA Dryer, Frederick R. , 3911 Madison St., Hyattsville, WA 3639 

2AS Dubbert, Ruth M., 1822 Fairbank Rd., Baltimore 9, Dorm. C, 319 

lEn Dubow, Gerald, 4003 Norfolk Ave., Baltimore 16, 731 Otis Pi., N.W. 10, D.C, TA 9666 

US Dudley, Rita, 6119-42nd PI., Hyattsville, WA 1994 

US Duffie, Ifarjorie V., 739 Princeton PI., N.W., D.C, TA 7979 

US Duffy, Eugene M. , 3000 Dunleer Rd., Baltimore 22, Dorm. K 

lEd Duke, Katherine L. , P.O. Box 116, R.F.D. 1, Clinton, Dorm. C, 319 

IBPA Duke, Viola M., 2712-4th St., N.E., D.C, IXJ 6981 

Gr Dunaway, Robert E., 2820-2nd St., S.E., D.C, 20 

2AS Dunbar, Olga M. , 1405 Montana Ave., N.E. 18, D.C. 

lAS Duncan, Dorothy A., 206 Ave. D, District Heights, AAH, 286 

Gr Dunn, Colon H., 202 Wilmington PI., S.E., D.C 

2En Durst, Harold E. , 3911-20th St., N.E., D.C, NO 2028 

4Ed Du Shane, Doris A., 1709 N. Hilton St., Baltimore 16, Madison 9094-J 

2Ed Dy«* Jeui P., 219 Chesapeake Ave., Eastport, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

AS Dyer, Ifary M. , 2012 Edgewood St., Baltimore 16, MBH, 263 

ZjkS Dylces, Martha A., 4511 Guilford Rd. , C.P., UN 0666 

iBn Dykstra, Philip R., Box 79, Berwyn, BB 117-W 

3E1. Bagleson, Edwin W., 3314-18th St., N.B., D.C, DQ 1729 

Gr Baker. Charles M., 7506 Hopkins Ave., CP., WA 7886 

lEn Barle, Milton H., Chase, Dora. L, WA 9833 

Or Easton, Roger L., Craftsbury Coianon, Vt., 3612 Homer PI., S.E., D.C, TR 1527 

2HE Eocleston, Eleanor M. , 1004 Urell PI., N.E. 17, D.C, MI 0060 

4AS Eokard, Miriam B., 1857 Newton St., N.W. 10, D.C. 

US Eokardt, H. Lucille, BreathedSTille, MBH, 253 

2Ag Eckels, August E., Jr., 3017 Weaver Ave., Baltimore 14, Dorm. L 

2AS Bcker, Naomi E., 921 Delafield PI., N.W. 11, D.C, TA 2626 

2AS Bckert, Herbert L., 7607 TakonM Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 7529 

2BPA Bckhardt, William R. 


2BPA Edelen, Mary R., Bryantown, Dorm. C, 319 

Gr Edelsteln, Vurray, 1114 Branoh Ave., S.E., D.C. 

Gr Edlnborgh, Julius A., 17 Elmira St., S.E. 20, D.C. 

IAS Edwards, Elisabeth C, Camden Ave. Ext., Salisbury, Calvert, 352 

IAS Edwards, James H., 64 Sagamore Rd., Bronxvllle, N.Y., Silvester 

IHE EdwardSp Mary L., 425 S. Wain St., New Castle, Ind., Calvert, 352 

Gr Edwards, Palmer L., Enterprise, Ala., 1835 T St., S.E. 20, D.C, LI 1125 

Gr Eloh, Clarenoe C, 149 Ivanhoe St., D.C. 

2BPA Eiohberg, Robert L., 4211-2nd St., N.W. 11, D.C. ,4607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

3Ed Eiokelberg, Jean, 2308 Poplar Dr., Baltimore 7, Delta Eftlta Delta, "ffA 9795 

lEn Big, Lawrenoe S., 7615-16th St., D.C., Donn.K 

2AS Eisele, Martha, 137 Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda, MBH, 253 

IAS Eisele, Virginia C, 4801 Langdrum Lime, Chevy Chase, Alpha Omioron Pi, WA 9871 

5Ed Eiseman, Mary A,, 4600 Stanford St., Chevy Chase 15, Calvert, 352 (WA 8497 

IAS Eisenberg, Doris, 3432^ A^ohentoroly Tar., Baltimore 17, 7509 Princeton Ave.,C.P., 

2AS Elder, Thaddeus H., Jr., lll-6th St., Laurel, LA 271-R 

IAS Ellin, Betty L., 207 Lindbergh Ave., Frederick, Calvert, 352 

2BPA Elliott, Harry M., 1450 S. Charles St., Baltimore 

OEd Elliott, Maroia A., 8 Manor Rd., Glen Bumie 

5BPA Ellsworth, Charles W,, Jr., 20 Poplar Ave., Takoma Park, Lord Calvert Hotel, WA 83E4 

SHE Ellsworth, Franoes A., 1373 Rittenhouse St., N.W. 11, D.C, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

2AS Ellsworth, P. Jane, 2135 Tunlaw Rd,, N.W., D.C, 4502 College Ave., C.P., WA 5083 

IHE Ellwanger, Marilyn, 12 Marion Ave., Millburn, N.J. , Calvert, 352 

IHE Sly, Betty L., 1215 E St., H.E. 2, D.C, LI 4696 

lAg Ely, Jane A., 1426 Marlborough Ave. , Plainfield, N.J., Calvert, 352 

OBPA Ely, Sara L., 6904 Wake Forest Dr., C.P., WA 7756 

OAg Emioh, Clinton C, 3008 DuPont Ave., Baltimore 15 

lEn Emler, John D., 1529 Michigan Ave., N.E., D.C, DE 2804 

2HE Enfield, Grace E., Forest Hill, MBH, 253 

3AS Engle, Anne C, 2400 Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring, AAH, 286 

IBPI Ennis, Eleanor C, 6 N. 21st St., East Orange, N.J. , Dorm. E, 273 

IHE Ensor, E. Margaret, 112 Dallam PI., Bel Air, AAH, 286 

2AS Eppley, Elisabeth, 4603 Beeohwood Rd. , C.P., Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

lAS Epstein, Yale, 3102 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 16, 4009 Clagett Rd., CP. 

Gr Eriekson, Anton H. , 9131 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring, St 7062 

Gr Eriekson, Kenneth W., R. 1, Box 378A, Berwyn, BE 775-W-4 

2AS Erkes, Fruma R., 3808 Codariale Rd., Baltimore, Dorm. C, 319 

2BPA Erps, Lucille M., 6214-8th St., N.W. 11, D.C, MBH, 255 

OEd Erskine, Marcia J., 4105 W St., N.W. 7, D.C, WO 8482 

lEd Eshbaugh, G. Mahlon, Jr., 33-M Ridge Rd. , Greenbelt, GR 4576 

IHE Eshleman, Nancy G. , 230 Tuckerman St., N.W. , D.C, RA 2786 

IHE Eskridge, Jean, R. 3, Cambridge, AAH, 286 

SAS Eskwith, Natalie J., 1811 E. 8th St., Brooklyn, N.T., Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

lAg Essers, Hendrik A., Jr., 815 Wellington Rd. , Baltimore 12, Sigma Alpha Ep8ilon,WA 9707 

Gr Estes, Charles L., 105 Portland St., S. Berwick, Me., 4301 S. Capitol St., S.W., 20, D.C. 

2BPA Etzler, William L., Sykesville, Dorm. K 

IBPA Eusent, Sylnan I., 1444 N. Carey St., Baltimore 17, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

3Ed Evans, Elsie L., 309 Ifyrtle St., Crisfield, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

IBPA Evans, Francis W. , Jr., 648 Carew St. , Springfield, Mass., Coliseum, 242 

3Ed Evans, Kitly, "Hackwood," Kensington, SH 6435 

IAS Evans, LeRoy R., 20 W. Madison St., Baltimore, Dorm. L 

lAS Evert, Jacqueline, Garddn Apts. 3-E, Baltimore 10, Dorm. C, 319 

IAS Ewell, Guy S., Jr., 5704 Legation Rd. , Hyattsvill© 

SHE Ewell, L. Poe, 104 Mill St., Cambridge, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

lEn ^wing, Scott P., 6227-SOth St., N.W., 15, D.C, OR 1754 

SAS Bjra, Mioko E., R. 1, Booc 149 B, Fort Leyston, Colo., Dorm. C, 519 

lEn ?yl9r, Edward E. , 608 Mont gooory Ave . , Cumberland, Dorm. K 

AS Esekiel, David H., 1843 Ontario PI., K.W., 9, D.C, AD 4552 

IAS Etekiel, Herbert M., 1843 Ontario PI., N.W. 9, D.C, AD 4552 

IAS Paris, James B., 1210 Michigan Ave., D.C, 8005 Takoma Ave., Silver Spring 

4Ed Paris, Leila M., 8003 Takoma Ave., Silver Spring 

IBPA Farrell, Vincent N., 213 Boyle Ave., Peterson 2, N.J., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

IHB Faulkner, Barbara A., 1007 Taylor St., N.E., D.C, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

2BPA Faulkner, Bobbie, 1228 Randolph St., N.E. 17, D.C, MI 5849 

US Faupel, Bettye J., 6605 Belair Rd., Baltimore 6, AAH, 286 

lEd Fauael, Audre J., 107 W. Passaic Ave., Rutherford, N.J., MBH, 253 

Gr Faust, William R., 3800 S. Capitol St., 20, D.C, AT 6234 

lEd Fassalari, B. Florence, 60-3rd St., Oakland, MBH, 253 

2AS Fazsalari, Mary A., 60-5rd St., Oakland, MBH, 255 

iBd Fearnow, Bettie E., 103 King St., Hagerstown, MBH, 253 


2En Feaster, Rexford H., 417 Hamilton St., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 1362 

Ed Fehr, Walter F., 1408 Greenleaf St., Evanston, 111., Dorm K 

Ug Feimster, D. Gail, 4102-31st St., Mt. Rainier, TTA 1195 

IAS Felt, Leon, 1403 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore, 4400 Lehigh Ave., C.P. 

IBPA Feldman, Donald P., 17 Locust, Cambridge, Dorm K 

3AS Feldman, Jeanette S., 4607-16th St., N.W,, D.C., P^i Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

Gr Feldman, Laurence, 1574 E. 8th St., Brooklyn 30, N.Y., 4000-7th St., N.B. 17, D.C. 

lAS Feldman, Norma R., 213 OaJcdale St., Vartinsville, Va., Calvert Hall, 352' 

4HE Fell, Dorothy A., Nottingham, Pa., Dorm E, 273 

Gr Fellofws, William, 4008 Tennyson Rd., University Park 

4Ed Fenby, Harriet K. , R.D. 2 Havre de Grace, AAH, 286 

lAS Fennell, Edward 0., 925 Lewis Ave., Rockville, Coliseum, 242 

3Ed Fennessey, Ann J., 8306-58th Ave., Berwyn Hgts., BE 44 

lAg Ferguson, Robert B., 5020 Temple Rd., S.E, 20, D.C, 

2AS Femandet, Anita V., 3001 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, Dorm E, 273 

Ed Fernandez, Eustasio, 2610 St .Conrad St., Tampa, Fla. 

2BPA Ferrj', Mary E., 7148 Alaska Ave., N.W., D.C, Delta Gamma, WA 3083 

4En Fetters, David R., 106 E. Thornapple St., Chevy Chase, WI 7386 

3AS Fields, Ann, Nanticoke, AAH, 286 

2AS Fields, Jane, Nanticoke, MBH, 253 

4En Filbert, William 0., 5002 Denmore Ave., Baltimore, Bureaiof Mines, UN 3100 

2AS Fine, Muriel D., 5420 Connecticut Ave., N.W., D.C, 7406 Dickinson Ave., CP., WA 8012 

Gr Finegold, David, 1755 P St., N.W., D.C, HO 9510 

2Ea Finney, M. Teresa, 5406-39th St., N.W., D.C, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

IBPA First, Stanley A., 4820-45th St., N.W. 16, D.C, Dorm Z 

3HE Firtag, l^ildred R., Edgewater, Dorm C, 319 

2AS Fischette, Ann, 102 Murray St., Binghamton, N.Y., Dorm D, 359 

Gr Fisher, Jonathan C, 326 B St., S.E, 3, D.C, LI 4590 

2Ed Fisher, Naomi E., 6301 Brinkley Rd., 20, D.C, Dorm D, 359 (FR 5700 Ext 2492) 

Gr Fishkin, Joseph, 221 Brighton Ave., Perth Amboy, N.J., NOL Bldg. 184, Navy Yard, 25, D.C, 

2AS Fishman, Eleanor S., 3507 Calloway Ave., Baltimore, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

lAS Fitchett, Thomas S., 200 Midhurst Rd., Baltimore 

1A3 Flaherty, Leo M., 815 Gist Ave., Silver Spring, SL 8830 

3En Flanigan, Roberta M., 9115 Crosby Rd., Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IAS Flather, A. Chester, 4339 Garfield St., N.W. 7, D.C, WO 4140 

lAS Fleet, Bertha L., Bristol, Calvert Hall, 352 

IAS Flester, Mary L., 4117-30th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 1498 

2AS Flom, Bertha (Mrs.), 3215 Eastern Ave., Baltimore 24, 7505 Yale Ave., CP.,WA 6017 

4Ed Flurer, Henry C, Princess Anne, 1097 College Ave,, C.P. 

4BPA Flynn, John B., 9 V St., N.W. 1, D.C, Coliseum, 242 

OEd Foggatt, Ethel U. (Mrs.), 10 G Plateau Place, Greenbelt 

OEd Fogle, Hazel L., 201 Annapolis St., W. Annapolis, AN 6381 

AS Foley, I. Ann, 1501 Kalmia Rd., N.W. 12, D.C, GE 7455 

IBPA Folk, Marion D., 159 Mamaroneck Rd., 7>hite Plains, N.Y., MBH, 253 

lAS Font, John E., Condado 2, Santurce, Pxierto Rico, 6703 W. Baltimore Blvd., CP. 

IAS Fontana, Henry L., 253 Bristol St., Southington, Conn., 206 Tippett Bldg., CP. 

4HE Ford, Catherine H., Kennedyville, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

ISd Ford, Wylde J., Rt.. 1, Finksburg, AAH, 286 

2Ag Forman, Robert H., Rt- . 1, Burke, Va., FA 165W-1 

2Bd Forrester, Lois A., 6626 Ruatan St., Berwyn Hgts., BE 296M 

lEd Forrester, Mary L., 5626 Ruatan St., Berwyn Hgts., BE 296M 

2BPA Forsberg, Robert A., R.F.D. 2, Rockville 

2AS Fossas, Jose L., 17 Degetau St., Bayaman, Puerto Rico, Baltimore Ave., C.P. 

4HE Foster, June V., 307 Delaware Ave., Brunswick, 4611 College Ave., C.P., WA 9861 

2AS Foster, Marcia H., 6402 Oakridge Ave., Chevy Chase, Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

2Ed Foster, Martha L., 105-65th St., 19, D.C, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

lEd Foster, Robert M., 105-6 5th St., Maryland Park, HI 1301-J 

3AS Foster, Sallie H., 6402 Oakridge Ave., Chevy Chase, WI 1401 

IBPA Founty, Dolores M., 905 Main St., Franklin, La., MBH, 253 CP. 

IAS Fournier, Ramon A., 271 Fdet JuncasAve., Box 813, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Lord Calve Hotel, 

OEd Fowler, Winifred B. (Mrs.), 814 Chester Ave., Bxtd., Eastport 

lEd Franciscus, Betty J., 6713 Gude Ave., Takoma Park 12, 

3AS Frank, Charlotte R., 4520-13th St., N.W., D.C, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

lAS Frank, Donald S., 3903 Milford Ave., Baltimore, Coliseum, 242 

2AS Frankel, Harry M., 315 Main St., Laurel, LA 464-W 

3AS Franklin, John M., Hayfields Farm, Cockeysville, 3 Holly Hill, University Hgts. 

IAS Frederick, Joyce E., 707 Ingraham St., N.V^., D.C, Dorm E, 273 

3Ed Frederick, Marjorie L., 7 Elmhurst Rd . , Baltimore, Pi Beta Phi, Wa 9831 

2AS Freedman, Shirley A., 2105 Whittier Ave., Baltimore 17, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

IHB Freeman, Betsy A., 651 Green St., Cumberland, Calvert Hall, 352 


SHE Freeman, Virginia L., 4515-54th St., Brentwood, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

2AS Freechi, Millioent A., 496 Columbia Blvd., Wood-Ridge, Nt^** Alpha XI Delta, WA 9720 

4AS Frioke, Henry W. L.,III, R.P.D, 1, Box 159, Laurel 

4HB Friddle, Dorothy D,, Box 266, Berkeley Springe, W.Va., 7506 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 6017 

2AS Friedman, Fay H., 7-C Hillside Rd., Greenbelt, GR 2552 

IAS Friedman, Ruth I,, 3408 Wabash Ave., Baltimore 15, Calvert Hall, 352 

5AS Friedman, Sally F., 5426-59th St., N.W., D.C., Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

IAS Friedman, Shirley L., 7-C Hilleide Rd., Greenbelt, GR 2552 

2AS Friedman, Sonia R., 3019 Wolcott Ave., Baltimore 16, Alpha Bpgilon Phi, WA 9804 

IAS Friel, Nanoy J., 8909 Seoond Ave., Silver Spring 

lAS Prieman, Sylvan, 2916 Ridgewood Ave., Baltimore, Tau Epsilon Phi 

Bd Friti, Bmile F., Jr., 361 S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

2AS Friti, Lois M., 157 S. 18th St., Harrlsburg, Pa., 7506 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 6017 

4AS Froehlioh, Barbara S., 7707 Park Dr., Baltimore 14, AAH, 286 

lAg Frook, Paul H,, R.F.D. 1, Westminster, Silvester Hall 

4Ed Fuohs, Norma. R., 815 S. Washington St., Havre de Grace, AAH, 286 

lEd Fudge, Ebther E., Veterans' Administration, Ft. Washington, Calvert Hall, 352 

lEd Fulton, Luoinda A., Blue Hill, Hanoook, Dorm E, WA S81S 

4fiE Fusselbaugh, Ann, 210S Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, Pa., Kappa Kappa Gamna, WA 9886 

2HE Gadd, Anne B., Centerville, Kappa Delta, WA 9769 

4AS Gaffney, Grace J., 916-16th St., N.W., 6, D.C, NA 6264 

2BPA Gaither, Isabel L«, 62S E. Washington St., Herw Castle, Pa., Alpha Omioron Pi, WA 9871 

IAS Gale, Bettina J., 7002 Chansory Lane, Hyattsville 

Gr Galler, Sidney R., 916 N. Broadway St., Baltimore 6, 7506 Dickinson Rd., C.P. (WA 9886 

4Ag Galliher, Virginia H., The Royal York, Bigelow Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa., Kappa Kappa Gainna, 

5AS Gamble, F. Elitabeth, Valley Lee, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

IBPA Gamble, Joseph P., Jr., 2401 N. Stuart St., Arlington, Va., CH 2555 

3AS Garcia, Joaquin R., Urb. Buenos Aires Areoibo, P. R., Dorm. I 

lEd Garcia, Sylvia J., 17 Hatillo Ave., Box 561, Areoibo, P.P., Dorm.E, 273 

lAS Gardineer, George F., 410 Windsor St., Silver Spring, SH 2610 

Ag Gardiner, Thomas R., Waldorf, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

4AS Garman, Jane L,, Apt. 5, 7404 R. I. Ave., C.P, 

Gr Garman, John A., Berlia, Pa., Apt. 5, 7404 R.I. Ave., C.P. 

2AS Garrigan, Joan A., 411 Rosebank Ave., Baltiirrore 12, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

2AS Garrott, Janice L., 3500 Windsor Mill Rd., Baltimore, MBH, 255 

lEd Garvin, Ruth J., 3401 East West Hiry., Chevy Chase, Calvert, 552 

SHE Gatoh, Betty, 4 Greenbrier Rd., Towson, Kappa Kappa Ganma, WA 9886 

lEn Gates, Nathaniel M., O'Doll Rd., Beltsville, Berwyn 769-J-5 

OEd Gault, Mary L., Flemington, Lake Wacoamaw, N.C., 7823 Eastern Ave.,Takoma Park,SH 7229 

SAg Gaumniti, Gordon A., 1740 Taylor St.,N.W.,D.C., TA 1740 

Gr Gautier, William K., 1414 Hemlock St.,N.W. 12, D.C, TA 8280 

lEn Gavel, Carson J., 602 F St., Sparrows Point, Dorm. I 

lEn Gawbhrop, Arthur N., 2G Gardenway, Greenbelt, GR 5502 

Gr Gee, Edwin A., 1107 E, Capitol St., S, D.C, LI 4392 

SEd Gehr, Audrey L., 1029 N. Potomac Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm.C, 519 

lEn Geller, Roman F,,Jr., 306 W,, Thornapple St., Chevy Chase, WI 5585 

4AS George, Barbara A., 3709 S. Dakota Ave., N.E., 18, D.C, Kappa Kappa Gamna, WA 9886 

lEn George, Myron M.,Jr., U.S.Naval Radio Station, Cheltenham, Dorm. I 

Gr George, Thomas W., Box 17, Raytown, MO,, 77 Forrester St.,S.W,,20, D.C. 

2AS Georgiou, Vassillki, 125-4th St., N.E., D.C, 4611 College Ave., C.P., WA 9861 

2AS Gershberg, Shirley, 4215 Old Annapolis Rd., Baltimore 27, AR 29 

Gr Gerson, Arline R., 55 Evelyn PI., Bronx 53, N.Y., Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

Gr Getty, Francis V., 115 Chureh St., Westemport, 4509 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 2885 

IAS Gett, Betty D., 4 Office St., Bel Air, Calvert, 352 

lAS Getr, Payson, 159 N. Main St., Bel Air, Silvester 

lAS Gewirz, Edwin N., 4859 Illinole Ave.,N.W., D.C, RA 1627 

lEd Giannettl, Joan D., 4010-52nd St., Mt. Rainier, UN 2288 

IAS Gibbons, Jeanne L., 290 N,W,44th Ave., Miami 54, Fla., Dorm.C, 519 

2AS Gibbons, Joyce H., 1524 F.St., N.E., D.C, Dorm.C, 519 

16PA Gibbons, Thomas J., Jr., 5403 St.Ambrose Ave., Baltimore 15, Silvester 

lEn Gibbs, Richard G., 904 Sligo Parkway, Takoma Park, SL 9756 

lEn Gibson, Donald M., White Hall, 7506 Princeton Ave., C.P,, WA 6994 

lAg Giddings, Clifton H. T,, Nutwell, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

lAS Giddings, Helen J., 1404 Fenwick Lane, Silver Spring, MBH, 255 

lEn Gies, Ralph, Crotmsville, Silvester 

lAg Giggard, Earl D., R.F.D.l, Hampstead, Coliseum, 242 

Gr Gilchrist, Laurence F., 941 Boulevard St., Akron, Ohio, 5 Elmira St.,S,B.,20, D.C 

lAS Gllden, Charlotte M., Ill Montloello Ave., Annapolis, MBH, 255 

4AS Gill, Marian H., Hampstead, AAH, 286 

5AS Gillespie, Margaret M., 445 Delafield PI., N.W., 11, D.C, AAH, 286 


lAS Gilroy, Sarah M. , 94 Hamlin St., Manchester, Conn., AAE, 286 

3AS Ginsburg, Ferle, 7003 Park Hgts. Ave., Baitimore, AAH, 286 

2Ed Giovannoni, Carola B., 520 Rittenhouse St., 11, D.C., GE 7988 

3AS Gitomer, Ada, 105 Annapolis Rd. , Glen Burnie, Glen Burnie 5 

lAS Gladstone, Yada, 96-15 71st Ave., Forest Hills, N.Y., Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

IAS Glass, Charlotte S., 5803 Clover Rd. , Baltimore 15, 4811 Guilford Rd., C.P., WA 3529 

Gr Glazener, Ed-ward W., 4704 Oglethorpe St., Riverdale, WA 1957 

2BPA Glarer, Philip, 3315 Carlisle Ave., Baltimore 16, 4310 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9845 

BPA Gleasner, Donald G., 1329 W. 5th St., Wilmington, Del. 

2AS Golboro, Ruth H., 2434 Reisterstown Rd. , Baltimore 17, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

lAS Gold, /jiita C, 1338 IngrahamSt., N.W., D.C., Phi Sigma Sign», WA 9828 

3AS Goldberg, Beverly E., 1516 N. Smallwood St., Baltimore 16, Dorm. C, 319 

4Ed Goldberg, Miriam H., 3809 Callaway Ave., Baltimore 15, AAE, 286 

ffin Goldberg, Paul, 3922 New Han^^shire Ave., K.W., D.C., RA 6491 

IAS Goldbranson, Katalie J., 320 Gallatin St., N.W., 11, D.C., MBH, 253 

lAS Golden, Edward E., 4304 Yuma St., K.W., D.C. 

2AS Goldiner, Tema E. , 5400-5th St., N.W., D.C, GE 0271 

2BE Goldman, Bertie M. (Mrs.), 612 Quintana PI., N.W. 11, D.C, GE 8217 

3AS Goldstein, L. Judith, 52 Amsterdam Ave. , Passaic, N.J., Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

IBPA Gomprecht, Irvin, 2440- 16th St., N.W., D.C 

lAg Goode, Glenn M. , Jr., 722 Park Ave., Brunswick 

2AS Gooding, Dorothy V., 1908 Sulgrave Ave., Baltimore 9, Dorm. D, 359 

lAS Goodman, Jacqueline A., 502 Tulip Ave., Takoma Park, SL 2638 

2AS Goo On, Marie K., 1721 N. Roosevelt St., Falls Church, Va, 

US Gordon, Alfred, 4100 Chatham Rd., Baltimore 7, Silvester (SL 8687 

Gr Gordon, Daniel I., 315 W. tfain St.,, Conn., 8002 Blair Mill Dr., Silver Spring, 

4Ed Gordon, Ian, 4634 Woodberry Rd, , Riverdale 

3AS Gordon, Rosemary, 4302 Russell Ave., Mt. Rainier 

3AS Gordon, Zara, 1200 Morse St., N.E., D.C, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 7828 

3AS Gordy, Betty A., 8 Forest Lane, Salisbury, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

4AS Gorfine, Lucille, 416 York Rd., Towson, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

AS Gonnley, Patricia J., 2502 Ken Oak Rd. , Baltimore 15, MBH, 253 

lAS Goucher, Elva I., Springdale Ave., Dover, Mass., MBH, 253 

lEd Gouge, Jacqueline, 1923 Otis St., N.E. IS, D.C. 

2AS Grace, Gene A., 935 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

2AS Graham, Elizabeth, 522 Glen Arden Dr., Pittsburgh 8, Pa., Delta Gemma, WA 3085 

lAS Graham, Marion, 772 E. Main St., C-ainesville, Fla., AAH, 286 

4AS Graham, Thomas P., 230 Glen St., Cumberland 

lEn Graybeal, C Edvrard, Rising Sun, Dorm. I 

3BPA Graybeal, Josephine, Street, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

Gr Grebenkemper, Clifford J., 216 Orange St., 20, D.C. 

4AS Greco, Evelyn M., 3806-24th St., N.E., D.C, MI 0904 

2BPA Green, Anne C.,200 EJoppe Rd., Towson 4, AAH, 286 

3En Green, David P., Spring Grove, Catonsville, GI 7267 

Gr Green, Nathan, 4327 N. Pershing Dr., Arlington, Va., CH 6903 

2AS Green, Russell G., R.F.D. 3, Westminster, Dorm. L 

lAS Greenberg, Maxine J., 4611 Burlington Rd., Hyattsville 

Gr Greenberg, Meyer, 4505 Knooc Rd., C.P., WA 6921 

2HE Greenberg, Miriam J., 4611 Burlington Rd., Hyattsville 

IAS Greenberg, Pauline, 3505 Edgewood Rd., Baltimore 15, Calvert, 352 

Gr Greene, Remain G. , 3900 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, UN 0825 

lAS Greene, Suzanne M. , 3514 Williamsburg Lane, D.C, Dorm. E, 273 

lAS Greenleaf, Sibyl M. , 3149 Newark St., N.W. 8, D.C, Calvert, 352 

2AS Greenwald, Doris H., 922 The Terrace, Hagerstown, Dorm. C, 319 

2Ag Greer, William C, Roland Ave., Bel Air, Coliseum, 242 (WA 9770 

lAg Gregorius, Robert C, 1425 E. Ocean View Ave., Norfolk 3, Va., Delta Sigma Phi, 

2AS Grenell, Shirley U. , 3501 Taylor St., Brentwood, WA 4682 

lEn Griffin, Howard D., Jr., 4220-37th St., N.W. 8, D.C, EM 7361 

2AS Griffin, Mary R., 3632 Rexmere Rd. , Baltimore, Dorm. D, 359 

4Ed Griffith, Janet E., 622 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

2HE Griffith, Mary Elinor, 4356 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va., Dorm. C, 319 

4AS Grill, Margaret M. (Mrs.), 704 Evesham Ave., Baltimore 12, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

lAS Groff, Lorraine S., 5704 Oxon Hill Rd., Oxon Hill, Dorm. C, 319 

4AS Grove, Ruth C, 17 Whittier St., N.T/., D.C, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

3AS Groves, Marjorle A., 916 College Hill, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Calvert, 352 

2AS Groves, Virginia A., Star Route, Still Fond, 3-G Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

2En Gruber, William C, 5523 Link Ave., Halethorpe, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

2BPA Grunatein, Florence, 5013- 7th Pi., N.W., D.C, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

lEn Ouarino, Salvatore J., 416 N. 13th St., Newark 7, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9884 

lAS Guiler, Vernon L., 4205 Queensbury Rd., Hyattsville, WA 1643 


2BPA Oumpper, Richard V., 1319 I'jissachueettB Ave., S.E. 3, D.C., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

2AS Gusb, Dorothy G., 4328 Reisterstovm Kd., Baltimore 15, Dorm D, 359 

2BPA Guthrie, James A., 87CX) Edmonston Ave., Rerwyn, TVA 9396 

4AS Guthrie, L. Rosemary, 8700 Edmonston Ave., Berwyn, ViA 9396 

2HE Haase, Carol V... 4 East 30th St., Baltimore 18, Kappa Delta, *A 9759 

4HE Hailman, Velma E., 349 Boyd Ave., L'artinsburp-, W. Va., Dorm D, 359 

2HE Haines, I. Caroline, 4414 Oliver St., Hyattsville, HY 5342 

IHE Haje, Elirabeth R., 25 Bryant St., N.W. 1, D.C., MI 0094 

2AS Hajek, Jacqueline P., 521 Summit Ave., Hag:ersto»m, Dorm C, 319 

lAS Hale, ^^ace C, 7307 Dickinson St., C.P, 

IAS Hall, Clarence E., Leesburg, Va., Dorm I 

2aS Hall, E. Barton, Horseshoe Point, Tfardour, Annapolis, Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

2En Hall, George F., 1599 Albany Ave., Brooklyn 10, N.Y., 3719 Kansas Ave., N.W., D.C., OE 5920 

2BPA Hall, June J., 4405 Greenwich Parkway, N.VV., 7, D.C., Calvert Hall, 352 

lEd Hall.Marraret R., Church Hill, AAH, 286 

lAS Hall, P. Foster, 201-5th St., Laurel, LA 175-J 

3En Hall, Rerinald H., 201-5th St., Uurel, LA 175-J 

3HE Hall, R. Ellen, 6804 Pineway St., College Hgts., WA 8031 

lAS Hall, Ruth U., 4806 Guilford Rd., C.P. 

4AS Haller, Frances A., 4407-38th St., N.W., D.C., Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

3AS Hallett, Mary E., 3834 Garfield St., N.W., D.C.. Calvert Hall, 352 

4AS Hamblen, Audrey J., 4415 Q St., N.W., 7, D.C., Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

IAS Hamilton, Maryland V., Waldorf, Dorm E, WA 3813 

5AS HaiaDn, Emily M,, 4009 Clagett Rd., Hyattsville, Delta Gamma, WA 3085 

OEn Hance, Harold V., 2 Ridge Rd., S.E., D.C., PR 8300 

2BPA Hancock, William S., 225 Washington St., Snow Hill 

IAS Hand, Nancy J., Harter Rd., Morristown, N.J., AAH, 286 

Gr Haney, Donald W., 1634 G St., S.E., 5, D.C., AT 5747 

4AS Hankins, Uartha L., 919 Grove St., Franingham, Uass., Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2HE Hannon, Margery A., 4621 Harvard Rd,, C.P., WA 9101 

3AS Harden, Jean, 9 Halvin Ave., Baltimore 28, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IAS Harder, Doris E., 4213-28th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 9575 

3HE Harding, Lois C, 7305 Hopkins Ave., C.P., WA 7505 

IAS Har grave, Barbara H., 428 Peabody St., N.W., D.C., (S 6020 

4A6 Hargrove, Dorothy A., 1115-Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y., Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

lAS Harman, Betty P., Hanover 

2Ed Harman, Emory A., 5619 Oregon Ave., Baltimore 27, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

IAS Harmon, Betty L., 1920 South Rd,, Baltimore 9, AAH, 286 

IAS Harrington, Eleanor J., 1702 Lakeside Ave,, Baltimore 18, AAH, 286 

Gr Harris, Frederick, 4415-5rd St,, S,E,, D,C,, LI 5251 

IAS Harris, Judith B,, 241 Yo\mg Ave,, Henderson, N,C,, AAH, 286 

OAS Harris, Richard, 10315 Old Bladensbxirg Rd,, Silver Spring 

IAS Harrison, Anna M., 4246 Parkside Dr., Baltimore, Calvert Hall, 352 (WA 0893) 

lEn Harrison, Junius H,, 611 Dinwiddle St., Portsmouth, Va,, 4110 Colesville Hd,, IMiv.Pk,, 

lEd Harrison, Mary A,, 4006 Ingraham St,, hyattsville 

IAS Harry, Elizabeth H,, 2809 Bellevue Ave,, Chererly 

4Ed Harryman, Margaret S., 5200 Putty Hill, Fullerton, AAH, 286 

IBPA Hart, Leo J,, 166 State St., Kingston, Pa., 2515 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 

IAS Hartley, Janet W., 5515 Idaho Ave., N.W., 16, D.C., WO 2460 

lEn Hartsoe, Charles W., Conowingo, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

lAg Harvey, James M., 1220 Eye St., N.W., D.C. 

IBPA Harward, Winfield B., Jr., Woodcrest, Bel Air, 7402 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9735 

Gr Haslup, Charles A., 506 W. Hawthorne Rd,, Linthician Heights, LI 542 

2AS Hastings, Jacqueline L,, 5206-38th St., N.W., D.C, Pi Beta Phi, WA 9851 

4HE Hastings, Ruth C, 117 Talbot Ave., Cambridge, AAH, 286 

5AS Hathaway, Geraldine, 4516 Van Buren St., University Park, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

5AS Hausler, Richard M., 805 Poplar Hill Ave., Salisbury, 4605 College Ave., C.P., WA 9884 

4AS Havens, Elirabeth G,, 4004 Belcher St., D.C, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

SAg Hawes, James E., Bowie 

2AS Hawkins, Ella W., 1600 Edgewood St., Jacksonville, Fla., Dorm D, 559 

3HE Hawkins, Nancy H., 5 Abingdon Rd., Westmoreland Hills, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

4AS Hayden, Jane A., 1015-7 th St., Huntington, W.Va,, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

lEn Hayden, Joseph E., Jr., 1719 Franklin St., N.E., D.C, MI 8051 

5En Hays, Howard S., 1710 Highland St., Knorville, Tenn., 2701 Cortland St., 8, D.C, CO 8041 

IHE Heacock, Beverly, 1000 Lewis Ave., Rockville, Calvert Hall, 552 

OAg Heam, Harry C, R.F.D. 1, Box 190, Uurel, LA 1F4 

5AS Heame, Betty Ann, Onancook, Va., MBH, 255 

Gr Hebeler, Harold H., 7 Warfield St., Kensington 

Gr Hechmer, Carl A., Jr., 5507-42nd Ave., ^attsvllle 

4AS Heckman, Jean E., 1774 Lyman PI., N.E., 2, D.C, AT 3320 


2Ed Heidelbaoh, Ann, 208 Bloomsbury Ave., Baltimore 28, Kappe Delta, WA 9759 

lAS Eeil, Eugene D., 2505 Elsinor Ave., Baltimore 16 

lAS Heilman, Harold N., Jr., 57 Kinship Rd., Dundalk, Dorm. J 

GT Eeindl, Raymond A., 4917-43rd St., II .W. 16, D.C., HO 3815 

2AS Heise, John I., Jr., 4424 Marble Hall Rd., Baltimore 18, Silvester 

5BPA Heller, Gloria, 4 Berkly Rd. , Scarsdale, N.Y., UBH, 253 

4AS Helm, Seln» S., 6111-44th Ave., Riverdale, Gamna Phi Beta, WA 9773 

Gr Helms, Horace H., Jr., 1601-2l8t St., V..YI. 9, D.C., HO 7300 

IHE Helsel, LaGretta G., 1301 Seminary Rd. , Silver Spring, SL 5368 

lAS Henderson, Charles C, 520 Edgewood St., Baltimore, GI 5331-M 

lAS Henderson, Patricia J., 6313 Powhatan St., E. Riverdale 

lAg Hendricks, John E., Lake Butler, Fla., 4407 Queens bury Rd., Riverdale 

3AS Hendricks, Nancy L. , 4500 Uiddleton Lane, Bethesda, Kappe Kappa Gamna, WA 9886 (dale 

3BPA Hendrickson, Edwin M., 301 Upper College Terr., Frederick, 4712 Woodberry Rd., River- 

IHE Henry, Elaine C, 4322 Argyle Terr., K.W. 11, D.C., Rj| 7837 

IBPA Henry, Geraldine L. , 4301 Kathland Ave., Baltimore, 4506 College Ave., C.P. 

lAS Hens, R. Joyce, 28 Linganore Ave., Parkville, Baltimore 14, Calvert, 352 

Gr Henvis, Samuel C, 7 Port Green, Bellevue, 20, D.C., TR 2424 

lAS Herbert, Margaret V., 526-68th St., Seat Pleasant, Calvert, 352 

lAg Hering, F. Neal, R.F.D 2, Westminster, WE 836-F-3 

Gr Herklotr, Ernest H., 1407 Poplar St., Annapolis 

Gr Herman, Harold, 1729 Webster St., N.W. 11, D.C., RA 7317 

4BPA Herman, Vivienne C, 307 Hillside Rd. , Elizabeth, N.J., Dorm. C, 519 

3AS Hermann, Ida V., 2629 Tulip Ave., Baltimore 27, AAH, 286 (WA 9884 

lAS Hemander, Leslie A., 36 Dundonald St., Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Delta Sigma Phi, 

3BPA Herring, Paul L. , 5309-42nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 6980 

4Ed Hershberg, Annette S., 3401 Ellamont Rd., Baltimore, Dorm. C, 519 

2AS Hershey, Ellen M. , 16 Blackistone Rd., 16, D.C., Dorm. C, 319 

2HE Hershey, Jane E., 217 Vine St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh 18, Pa., Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

SHE Hervey, Mary E., 601 Woodland Terr., Alexandria, Va., AAH, 286 

IBPA Hess, John E., 4001 Fold's Lane, Baltimore 15, Silvester 

3BPA Hesse, Rayner W., 929 Hanover St., Baltimore 30, 4614 Harvard Rd., C.P., WA 6929 

Gr Heusinkveld, Ifyron, 3913-lst St., S.W. 20, D.C., 

2Ed Hewitt, Margaret A., 905 Gist Ave., Silver Spring, SL 9640 

2HE Heyser, Betty L., 4818 Middlesex Lane, Bethesda 14, Calvert, 352 

2HE Hickernell, Rita J., 4811 Delaware St., Berwyn, BE 285- J 

lAS Hicks, Elisabeth V., 209 Maple Ave., Takoma Park 12, Dorm. E, WA 3813 

lEd Hicks, Mary E., 25 Township Rd., Dundalk, AAH, 286 

lEn Hieatsman, William E., 6306 Mt. Alto Ave., Baltimore 7, WO 266-R 

2AS Higger, Lorraine, 3520 Legation St., N.W., D.C., Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

HE Higgins, Beverly B. (Mrs.), 7404 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., WA 7163 (WA 7163 

Ag Higgins, James B., 100 Dunkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, 7404 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., 

lAS Higgons, Eleanor M. , Upper King St., Greenwich, Conn., AAH, 286 

3AS Highbarger, Jean E., 105 North Ave., Eager stown. Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

4AS Bigman, Marjorie E., Millington, AAH, 286 

Gr Hill, Bertram C, 2952-2nd St., S.E. 20, D.C., TR 7010 

lAS Hill, Dudley J., Jr., 84 Kenilworth Ave., Garrett Park, KE 334-M 

Ed Hilliard, Elizabeth, Box 61, Ashton 

IBPA Hillock, Nelson A., Jr., 4428 Brandywine St., N.W., D.C., WO 2169 

4Ag Hines, William J., Jr., Brinklow, 7504 Hopkins Ave., C.P. 

lAS Hirsch, Frank, 1311 N. Market St., Frederick, Dorm. K 

2HE HJorth, Arline M. , 13 DuBois St., Port Jervis, N.Y., Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

lEn Hobbs, Harold W. , 302 Birch Ave., TakomR Park, SI 0221 

OEn Hoblin, Lester E., 1426-21st St., N.W. 6, D.C. 

lEd Hobson, Earriett, 106 Eigh St., Salisbury, Dorm. E, WA 3813 

lEn Boddinott, Richard L. , 3207 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore, 6407-45th PI., Rlverdale,WA 3189 

2AS Hodge, Herbert F. , Jr., 6603 Brookville Rd. , Chevy Chase, OL 6603 

2AS Hodgson, Shirley A., 3334 Oilman Terr., Baltimore 11, AAH, 286 (WA 3907 

lAS Hoeiter, Juliana R., 3206 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. 16, D.C, 7405 Didcinson Ave., C.P., 

US Boff, Jean M. , 6508 Beverly Rd., Baltimore, MBH, 253 

2AS Boff, Paulina K., 6508 Beverly Rd., Baltimore 12, MBB, 253 

IBPA Hoff, William L., 639 N. Mechanic St., Cumberland, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

lAS Boffman, Erwin A., 3705 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

2Ed Hoffman, Esther P., 3410 Dolfield Ave., Baltimore, Dorm. D, 359 

4BE Hoffman, Gloria R., Alturas Rd., Monsey, N.Y., Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

3Ed Hoffman, Inarose, 3721 Springdale Ave., Baltimore 16, Dorm. C, 319 

2AS Hoffraeister, Josephine L. , R. 3, Bedford Rd., Cumberland, Delta Gamma, WA 3083 (WA 7174 

SHE Hofstetter, Greeba E., 4023 W. Frankford Ave., Baltimore 6, 7408 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P., 

Ug Holbrook, Harold H., 4618 College Ave.. C.P., WA 5732 (WA 3083 

3Ed Holland, Bernadette B., 295 St. John's PI., Brooklyn, N.Y., 4502 College Ave., C.P., 



IBE Holland, Bonnie E., 8401 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, SE 5161 

2En Holland, Llaxwell L. , 4111 Edmonston Ave., Bladensburg, WA 4284 

2AS Hollander, Bette J., 210 Emerson St., D.C., Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

2AS Holler, Rosemary, 370e-35th St., K.W., D.C., Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

2AS Holm, Julianne, 3513 R St., N.V/., D.C., Dorm. B, 359 

5BPA Holmes, Ralph A., Jr., 4686-34th St., S. Arlington. Va., Silvester 

Gr Holt, Clyde J., 4124- 7th St., K.W., D.C., GE 9420 

2En Eoltr, JohnW., 1234 Linden Ave., Ealethorpe 27, Silvester 

IBPA Holrapfel, J. Richard, 295 Frederick St., Hagerstown, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

IAS Holtman, Charles, 3811 Hilton Rd., Baltimore, FO 3923 

3Ed Homes, Belle P., 4808-30th St., N.Z., D.C., OR 1538 

lEn Hood, Charles A., 2217 Ellamont St., Baltimore 16 

3AS Hood, Jacqueline D. , 807 Dale Dr., Silver Spring, SL 1782 

Gr Hopkins, John J., 10122 Greenock Rd., Silver Spring, SH 1287 

lAS Hoppe, El^ano'r D. , R.D. 2, Harrisburg, Pa., Calvert, 352 

lEd Hord, Lucile R., 1436 Girard St., N.Vf. 9, D.C., Dorm. D, 359 

lEn Horine, A. Dix, 4 E. Potomac St., Brunswick 

lAS Horowits, Helen, 612 Ingraham St., N.Vf. 11, D.C., GE 6357 

lAS Horrowritz, Ruth L., 131 Vassar Ave., Newark 8, N.J. , 7405 Dickinson Ave., C.P.,WA 3907 

IBPA Horsey, Harvey S., II, 312 S. Aurora St., Easton, Dorm. I 

lAS Hosfeld, Carol II., 6906 Wardman Rd. , Govans 12, Calvert, 352 

lEE Howard, Anne, 5518 Fairglen Rd., Chevy Chase 15, MBE, 253 

2BPA Howard, Joan E., 2377 LaRose St., Memphis, Tenn., Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

4Ag Howden, Henry P., 4409 Sedgwick Rd., Baltimore 10, 206 Tippett Bldg., C.P. 

2AS Howie, Ada A. G. , 137 Broadway, Bel Air., Dorm. D, 359 

IHE Howley, Catherine C, 704 Ingraham St., D.C., GE 2496 

lAS Hubbard, Calvin B., 420 Forest View Rd., Linthicum, LI 799 

lAS Hubbard, Richard P., East New Market 

2AS Huddle, Janet G., 20 Kolb Ave., Baltimore 6, IffiH, 253 

2AS Hudson, Barbara L., Church St., Selbyville, Del., 7504 Yale Ave., C.P. 

2AS Huebl, Sara A., 9 Southgate Ave., Annapolis, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., 7TA 9831 

lEn Hughes, Howard J., 2714 K. Calvert St., Baltimore 18 

lAS Hughes, John J., 203 Channing St., N.E. 2, D.C., Coliseum, 242 

4AS Hughes, ilargaret R., 120 Quincy St., Chevy Chase, Gamim Phi Beta, ITA 9773 

lAS Hull, U. Joy, 2132 'Aillow Spring Rd., Dundalk, Calvert, 352 

Gr Humphreys, Thomas I., 3740-lst St., S.E. 20, D.C., TR 6093 

2EE Humphries, I,!argaret D., 203 Butler Rd. , Reisterstown, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

Gr Hunt, Charles M. , 16l4-17th St.,N.W. 9, D.C. 

3AS Hunter, Mary F., 348 North Park, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Calvert, 352 

3AS Huntington, Carolyn, 2711 Broadway Ave., Evenston, 111., 4517 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9720 

Gr Hurdle, Burton G., 2719-31st St., S.E., Apt. B-571, 20, D.C, LI 7950 

4Ag Hurley, Florence 0., 4322 Farragut St., Hyattsville, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

4En Eurson, Edward J., 1107 Noyes Dr., Silver Spring, SH 6463 

IAS Hustis, Jacqueline A., 11 Stewart Pi., White Plains, N.Y., Dom. C, 319 

OEd Hutchins, Catherine C, 15-2nd Ave., Glen Burnie, GL 18-J 

lAS Hutchinson, Ruth L., 3919 Madison St,, Hyattsville, WA 4112 

lAg Hutchison, Frederick L. , 5170 Tilden St., N.W., D.C, EM 8866 

lAS Huyett, Jean Y., 838 Dewey Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm. D, 359 

Gr ^rman, Morton A., 4000 Kansas Ave., N.W. 11, D.C, TA 6282 

2HE Hynes, Mary E., 1011 N. Edgewood St., Arlington, Va., Dorm. C, 319 

2AS Ibrahim, Eleanor M., 1142-4th St., Perry Point, Dorm. C, 319 

Gr Ikerd, Howard M., 124 Irvington St., S.W. 20, D.C, TR 2424 

IBPA Ilgenfritz, M. Louis, 1606 F. Chester St., Baltimore 13, Silvester 

2AS Imhoff, Patricia A., 2039 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., D.C, Dorm. C, 319 

4AS Inches, Robert W., 6121 Western Ave., D.C, WO 8378 

lAS Indocci, William M., 49 Seymour Ave., Derby, Conn., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

4Ed Ingalls, Effie K., 6683-32nd Pi., N.W. 15, D.C, 4502 College Ave., C.P., WA 3083 

4Ed Ingber, Nathan M. , 728 Brune St., Baltimore, 7311 Hopkins Rd. , C.P. 

2BPA Ingham, Bette L. , 226 East High St., Glassboro, N.J., Dorm. C, 319 

3AS Ingraham, Jean F., 3100-16th St., D.C, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

lEE Inzer, Eunice Vl. , Eden, Ala..^-Dorm. C, 319 

4EE Irish, Carolyn K. , 711 Van Buren St., N.7:., D.C, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

lEn Irish, Charles A., 200 Hillendale Rd., Lansdowne, AR 1008-W 

lAS Irwin, Sandra M., 6700 Hillmead Rd., Bethesda 14, Calvert, 352 

IBPA Isaac, Fred M., 4912 Queensberry Ave., Baltimore 15, Silvester 

lEn Ivie, Arnold W., 406 Gallatin St., N.W., D.C, GE 5403 

3En Jachowski, Robert A., 1007 Hamlin St., N.E. 17, D.C, NO 2403 

4AS Jackson, Betty V., Glenelg, Dorm. D, 359 

4AS Jackson, Esther U. , 1730 Joppa Rd., Towson 4, AAE, 286 

Gr Jackson, John E., 1621 Tea St., N.W., D.C, 146 Wayne PI., S.E., D.C 


lAg Jaokson, Robert Yf., 103 Ventnor Terr., Dundalk 22, Dorm.I 

2En Jaoobs, Jack H,, 3911 Pinkney Rd., Baltimore, Prince George Hotel, C.P. 

2Ed Jacobs, June M., 4658 Laoey Ave,, Bradbury Park, Suitland, Dom.C, 319 

Gr Jaoobson, Abe., 535 Boulevard Ave., Dickson City, Pa., Lord Calvert Hotel, WA 9825 

lEn Jameson, TTilliam P., Jr., Indian Head, Dorm.J 

IHE Jamieson, Ann M,, 1621 Newton St., N.E., D.C., NO 5016 

lAS Jamison, Jooelyn J., 1520 Arbutus Ave., Halethorpe 27, MBH, 253 

IHE Jamison, Marilyn, 29S0-33rd PI., N.TT,, D.C,, VBH, 253 

2AS Janes, Lennis L., 10206 Lorain Ave., Silver Spring, MBH, 253 

lAS Janney, Betty B., 1200 Russell Rd., Alexandria, Va., Calvert, 352 

2BPA Jarboe, Lairrence D., Mechanicsville, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

IHE Jeffery, Shirley A., 64 Sargent Rd., Chillum, Brookland, NO 1738 

Gr Jehle, Arthur E., 5103-43rd Ave., Hyattsville, TTA 9008 

4Ed Jehle, Ruth B,(Mr8.), 5103-43rd Ave., Hyattsville, VTA 9008 

lEn Jelly, George N., 5324-29th St., N.W., Chevy Chase, EM 6764 

IAS Jemison, Janice, 20 Boston Ave., Takoma Park 12, SB 5969 

4AS Jenkins, Anna B., Box 198, Potomac Ave., Indian Head, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

4AS Jenkins, Mary L., 30 Strauss Ave., Indian Head, Ganma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

3HB Jenkins, Zenaide M., 130 Forrester St., S.W., 20, D.C, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2BPA Jensen, Mary L., 5531-33rd St., N.W., D.C, Alpha Omicron PI, WA 9871 

lAS Jester, William C., Jr., Star Route, Biglerville, Pa., Dorm.L 

Gr Johannesen, John D., 2016-37th St., S.E., 20, D.C 

IAS John, Milton M., 2029-16th St., N.W., D.C, NO 1420 

lAS Johnson, Aline, E,, 3810-32nd St., Mt. Rainier, WA 7356 

lAS Johnson, Arnold C, Joppa, 3 Holly Hill Rd., College Heights, WA 2059 

lAS Johnson, Bernard I., Bushwood, Dorm.K 

4Ed Johnson, Bemeil L,, 2130 Oaklawn Ave., Rookford, 111., Alpha Omicron Pi., WA 9871 

2BPA Johnson, Beverly, 5020 Nebraska Ave., 8, D.C, Kappa Delta., WA 9759 

IAS Johnson, Carol L., 9409 Russell Rd., Silver Spring, AAH, 286 

2AS Johnson, Ella L,, Hanover Rd., Elk Ridge, EL 244-J 

4AS Johnson, Lillian C, 72 E, Walnut St., Kingston, Pa., AAH, 286 

SHE Johnson, M. Jane, Ocean City Rd., Salisbury, Delta Gamma, WA 3083 

IAS Johnson, Marian J., 26S9-4th St.,N.E., 2, D.C, MI 6128 

lAS Johnson, Marshall P., 214 Elm St., Chevy Chase, Dorm K 

4AS Johnson, Mary-Lee, 2705 Mt. Holly St., Baltimore 16, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

3AS Johnson, Phyllis E., 3727 Cottage Terr., Cottage City, WA 0701 

Gr Johnson, Sonja J., 6415 Baltimore Ave., Riverdale, UN 1851 

lAS Johnson, Thomas P., 301-2nd Ave., Glenbumie, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9884 

Gr Johnson, Walter H., 1019 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, SH 7187 

4AS Johnson, Veatrice C, 3614-6th St., Baltimore 25, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IAS Johnston, Mary K., 4215-39th St., N.W,, 16, D.C, Calvert, 352 

BPA Johnston, Richard A., 4 E. Kaley Ave., Orlando, Fla. 

lEd Johnston, Richard S., 4217-28th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 8056 

lAS Jones, Alvin L., High St., New Freedom, Pa., Silvester 

3AS Jones, Dorcas R., 4320 Verplanck PI., N.W., D.C, m 7431 

Gr Jones, John L., Jr., 1525-19th St., S.E., 20, D.C, AT 9492 

2AS Jones, Laura A., 6337 Central Ave., S.E., D.C. 

IAS Jones, Lora M.(Mr8.), 409 Elm Ave., Takoma Park, Calvert, 352 

2HE Jones, M. Eleanor, 3209-4th St., N, Arlington, Va., Dorm.C, 319 

2HE Jones, Maxine E., 409 Elm Ave., Takoma Park 12, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

2HE Jones, Ruth E., .Edgewater, .2037-2nd St., N.E., 2, D.C, MI 6482 

IZd Jones, Stephen C, Arnold, Coliseum, 242 

Ag Jones, Theodore F., 2700 Q St., N,W., D.C, CO 1731 

3En Jonea, William W., SBll-Slst St., Mt. Rainier, WA 1259 

lAS Jongeneel, Ethel H., 2006 Keeaumoku St., Honolulu, Hawaii, Calvert, 352 

lEn Joran, Andrew W.,Jr., 4627 Pennington Ave., Baltimore, CU 1247 

lEn Jordan, Robert H,, 319 Holly Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 5025 

3HE Joska, Hilda F., 845 N, Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore, AAH, 286 

2HE Junoal, Pauline, 5115 Cathedral Ave., D.C, Dorm.C, 319 

lEn Just, James R., 4318 Tuckerman St., Hyattsville, WA 9136 

OAg Kahoe, Stephen M.,Jr., Forest Hill, Dairy Dept., WA 3811 

IBPA Kaiser, John R., 511 F. St., Sparrows Point, 4315 Buckley Rd., C P. 

Gr Kallicott, Signy, Mount Vernon, Route- 2, 4303 Tuckerman St., Riverdale, WA 1018 

IBPA Kambies, Robert W., 137 Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda 

2AS Kandel, Feme, 2328 Whlttler Ave., Baltimore, Alpha Bpsilon Phi, WA 9804 

4AS Kangas, Aune M., 1051 N, Monroe St., Arlington, Va., 

IAS Kanowsky, Paul M., 828 S. Hanover St., Baltimore 30, 4607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

Gr Kantabutra, Prapa T., Bangkok, Slam, 604 Erie .Ave., .Takoma Park, SL 2572 

IAS Kaplan, Irvin B., 3444 Virginia Ave., Baltimore, Dorm.K 

2Ed Kaplan, Sydell B., 127 Jewett Ave., Jersey City 4, N.J., Calvert, 352 


2AS Earitas, Margaret M., 2-D Southway, Greenbelt 

lAS Karlowa, Marianne W., 64 Frost Ave., Frostburg, MBH, 253 

Gr Kasten, John F., Jr., 1340 V St., S.E. 20, D.C. 

US Katt, Doris S., 7526-12th St., N.W. 12, D.C, 7406 Dickinson Ave., C.P., WA 8012 

2AS Kati, Norman H., 9099 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn, BE 190 

3Ed Kauffman, Margaret J., 1416 Holly St., N.W., D.C, GB 0210 

2BPA Kaufman, Aida, 12 Espana St., Santurce, P.R., Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9747 

4AS Kaufman, Alberto, Calle Espana, No, 12, Santurce, P.R., 7311 Hopkins Ave., C.P. 

3En Kay, Jack, 4800-17th St., N.W., D.C, RA 6737 

2HE Kaylor, D. Jean, Edge-»rater Beach, Edgeirater, Domu D, 359 

2AS Katlauskas, Vity F., 901 Bank St., Waterburj' 10, Conn,, Tippett Bldg,, C.P. 

Gr Kearney, Flora M. , 1401 Delachaise St., New Orleans, La., 4611 Knox Rd. , C.P., WA 8685 

AS Keehn, Marjorie N., 742 Pine St., Winnet ka , Ill.,AAH, 286 

US Keimel, U. Virginia, N.A.S. (L.T.A. ), Richmond, Fla... AAH, 286 

IAS Keiser, Irma M. , 2306 Tioga Parkway, Baltimore 15, 4811 Guilford Rd., C.P., WA 3529 

2HE Keith, Millioent A., 1660 Lanier Pi., N.W., D.C, HO 6100 

Gr Kelleher, Kenneth S., 919 Green St., Apt, 3, Alexandria, Va., !^ 0395 

Gr Kelley, Edna S., 2300 California St., 8, D.C, NO 4328 

lEd Kelley, Eugene B., Jr., Beltsville, WA 4200 

3AS Kelley, Margaret A., 1838 Monroe St., N.W. 10, D.C, DO 4603 

AS Kelley, Rose M., 1838 Monroe St., N.W. 10, D.C, Calvert, 352 

iSn Kelly, John I., 6708 N. Central Ave., Chevy Chase, WI 2155 

Gr Kelsay, Laura E., Star Rt. , Marlow, Okla., 3138-17th St., N.W, 9, D.C, HO 9195 

2AS Kemp, Mary L., 1236-llth St., N.W., D.C, 4517 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9720 

lEd Kendle, Gwendolyn E., R. 1, Williamsport, Calvert, 352 

2A6 Kenkel, William F., 5401 Tilden Rd. , Decatur Heights, UN 3760 

2AS Kennedy, S. Louise, 6-N Plateau Pi., Greenbelt 

2Ed Kennedy, Evelyn LI., 4504 West Virginia Ave., Bethesda, Calvert, 352 

Gr Kenny, Hamill T., Reeves Clinic, Westernport 

IHE Kent, Helen J., 110 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Towson, MBH, 253 

IBPA Kent, Jeannette M., St. Simons Island, 3a., Dorm, C, 319 

3HE Keplinger, Doris P., 5818 Ruatan St., Berwyn, BE 578 

IAS Kershaw, Mary I . , 23 Overbrook Rd., Baltimore 28, iAH, 286 

lAS Kessel, Betty E., 1003 Seminary Rd., Silver Spring, Dorm, C, 319 

2Ed Ketner, Ellen W., 1501 Otis St., N.E., D.C, Dorm, D, 359 

2En Keys, Whitney, 3903-58th St., Cheverly, UN 0395 

lEn Ki dwell, Franklin D., 316 Brunswick St., Brunswick, Dorm, K 

3AS Kincaid, Nancy J., R.D. 1, Tuscarawas Rd., Beaver, Pa., Calvert, 352 

IBPA Kincaid, Roger G., R.D. 1, Rising Sun, 4602 College Ave., C.P. 

lAS King, Carolyn, 4004 South Dakota Ave., N.E., D.C., DU 5700 

3Ed King, Elnora L. , 4014-33rd St., Mt. Rainier, WA 4625 

4AS King, Frances M. E., 2120 Ashland Ave., Baltimore 5, 7405 Dickinson Ave., C.P,,WA 3907 

2Ed King, Shirley A., 4004 South Dakota Ave., N.E., D.C, DU 5700 

4AS King, Vernon J., 4404 Leeds Ave., Baltimore 29, Dorm. J 

2AS Kii^gsbury, Barbara H., Gibson Island, Dorm. C, 319 

En Kinney, Eugene P., 1941 Roanoke St., Louisville, Ky,, Coliseum, 242 

4HE Kinsman, Uae H, (Mrs.), 6509 Chestnut St., Chevy Chase, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

OHE Kirby, Leila D., 7107 Buchanan St., Eyattsville, WA 1649 (Phi, WA 9770 

IBPA Kirby, Robert M., Jr., 130 W. Cliveden St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa., Delta Sigma 

lAS Kirchner, Barbara A., 7611 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park 12, AAH, 286 

Gr Kirkwood, Frances M. , 1220 Maple View PI., S.E. 20, D.C, TR 7609 

lEd Kirwan, C Gordon, 2702 Lyndhurst Ave., Baltimore, Silvester 

4En Kise, William K., 4204-28th St., Mt. Rainier, UN 0762 

OAS Kissinger, Charles W. J., 2905 Carlton Ave., N.E. 18, D.C, DO 5419 

IAS Kitsmiller, Barbara J., La Vale St., Cumberland, Calvert, 352 

IAS Klein, H. Elaine, 213 Witherspoon Rd., Baltimore 12, MBH, 253 

lAS Kleinman, Alfred, 2537 Brookfield Ave., Baltimore 17, 4609 Knox Rd., C.P. 

lAS Kline, Frank U., Bowie, BO 2911 

Ag Kline, William H., 2514 Yorkway, Dundalk 

lAS Kloch, Jerome J., 3 Trimble Rd., Edgewood, Theta Chi 

3AS Knibb, Shirley A., 2101 Erdman Ave., Baltimore 18, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

Gr Kni^t, Willys R., 4509 Calvert Rd., C.P. (TIA 2955 

IBPA Knighton, Herbert V., 1316 Fuselage Ave., Baltimore 20, 6915 Oak Ridge Rd., Hyattsville, 

2BPA Knouse, Helena C, 103 Hancock Ave., Takoma Park, SL 3826 

3AS Kobre, Ruth, 4318-22nd St., N.E., D.C, AD 8125 

US Koch, Lois E., 9 S. Calhoun St., Baltimore 23, AAH, 286 

AS Koch, Mildred V. (Mrs.), 4607 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 7022 

2HE Koehler, Patricia F., 3523 Albemarle St., N.W. 8, D.C, Delta Genna> WA 3083 

2AS Kohner, Constance A., 3212 Northampton St., N.W. 15, D.C, AAH, 286 

3BPA Konigsberg, Florence H., 3927 Military Rd., N.W., D.C, WO 2340 


lAg Koonte, Karl D,, 48 Liberty St., TTestminBter, SJlvestar 

2AS loprowskl, Mary T., 209 Clinton Ave., Jersey City, N.J., MBH, 253 

Gr Kosar, Williaa F., Box 217, C.P. 

2Bd Krakow, Harriet E., 5223-2nd St., N.W., D.C., RA 4411 

5Ed Kramer, Anne C.CMtb.), 2905 Elgin Ave., Baltimore 16, MA 2085-J 

2AS Kramer, Edward, 2530 Boarman Ave., Baltimore 15, LI 8891 

2AS Krans, Corinne A., 9606 Cleai^iew PI., Silver Spring, AAH, 286 

IAS Kraus, Louis H., 127 Virginia Ave., Salisbury, Dora.L 

IAS Krause, Barbara A., 1214 Tewkesbury PI., N.TT., D.C., Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

2AS Krause, Deborah R., 5800 Woodhaven Ave., Baltimore, MBH, 25S 

(TO 1584 

4AS Krehnbrink, Dorothy W.(Mrs.), 4221 Wiokford Rd., Baltimore, 7015 Wake Forest Dr., C.P. 

IAS Krehnbrink, Robert J., 516 St. Dunstans Rd., Baltimore, 7015 WakeForest Dr.,C.P.,Uin.584 

2BPA Krenlioh, N. Edith, 6507 Edmonston Ave., E. Riverdale, UN 2555 

2AS Krider, Robert I., 527 Tuokerman St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 1751 

4AS Krobath, Emilie L.(Mr8.), 4106-22nd St., N.E., 18, D.C, 4605 College Ave.,C.P.,tJR9864 

lEn Krug, Frederick W,, N. Rolling Rd., Ellioott City, Dorm K 

IBPA Krug, Theodore F., 196 Oakdale Rd., Baltimore 10, Silvester 

5AS Kudlich, Jane, 406 Turner St., Chevy Chase, 7407 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9886 

2AS Kuehn, Mildred L. E., 5421 Piedmont Ave., Baltimore 16, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

2En Kuldell, Philip D,, 5615 Davis St., N.W., 7, D.C, Dorm.L 

lAS Kulsrud, Russell, 4901 Somerset Rd., Riverdale 

5AS Kundin, Honey L., 60 V St., N.W., 1, D.C, NO 6590 

2AS Kurk, Alioe S., 8415 Dixon Ave., Silver Spring, SH 6589 

Gr Kurtz, Floyd E., 4846 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 16 

2AS Kurtr, Lewis R., 94 Kinship Rd., Dundalk, Dorm.I 

AS Kurtr, Mary J., 1501 St. Paul St., Baltimore 2, Dorm.E, 275 

4AS Kurts, Milton C, 126 Riverside Dr., Baltimore 21, Tippett Bldg., C.P., WA 5674 

En Kurs, Donald J., 215 Willow Ave., Takoma Park, SL 7532 

SAS Kure, Elisabeth J., 215 Willow Ave., Takoma Park, AAH, 286 

4HE Kushner, Gussie A., 4605 Knox Rd., C.P,, WA 1765 

IBPA Kushner, Rhoda E., 770S-15th St., N.W., D.C, 7406 Dickinson Ave., C.P., WA 8012 

lEn Kuzminsky, Irving, 4520-14th St., N.W., D.C, GE 7208 

lAS Kyriakys, William C, 504 W, 29th St., Hew York, N.Y,, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

Gr Kyser, Russell H., 150 James Ave., Lowell, Mich., 2901 S St., S.E., 20, D.C, AT 1010 

Gr Laoey, Carey E., Prinoe Frederick, PR 26-W 

ISd Laohman, Lenora G., 6515 Maple Ave., Chevy Chase, Dorm.C, 519 

lAS LaDow, Charles E., 67S4-59th Ave., Hyattsvllle, WA 0867 

IAS Laird, Donald P., 1712 E. 51st St., Baltimore, Dorm.L 

IBn Lake, William B., 5908-9th St., N.W., D.C, Dorm.L 

lEn Lakeman, William, 9107 Kingsbury Dr., Silver Spring, 4706 Harvard Rd., CP„Hy 5049 

4AS Lambros, Alice, 1500 Floral St., N.W., D.C, G#. 1926 

2Bd Lancaster, Betty M., 5926-1 7th PI., N.E., 18, D.C, HO 1726 (WA 1799 

Gr Landau, Helen, 1425 University Ave., New York 52, N.Y. ,4001 Queensbury Rd.,Hyatt8ville 

IBPA Landau, Samuel G., 5405 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 15, Lord Calvert Hotel, CP. 

IBPA Landrum, James H., 1822 M St., N.E., D.C TR 6587 

4Ag Lane, William L., St. Michaels, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

IAS Lang, Jeanne M., 150 McPhail St., Baltimore 25, AAH, 286 

2AS Langenf elder, Betty A., 7516 Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore 6, AAH, 286 

lAS Langenf elder, H. Jack, 6503 Blenheim Rd., Baltimore 12, Silvester 

lEd Langmack, Betty N., 4909 Arkansas Ave., N.W., D.C, Dorm.D, 559 

IHE Lanier, Louise R., 6425 Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, WA 9265 

IBPA Larry, Betty L., 155 S. Liberty St., Cumberland, CU 2615 

Gr Larsson, Aloott J., 2717-29th St., S.E., Washington 20, D.C. 

4Sd Laskowski, Claire S., Box 105 Cambridge, AAH, 286 

lAS Laskowski, Jeanne H., Box 106 Cambridge, AAH, 286 

SAS Laughlin, Mary V., Box 97, Clinton, Dorm.D, 559 

IAS Lew, Anna M., 5710 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., 16, D.C, Delta Gamna, WA 5085 

Gr Lawhead, Jeimes H., 404 Flower Ave., Takoma Park 

lEn Lay, Peter, 1408 Haubert St., Baltimore 50 

5AS Lataro, Pedro P., 17 Mitamat Ave., Santurce, P.R. 


Gr Leavitt, George E.,III, 607 Springfield Ave., Cranford, N.J., 5790 Nichols Ave.,S.B., 

Gr Leavitt, William E., 4214 Nichols Ave., S.W., D.C 

2AS LeBow, Isobel A., Cordova Apts. B-2, Baltimore 17, Alpha Epsilon Phi,WA 9804 

lAS LeBrun, Olivia, Port Deposit, Dorm.E, 275 

IBd LeCompte, Edward L., 115 Raoe St., Cambridge, 7401 Princeton Ave., CP,,WA 9855 

OEd Ledarhoa, Virginia L., Arnold 

IBPA Lee, Charles S., 5622 Moorland Lane, Bethesda 

2AS Lee, Clara, Sunnyside, Springfield Rd., R. F.D.I, Bowie 

IBPA Ue, Donald, 5902 Hilton Rd., Baltimore 15, FO 4840 

IBPA Lee, JosejAi W., 9 Colonial Ave., Annapolis, % E.W.Alton, R. F.D.I, Chatham, WA 5592 


Ag Lee, King B., 7140 Windaor Mill Rd., Baltimore, 4609 Knox Rd., C.P. (WA 4329) 

Gr Lee, Shu-Ohing, National Taing Hua University, Kunming, China, 4S1S Knox Rd., C.P., 

2HE LeFerre, Jacqueline Y., 716 Sunniit Ave., Hageratown, MBH, 253 

2Ag Lehman, Allyn S., Box 271, Sevema Park, Silvester Hall 

2HE Leino^ Marguerite E., 235 Riverview Ave., Baltimore 22, 4312 KnoSc Rd.,C.P., WA 7146 

Gr Leiphart, John P. C, 562 Portland St., S.B., 20, D.C. 

lAS Leise, Sol, 727-6th St., S.W., 4, D.C, Silvester Hall 

IfiPA Leitman, William, 4105 Rollins Ave., Baltiaore 7, Sigma Alpha Uu (UI 8401) 

OSd LenooDn, Bess B., R.P.D. 1, Box 136, C^eenville, N.C., 3110-26th St., N.B., 16, D.C, 

OAS Lengel, Russell C, 637 Addison Rd., 19, D.C, HI 0923-J 

2Ag Lenherr, Leo A., Jr., 9712 Sutherland Rd., Silver Spring, SL 4189 

Gr Lepoff, Jack H., 973 State St., Portsmouth, K.H., 4702 Hiohols Ave,, Apt. IB, 20, D.C 

Gr Leppert, Melvin L., 4012 First Pi., S.W., 20, D.C, AT 2493 

IAS Lerch, Gordon L., 4703 Ridgeway Ave., Baltimore 6, Silvester Hall 

lEn Lerch, Harry M., Jr., 718 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring, SL 4184 

2BPA Lester, John R., 43 Waverly Ave., Garrett Park, Theta Chi, WA 9733 

3Ed Levenson, Ityra, 3306 Springdale Ave., Baltimore 16, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9747 

2Ed Levin, Ann T., 313 Main St., Laurel, LA 88- J 

4HE Levin, Bettie A., 3206 Carlisle Ave., Baltimore 16, AAH, 286 

Gr Levin, Irvin, 2232 Orleans St., Baltimore 81 

IAS Levin, Robert C, 2436 Callow Ave., Baltimore, Silvester Hall 

3AS Levine, Gilbert S., 1011-7th St., N.W., D.C, 4310 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9845 

IAS Levine, Irvine, 532 Quintana PI., N.W., D.C, RA 2122 

lEn Leving, Morris L., 4013 Barrington Rd., Baltimore, Sigma Alpha Mu, WA 9845 (WA 8012) 

IAS Levy, Charlotte M., 3403 Woodbrook Ave., Baltimore 17, 7406 Dickinson Ave., C.P,, 

IAS Levy, Harriet, 3704 Dennlyn Rd., Baltimore 15, Dona E, 273 

lAg Lewis, David M., Harwood Park, Elkridge 

IHE Lewis, Edith E., Maryland Ave., Braddock Heights, Dorm E, 273 

2AS Lewis, Rachel A«, 9515-51 st Ave., Berwyn 

lAS Lewis, Robert, Boyds, 4607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

2AS Libbey, Laura P., 4918 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Dorm D, 359 

Gr Uberty, Alfred E., 216 W. 22nd St., Kew York, N.Y. 

IBPA Libowitr, Harvey M., 809 Washington Blvd., Baltimore 30, Silvester Hall 

Gr Uddiard, Glen B., 3425 E. Capitol St., 19, D.C, FR 8300 

Gr Liebson, Sidney H., 2501-14th St., N.E., 18, D.C, MI 6774 

lEd Lieske, Nancy I., Rising Svca, MBH, 253 

lEd Ligon, Nellie J., Brinklow, Calvert Hall, 35? 

IAS Likens, Martha C, 6-P Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

IAS Lilienfield, Barbara G., 4606-30th St., Mt. Rainier (CP., WA 8527) 

Or Lillie, Robert J., 35 Berwick Rd., Overbrook, Philadelphia 31, Pa., 4704 Harvard Rd., 

OEd Undsay, Elisabeth V., 2247 Mt. View Pi,, S.E., 20, D.C, TR 1954 

OEd Lindsay, Margaret L., 2247 Mt. View PI., S.E., 20, D.C, TR 1954 

IHE Link, Ruth B., Ednor, Ashton 3137 

2AS Linthicum, Ferris Jane, 21 Manor Circle, Takoma Park 12, SH 2507 

3AS Lipp, Elizabeth H., 3159 Tennyson St., N.W., 15, D.C, EM 3621 

3AS Lisciotto, Frank R., 200 McKee St., Floral Park,N.Y., 4509 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 2883 

IHE Liskey, Clara M., Ednor 

AS Little, Roy L., 4408 Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, WA 8413 

IBPA Littleton, William T., 3019 Overland Ave., Baltimore, HA 2822 

lAS Loar, Jacqueline B., La Vale, Cumberland, Calvert, 352 

Gr Loatman, Paul J.. 418 Q-and St., Troy, N.Y., 1818 23rd St .,S.E.,Apt.61-B,20,D.C. 

2En Lodge, Richard D., 3710 Chatham Rd., Baltimore, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

2Ed Loftin, Aimee M., 4836 Loughboro Rd., N.W., D.C, MBH, 253 

IHB Logan, Carolyn A., 3909 McKinley St., D.C, Calvert Hall, 352 

3BPA London, Richard H., 340 W. 57th St., New York,N.Y., 4310 Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 9845 

3HE Long, Sara J., Woodlawn Ave., La Vale, Cumberland, AAH, 286 

2AS Longley, Alice E., "Long Bar Farm," Abingdon, Dorm C, 319 

IBPl Lonsway, Ann L., 8412 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, AAH, 286 

2aS Loomis, Gretta 0., 3718 42nd Ave., Cottage City, WA 6829 

lEd Loomis, John P., 3723 36th St., Mt. Rainier 

G- Lord, Dwlght E., 4721 Muskogee St., Berwyn, BE 195-RX 

lAS Losin, Sheldon, 3424 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, FO 9074 

2BPA Louden, Frederic Orr, 3715 Albemarle St. ,N.W.,16,D.C. , Silvester 

a- Love, Anne G., 3700 MoKinley St.,N.W. ,15,D.C , OR 3006 

IBPA Love, James W., Loveville, Coliseian, 242 

IHE Lovelace, Katy F., 307 Delaware Ave. , Brunswick, Calvert, 352 

lEn Lowe, John Blake, Jr., R. F.D.I, Cape May, N.J., Dorm L 

AS Loye, Elitabeth C, 917 Wayne St., Arlington, Va., Dorm C, 319 

4En Lubarsky, Bernard, 1460 Irving St., N.W.,10,D.C. , MI 8969 

a* Lucas, Benjamin, Everton, Arkansas, 4809 Guilford Rd., C.P., WA 6024 


2AS Luoftg, C. Byrd, 116 Disnkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, U.S.Burebu of Mines, C.P.,UN SlOO 

2AS Luoke, Joseph F., 5505 Link Atc, Baltimore, AR 12S3-M 

2AS Luetzenkirohen, Ann E., 1307 Windemere Ave., Baltimore 18, Dorm.C, 519 

2BPA Lunan, Ilda M,, 115 S. Annapolis Blvd., Ferndale, AAH, 286 

3AS Lund, Evelyn H., Clinton, Dorm.E, 273 

IAS Lundberg, M. Doris, 6115-43rd St., Riverdale, UN 4656 

4En Lasby, William E.,Jr., 6408 Queens Chapel Rd,, Hyattsville, HY 5331 

Gr Lustig, Marie E., Chesley, Ontario, Canada, Calvert, 552 

2BPA Luther, Clark E., Hooper, Neb., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

lAg Lynoh, Franoia B,, Ridgely, Dairy Bams, 543 

IHE Lynoh, Jaaa V,, 4206 Dtrvall Av»., Bfiltiaore 16, MBH, 265 

2AS Lyon, Dorothy R., 4004 Jefferson Ave., Hyattsville, WA 7157 

OEn Meodonald, Mary M., 22 Williams Lane, Chevy Chase 15, WI 6598 

IHE Maodonough, Elaine R., 1611 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va., Calvert, 552 

lAS MaoDougall,. Stanley S,, Riverdale Rd., Riverdale 

2AS MaoFalls, Blanche V., 2910 Military Rd., H.W., D.C,, Dorm.C, 519 

lAS MaoGregor, Helen W., 2908 Villa Rosa Pk., Taapa, Fla., Calvert, 552 (LI 0786 

Gr Maok, Diok A., 298 Cayuga St., Santa Cruz, Cal., 1414 Massaohusetts Ave.,S.E.,S,D.C*, 

IHE MaoMillan, Helen J., 55 Williams Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Dorm.E, 275 

4BPA MaoVeigh, John R., 6517 Colesville Rd., University Park, WA 6515 

SHE Maddox, Marian V., 4230 Fessenden St., D.C,, Dorm.C, 519 

2BPA Madigan, Patrioia M., 5122-19th St., N.W., 10, D.C, Pi Beta Phi, WA 9851 

22n Madison, Williaj» R., 5709-15th St., N.W., D.C, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

lAS Maeshner, Patrioia B., 169 Chesapeake St., D.C, MBH, 255 

IBPA Mahaney, Helen A., 6787 Woodley Rd., Baltimore 22., AAH, 286 

lAg Maher, Donald J., Overhill, Catonsville 28, Terrapin Inn, WA 9870 

2HE Main, Janet L., W. Main St., Middletown, MBH, 255 

lAS Maire, Elizabeth L., 1657 East West Highiray, Silver Spring, SH 8861 

Gr Malcolm, James E., 46 Walnut St., Silver Spring 

IAS Males, Geraldine R., 6001-4th St., N.W., D.C. 

2BPA Malone, Kenneth A., 162 Fair St., Peterson, N.J., Coliseum, 242 

2AS Maloney, Thomas J., 7647 Rhodes Ave., Chicago, 111., Coliseum 

lEd Mandell, Judith C, 5415 Holmes Ave., Baltimore 17, MBH, 255 

2AS Mangum, Elizabeth A., 8860 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, SI 0186 

lEn Mangum, Grafton F.,Jr., 8860 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, SI 0185 

OBd Mangum, Susie A., 2605 Monroe St., N.E., D.C. 

2En Mann, C Wallace, 755 Grant ley St., Baltimore 

lEd Marcus, Jean P., 156 E. Irvin Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm.C, 519 

4BPA Margolies, Vera M., 5241 Chevy Chase Parkway, 15, D.C, Phi Sipna Signa, WA 9828 

lAS Margolin, June R.,,5402 Dolfield,Ave, Baltimore 15, Dorm. E, 275 

lAS Margolis, Germaine D., 107 Polk St., Cumberland, Dorm. E, 273 

IBPA Margolis, Joel, 4101 Belle Ave., Baltimore 15, 4400 LeHigh Ave., C.P, 

lAS Mark, Muriel, 2016 Whittier Ave., Baltimore 17, Dorm. E, 275 (TR 6524 

6r Markell, John H., 2555 Winnemao Ave., Chicago 25, 111., 121 Raleigh St.,S.E.,20,D.C«, 

lAS Manner, Hhona M., 331 W.End Ave,, Cambridge, Dorm. C, 519 

2HE Marshall, Ann Montague, Box 480A, R.F.D., Hampton, Va., MBH, 255 

lEn Marshall, Barton A., 609 Main St., Laurel, LA 497 

IHE Marshall, Betty J., 257 E. Montgomery Ave., Rockville, Calvert, 552 

2AS Marshall, Helen B., 4210 Jefferson St., Hyattsville, WA 2515 

2BPA Marsteller, Charles Marion, Jr., 8801 Old Bladensburg Rd., Silver Spring 

lAg Marston, Lauren S., 608 Homestead St., Baltimore 

2HE Martlok, Jeanette, 214 W. Mulberry St., Baltimore, MU 8842 

OAS Martin, Katharine A., 100 Williamsburg Dr., Silver Spring, SH 9557 

lAS Martin, Patrioia H., 4918 Jamestown Rd., Westmoreland Hills, Dorm. E, 275 

Gr Martino, Salvatore F., 227 Jane St., Weehairicen, N.J., 7511 Hopkins Ave., C.P. 

IHB Martyn, Patricia C, 2814-54th St., N.W., D.C, MBH, 255 

4AS Maruooi, Doris H., 1112-5rd Ave., Spring Lake, N.J., Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

lAg Marzloola, Martin A., Edgewood Rd., Edgewood 

2BPA Maslin, John A., 288 Glen Ave., Port Chester, Theta Chi, WA 9656 

4AS Mastin, Irma J., Sykesville, 7505 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 6017 

(TA 9572 

4Ed Matassa, Mary L. E., 3345 Belair Rd., Baltimore 15, 651 Delafield P1.,N.W.,11,D.C, 

lAS Matta, Carlos R., 5 Reoreo St., Rio Piedras, P.R., Dor^i. K 

IHE Matthews, Doris V., Dickerson, AAH, 286 

IBPA Matthews, Edward P., 3306 Brighton St., Baltimore 16 

IAS Matthews, Harris S., Jr., La Plata, Dorm. I 

IAS Matthews, Louise S., La Plata, MBH, 255 

2Ag Mattingly, J. Magulre, Jr., Tudor Hall Farm, Leonardtown, A. H. Bams, 258 

2AS Mattes, Muriel, 3362 Tennyson St., N.W., D. C, Dorm. C, 519 

2HE Maul, Jean C, 2908 Pennsylvania Ave., Niagra Falls, N.Y., Alpha Omioron Pi,WA 9871 

IHE Mavrides, Katharine, 3248 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore, MBH, 255 


4A6 IfcLxfleld, Margaret J., 10 W. Blackthorn St., Chevy Chase, AAH, 286 (20, D.C. 

Gr Uaxson, Donald R., 24 Highland Ave., Claremont, Apt. 3-B, 104 Irvington St., S.W., 

4EE Ifexwell, Ifergaret E., 6220-52nd PI., li,^., D.C, WO 7645 

31S Ltoxwell, Uartha J., Jeasup, 4506 College Ave., C.P., WA 9273 

3HE Maxwell, Marvel E., 7900 Ardmore Ave., Baltimore 14, Dorm, D, 359 

Gr Mayer, Cornell H., 1035 E. College St., Iowa City, Iowa, 55 Forrester St., S.W. 20, D.C. 

4EE Mayerberg, Florence A., 2200 Park Ave., Baltimore 17, lAH, 286 

2AS Mazor, Irene, Chapman Rd., Kingsville, Dorm. C, 319 

3Ed MoAbee, Eleanor R., Round Bay, Severna Park, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

U€ McAdams, Franklin P., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

4BPA McBreen, Maureen B., 3720-41st Ave., Cottage City, WA 2719 

lAS UcBride, Charles L., Jr., 4 Randall Ave., Pikesville, Silvester 

IHE McBride, Joanne, 7101 Chatham Rd., Chevy Chase, AAH, 285 

lEn McCabe, Richard H., Bishop, Dorm. I 

lAS MoCarl, James T., 7-D Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, GR 2401 

4AS McCarl, Mary J., 7-D Crescent Rd,, Greenbelt, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

lEd McCam, Jewell D., R. 14, Box 181B, Baltimore 20 

lEd McCarthy, Joseph P., 1318 Massachusetts Ave., 3.E., D.C, Coliseum, 242 

IBPA UcCarty, Mary J., 4345 Nichols St., S.W., D.C, AAH, 286 

lEn McCarty, William D., 6 Taney Ave., Annapolis, Dorm. K 

2AS McCaslin, Dorothy S., 8720 Colesvllle Rd., Silver Spring, Dorm. D, 359 

3Ag iicCauley, Andrew W., Georgetown, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

Gr McCaw, Frederick S,, 8514 Edmonston Rd., Berwyn Heights, BE 9-W 

3BPA McCeney, Virginia B., 357 Main St., Laurel, Dorm. D, 359 

IBPA McClay, Charles R., 4912-42nd PI., Hyattsville, UK 2157 

2AS UcCollum, Louise, 2944 Brandywine St., 8, D.C, Dorm. C, 319 

SSd McComas, Jean D., 4601 Liaien Ave., Baltimore 27, Alpha Ooicron Pi, WA 9871 

Gr McConnaughey, William E., 2036 E St., Lincoln, Hebr., 4505-lst St., S.S., D.C. 

2AS McCoy, Donna J., 1127 West Virginia Ave., N.E. 2, D.C, Sigma lappa, WA 9861 

2aS McCoy, Ssura L. , 325 Hammond St., Westernport, Donn, C, 319 

IBPA McCulley, John L. , R.D, 2, TiTheeling, W. Va., 427 Decatur St., N.W,, D.C, RA 0541 

lEn McCullough, Ellwood L., 610 N. Adams St., Havre de Grace, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

2Ed MoCutcheon, Sara B., Braddock Heights, 4506 College Ave., C.P., WA 9273 

4En McDearmon, Arthur G. , 4315 Wentworth Rd., Baltimore 7, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

3HE McElfresh, Gertrude E., 5513 Hampden Lane, Bethesda 14, 4611 College Ave., C.P., 

lEE McFarlane, Edna B., Wateroliff St., Lonaconing, MBH, 253 (WA 9861 

3Ag McGaha, Malvin E. , 4310 Queens bury Rd., Riverdale, WA 3503 

Gr McGaughan, Henry S., 3800 W St., S.E., Apt. 201, 20, D.C, FR 8260 

US McGee, Jean F., 5814-44th Ave., 5yatt8ville, 7fA 6390 

lAg McGinns s, Harry S., P, 0. 75, Chestertown, Dairy Barns 

lAS McGinnis, Patricia P., 4761 MacArthur Blvd., N.W., D.C, AAH, 286 

lEn MoGowan, William A., 6143-30th St., N.W. 15, D.C. 

3Ed McGuire, Irene V., 134 Main St., Western Port, AAH, 286 

2AS Mclnnes, Archibald R., 823 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, SL 6486 

IHE McKee, Patricia A., Ka-vy Dept., Naval Dispensary, D.C, Dorm, E, 273 

2AS McKeover, Robert L. , Jr., 10501 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, SH 1961 

IHE McKenna, M. Patricia, Itenor Vale, S. Rolling Rd., Catonsville 28, AAH, 286 

CEd McKenney, Ella M. (Mrs.), Arnold, AS 5653 

IBE UcKeovm, Jean F., 2808 Terrace Rd, , S,E. 20, D.C, 7504 Yale Ave,, C.P., WA 4262 

lEn McKinley, John M. , 7019 Han5)den Lane, Bethesda 14, OL 9563 

2AS McLachlen, Mary M,, 5917-4th St,, N.W. 11, D.C, GE 1384 

Gr McLaughlin, Laura, 6602-44th Ave., Hyattsville, UN 1676 

IAS McLaurine, Mary J,, 72 Windermere Ave., Lansdcwue, Pa., Dorm. E, 273 

3Ed McLean, Dorothy J., 3709 S St., S.E., D.C, Dorm. D, 359 

lEn McLeish, John D., 3717 Rhode Island Ave., Brenbw^ood, WA 7554 

lEn McLellan, Robert A., 5300 W St., Bradbury Heights, HI 0757 

lEd McMahon, Wayne J., General Delivery, Belts ville 

lEd McManes, Ronald A., 524 Roxboro Pi., N.W. 11, D.C, GB 8580 

IBPA McMillan, Russell A,, 144 Grafton St., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm I 

2En McMillan, William A,, 4918-3rd St,, N,W,, D,C,, GE 5583 

IjLS MoMinn, Dorothy A,, 310 Beechwood St,, Orange, N,J, , Calvert, 352 

Gr Mead, Oscar J., 17503 Cameron Ave., Detroit 3, Mioh,, 126 Irvington St., S.W.20,D.C. 

3AS Mead, William C, 1716 D St., S.E., D.C, LI 4133 

US Measell, Alice V., 3944 Morrison St., 15, D.C, Calvert, 352 

lEd Meehan, Thomas L., 121 Tyndall Ave., Providence, R.I., Coliseum, 242 

IAS Mehlinger, Joan, 5805 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, 7406 Dickinson Ave., C.P., WA 8012 

lEn Meininger, Donald F., Canary Trailer Park, Berwyn (20, D.C, TR 2424 

Gr Mekota, John E., Jr., 806 Forest Ave., Crete, Nebr., 4214 Nichols Ave., S.W., Apt.l, 

4AS Mellinger, Gloria L., 428 Peabody St., N.E. 11, D.C, RA 4355 

IHB Menard, Marie E., 5700 Wheeler Rd.. S.E., Oxon Hill, SP 0808 


IJLS Mendet, Ruben A., 10 Los Angeles Ave., Ocean Pk. ,Santurce, P.R., Dorm K 

4HE Mendum, Evelyn L., 4614 Harvard Rd., C.P., WA 6929 

IHE Mensh, Betty L., 906 7th St., S.W., 4, D.C., DI 7864 

2En Menti, Ronald R., 137 Verona Ave., Newark, N.J., 6915 Oak Ridge Rd.,C,P., WA 2955 

2AS Meredith, Dorothy K., Park Eall, Dom C, 319 

lAS Meredith, Janice I.', 65 Siran Rd., Suitland, Calvert, 352 

IAS Meredith, Nancy E., Park Hall, Dorm C, 319 

lAS Merelman, Jack V. , 6004 43rd St., Hyattsville 

4AS Merritt. Helen B., 1519 Northwick Rd., Baltimore, 4517 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9720 

IAS Mertt, Grace W., 4215 Fernhill Ave., Baltimore 15, LI 8054 

2BPA Messersmith, B. Virginia, 425 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm C, 319 

IAS Messner, Irene R., 1013 E. Lonbard St., Baltimore, AAH, 286 

lAS Meushaw, Anthony J., 1348 Washington Blvd., 30, Silvester 

G- Meyer, Thomas 0., 626 7th Ave. ,Williamsport,30,Pa., 415 Atlantic St. ,S.E.,20,D.C, 

2Ed Meyers, Sutanne V., 1534 Wilson Blvd.,Arlington,Va. , GL 0723 

2AS Michel, Joan, 6518 40th Ave., University Park 

2aS Micken,. Annfe M., Strasburg, Pa., Dorm C, 319 

lAS Middleton, Mary M., 75 Frost Ave., Frostburg, MBH, 253 

2AS Middleton, Susan M., Lanham, WA 1499 

OAS Miles, Edwin F., 23-F Ridge Rd. , Greenbelt, GR 4651 

IBPA Miles, John J., 4310 30th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 4529 

lAS Milimn, Jacob Y., 4216 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore, 4607 Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 9766 

lAS Miller, Allen W., 712 Ingraham St., N.W., 11, D.C., RA 0555 

AS Miller, Doris A., 1304 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, AAH, 286 

4HE lailer, Geraldine G., Box 92, White Marsh, 4615 Knox Ave., C.P., WA 3925 

4AS Miller, Jean I., 2714 East West Highway, Chevy Chase, Dorm D, 359 

lAS Miller, Jeralee J., 1527 East Falkland, Silver Spring, Calvert, 352 

lAS Miller, John P., 125 Arbutus Ave., Catonsville 28, Silvester 

3AS Miller, Josephine E., 3831 Newark St., N.W., 16. D.C., Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

lAS Miller, l&rilyn B.. 2215 Newkirk Ave. , Brooklyn .N.Y., 4811 Guilford Rd.,C.P.,WA 3529 

IAS Miller, Naomi H., 5938 13th Pl.,N.W.,D,C., Dorm E, 275 

4BPA Miller, Sidney F., 162 Bickford Ave., Princess Anne, 4602 College Ave., C.P. 

IBPA Miller, William E., 23 Park Ave. , Westminster 

2BPA Millhauser, Frank G. , 3611 Springdale Ave., Baltimore, 4607 Knox Rd.,C,P.,WA 9766 

3AS Milligan, Edith A., Clinton 

lEn Mills, David A., 21 Meslar Rd., Morris Plains, N. J., 

Gc Mills, Robert G., 150 Prospect Ave., Princeton, N. J., 2817 Connecticut Ave.,N.W.,8,D.C. 

Or Mills, Robert L., 426 Brandyrdne St.,S.E.,20, D.C. 

lAg Minear, Helen M., Wheeler Ave., Orange, Mass., 7408 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,WA 7174 

lEd Mister, Howard L., Glenmore & Rice Ave. , Catonsville, Coliseum, 242 

Gr Mitchell, Donald E., 155 Ivanhoe St.,S.W.,D.C. 

Or Mitchell, William W.,Jr., Rt. 2, Brandyrdne 

lAg Mohlhenrich, Kenneth H., 2708 He«look Ave., Baltimore 

lAS Moler, Robert K., 9 9th Ave., Brunswick, Dorm K 

Gr Moll, Arval S., 147 N. Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore, BR 6041 

4AS Monocrusos, Elizabeth B., 3402 Rosedale Rd., Baltimore 15, AAH, 286 

2Ag Montgomery, Martha, Plum Creek Farm, Iprth East, AAH, 286 

IAS Montuori, Carl P., 1244 Rookville Pike, Rockville 

4AS Moody, Mary Carolyn , 4414 East West Highway, Beth esda. Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2BPA Mooney, Mildred E., 4400 Underwood St., Hyattsville, WA 7152 

lEd Moore, Barbara J., 219 King George St., Annapolis, Calvert, 352 

2BPA Moore. C. Edgar, III, 142 Linden Ave. ,Univ.City,St. Louis, Mo., Dorm L 

2Ed Moore, Eleanor M., 4598 St. Barnabas Rd.,20,D.C., AAH, 286 

2HE Moore, Juanita C, 3219 9th PI . ,S.E.,20,D.C., Dorm D, 359 

2BPA Moore, Miriam A., Jessups, MBH. 253 

lAS Moorer, Randolph E., 626 S. Court St. , Montgomery, Ala. , Coliseum, 242 

3AS Moorhead, Mattie G- , 1214 Decatur St. ,N.W.,11.D.C., AAH, 286 

4AS Morales-Vila, Eduardo M. , Calle Norte #13, Rio Piedras.P.R., 7422 Baltimore Ave., C.P. 

IBPA Moran, Francis L., 604 Pickwick Lane, Chevy Chase, SilTester 

lAS Moran, Mary K., 604 Pickwick Lane, Chevy Chase. AAH, 286 

lAS Uorell, Uarcia M., 4824 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda. Dorm E, 273 

4AS Morgan, Jane C, 4800 Guilford Rd., C.P., UN 4335 

2AS Morgan, Sally A., Quarters 252. Bdgewood Arsenal, Dorm C. 319 

4AS Morgan, Shirley E., 318 East 41st St. ,Pater8on,N.J. , 7406 Dickinson Ave.,C.P.,WA 8012 

lAS Morgenstein, Harvey N., 4601 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, Silvester 

lAS Morgenstein, Karl M., 3611 Glen Ave., Baltimore 15, Silvester 

lAS Morley, Jacqueline M.. 4 Lewis Rd., Irvington-on-Hudson.N.Y., Dorm C, 319 

lAS Morley, Mary E., 3204 Stephenson PI,, D.C, EU 7326 

2AS Morris. Eleanor L., 2816 Belmont Ave. , Baltimore 16, AAH, 286 

lAg Morris, Robert J., Montgomery Rd., Laurel, Laurel 4-F-3 


2En Morris, Robert L., 5512 Falrvleir Ave., Baltimore, 7007 Dartmouth Ave., C. P. 

2AS Morrison, Martin B., 2511 N. Pulaakl St., Baltimore 17, 4310 Knox Rd., C. P., WA 9846 

lEd Morrisette, Ernest, 3901-22nd St., N.E., D.C. 

4AS Morrieeey, Peggy P., 4707 Connecticut Ave., D.C, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

2HE Morsberger, B. Jeanne, School St., Ellicott City, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

AS Morter, LaRoy J., 28 Paul Ave., Baldwin, N.Y., Coliseum 

2En Mortimer, Samuel E., Jr., 5005 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore 7 

lAS Moses. Herbert D., 2425 Lakeview Ave., Baltimore 17 

IHE Hoshorltls, Vivian, 3663»15th St., N. W., D. C, MBH, 255 

2HE Mou6tler, Noel C, 115 Prince St., Alexandria, Va., Dora. C, 519 

IAS Moxley, Pauline R., Bel Air, Dora. C, 519 

2HE Moy, Emma P., 1459 Taylor St., N. r., D. C, RA 5142 

5En Moy, Tow, 514-9th St., N. ^V., 4, D. C, ME 7660 

4AS Mulr, Martha I., 6906A Wake Forest Dr., C, P. 

2Ed Mullan, Dorothy L,, 621 Montgomery Ave., Cumberland, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

2/vg Mullin, Victor F,, Pox 283, Aberdeen, Theta Chi, WA 9755 

5Ag Mumford, Barbara E., Box 492, Southport, Conn., Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

lEd Mundhenke, Shirley A,, 452 Lincoln Ave., Takoma Park, Calvert, 552 

2HE Mundy, Jane M., 3709 Jenifer St., N.VT., 15, D.C,, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

IBPA Munot, Jose, Box 4391, San Juan, P. R. 

4BPA M\mro, Margaret E., 5 Tory Lane Scarsdale, N. Y., Alpha Qnlcron Pi, WA 9871 

Gr Munson, Ivan Keith, R.F.D. 2, Grand Island, Neb., 2712 Knox Terr., SJ E., D. C. 

C-r Murata, K, Jack, 2158 California St., N. W., 8, D, C, HO 8570 

OHE Murgla, Katherine E., 6412 Utah Ave., N, W,, 15, D, C, WO 0673 

lAS Murphy, Ann M,, 815 Richmond Ave., Silver Spring, Calvert, 552 

lEd Murphy, Edward W., 2126 Connecticut Ave., N. W., D. C, Coliseum, 242 

SAS Murphy, Jean L., 5625 Eastern Ave., Mt. Rainier, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

2BPA Murphy, John D., 4209 Leland St., Chevy Chase 

lEn Mxirphy, John R., 158-2nd St., Oakland 

2Ed Murphy, M, Patricia, 1 Farragut Ave., Kensington, Calvert, 552 

lAS Murphy, Shirley A., Waldorf, Dora. E, 275 

2En Murray, James G., 527 Fayette St., Cumberland, Silvester 

IAS Musgrove, Jane B., % Mrs. F.L, Burton, 76 Darrington St., S,W,, D.C,, Calvert, 562 

2HE MusB, Betty A., 4021 Benton St., N, W., 7, D, C, Dora. C, 519 

3BPA Musselman, Ashby M., 2129 Randolph PI., N. E., 2, D. C, Silvester 

lEn Muth, Michael J., 2407 Roslyn Ave., Baltimore 16 

Gr Myers, John J., 142 E, Dunedin Rd., Columbus, (»ilo, 4005 Nichols Ave., S. W,, D, C. 

lAS Myers, Lois P., 7710 Chicago Ave., Silver Spring, Calvert, 552 

2Ag Myhre, Lewis 0,, 4507 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore 7, D. H, Bams, WA 5816 

4Bd Myhre, Phyllis R., 4607 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore 7, AAH, 286 

2Ag Nable, Irwin M., 250 Crown St., Brooklyn 25, N, Y., Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

Gr Naohtigall, Alfred J., Freeman, S. Dak., 5521 Nichols Ave., S, E,, 20, D. C,, AT 8163 

IAS Nactanan, Nathan S., 2412 McCulloh St., Baltimore 17, 4510 Knox Rd,, C.P., WA 9845 

Gr Naecker, Elleabeth A., 2765 Woodley PI., N. W,, D.C, 

SAS Nasou, John P., 726 Dartmouth Ave., Silver Spring, SH 9704 

Gr Neal, Ruby F,, 7825 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park, 1'2, SH 7229 

4Ed Needle, Hannah L,, 5508 Callaway St., Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

IHE Neeld, Patricia A., Plum Point, Calvert, 552 

4HE Kelson, Helen V., 6906 Sheridan St., Riverdale 

IHE Nemara, Alyoe M., 95 Park Ave., Rutland, Vt. 

2AS Hewby, Anne G., 2706 East-West Highway, Chevy Chase 

4AS Hewman, John F., 409 Turner St., Chevy Chase 15, ffl 1546 

Gr Newman, Marian A., 5900-l4th St., N.W., D.C, TA 4675 

SHE Nlblett, Ethel W. , 2220 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 16, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

2HE Nichols, Noreen, 465 Hampshire Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., Dorm. C, 519 

Gr Nicholson, Taft, 8402 Piney Branch Ct., Silver Spring, SL 9059 

2AS Nlcklas, Douglass R., 5718 Boaraan Ave., Baltimore 

lAS Nlcodenus, Nancy F., Pennsylvania Ave., Walkersvllle, AAH, 286 

5BPA Nook, Elsie J., Horntown, Va., Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

2Ed Hoje, Rita B., 5602 North A St., Tampa, Fla., Kappa Delta, WA 9769 

IAS Nolan, Mary C, 4526-4th St., N.W., D.C, RA 6722 

ffid Noll, Doris-Jean, Bethany Rd., Ellicott City, Dorm. D, 569 

2AS Norlnsky, Norman B., 621 S. Hanover St., Baltimore, 4607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

Gr Horrls, Bob, 105 Wayne PI., S.E. 20, D.C. (TR 2424 

Gr North, Stanley U., Jr., 486 Grove St., Oradell, N.J., 1312-16th St., N.W. 6, D.C, 

SHE Note, Kataly F., 6422-59th St., 15, D.C, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

SAS Nylin, Ruth E., 406-6th St., S.E. 5, D.C, TR 6963 

Gr Oberly, John J., 100 Brandywlne PI., S.W. 20, D.C, TR 4011 

2HE Obold, Mary L., 5720 Jocelyn St., N.W. 16, D.C, MBH, 265 

Ag 0' Boyle, Frank J. 


2AS Obryckl, Corinne P., 417 S. Anglesea St., Baltimore 24, yUH, 286 

IBPA O'Connor, John D., 232 Park Ave., Takoioa Park, SH 6119 

Gr Oginsky, Evelyn L. , 210 Rhode Island Ave., N.E. 2, D.C., HO 1304 

Gr O'Green, Frederick W., 6602 Hillandale Rd., Chevy Chase 15, SH 7101 

3AS Ogus, Elaine A., 3601 Connecticut Ave., 8, D.C., Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

IAS Oken, Pauline C, 627 Jefferson St., N.W., D.C., RA 5077 

IHE Olds, Wanda M., 8502 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3970, Boynton.Okla. (FR 4571 

OEn Olmsted, George B., 748 Hurricane St., Franklin, Ind., 2lOl-3l8t St., S.E. 20, D.C., 

Gr Olson, Carl 0., Jr., 1903 S. 5th St., Omaha, Nebr., 2717-29th St., S.E., D.C.,TR 6100 

OAS Olsson, Charlene E., 652 Newton Pi., N.W., D.C., TA 9810 

IBPA O'Neill, Eugene, 400 Raymond St., Chevy Chase, 4605 College Ave., C.P., WA 9884 

lAS Opel, HoTnard L., Johnnycake Rd., Ellicott City, Silvester 

4BPA Oppenheim, Austin E., 7800 Crossland Rd., Pikesville, Sigma Alpha Mi, WA 9845 

lEn Orr, Max A., 5656 N. 7th St., Arlington, Ve., GL 5656 

lAS Osann, Mathi.lde A., 21 Oakdale Dr., Hyattsville 

lEn Osborne, Walter W., 5213 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville 

IBPA O'Shaughnessy, Charles J., 7364 Colgate Ave., University City, Mo, 

IBPA O'Steen, James D., 3903 Oliver St., Hyattsville, WA 8897 

2AS Osterman, Teresa D., 4403 Van Buren St., University Park, UN 3455 

lAS Osternayer, Barbara J., 9206 Wine Ave., Silver Spring, SH 8131 

2BPA Os-wald, Richard W., 1820 Arbutus Ave., Halethorpe, Silvester 

2A3 Ottenberg, Rhoda, 1415 Holly St., U.K. 12, D.C., Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

IAS Otto, Carolyn, 2700- 16th St., S. Arlington, Va., Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

4Ed Otto, Ernest A., Jr., 1738 N. Broadway, Baltimore 13, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

5AS Otto, Jean R., 109 Fairfield Dr., Catonsville 28, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

2!AS Owens, Paul C, 133 Virginia Ave., Cumberland, Delta Sigma Phi 

OEn Page, Natalie, 49 Borden Ave., Perry, N.Y., 535 Mellon St., S.E., D.C., FR 5976 

SEd Palmer, Doris E., 5403 Worthington Dr., 16, D.C., WT 5665 

3AS Painter, Mary E., 7004 Rolling Rd., Chevy Chase, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

2AS Papenfoth, Doris E., 110 Trumbull Ave., Plainville, Conn., MBH, 255 

IAS Paper, Marlyn, 4836-16th St., N.W., 11, D.C., 7405 Dickinson Ave. , C.P., WA 3907 

IBPA Paravati, Joseph W., 112-17th St., N.E., D.C., AT 4164 (FH 8300 

Gr Pardue, lUrner S., Roaring River, N.C., 3640 Minn. Ave., S.E., Apt. 203, 19, D.C., 

OAg Parker, Alfred E., Sarton, W. Va., Dairy Barns, WA 5811 

2AS Parker, Eleanor B., 5708-40th Ave., Hyattsville, WA 6189 

Gr Parker, James P., 95 Charlotte St., Asheville, N.C., 4355 Nichols Ave,, S.W. 20, D.C. 

lAS Parker, H. Suzanne, 5502 Fairglen Rd. , Chevy Chase, Dorm. E, 275 

5BPA Parkhurst, Douglas L. , 4602 Norwood Dr., Chevy Chase, WI 3955 

lAS Parkinson, Kenneth W., 6313 Oakridge Ave., Che-vy Chase, Dorm. K 

Ag Parks, Keith M. , Greenfield, 111., Dona. G 

(Phi, WA 9770 

IAS Parsons, Franklin R., Jr., Buena Vista Ave, & Snow Hill Rd., Salisbury, Delta Sigma 

2HE Pasquella, Gloria P.. Asbury Ave., Crisfield, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

Gr Patterson, James R., 1916 R St., S.E. 20, D.C, TR 0758 

IAS Patterson, Jean L. , 5304 Purlington Way, Baltimore 12, MBH, 255 

2AS Patterson, Patricia W., 6003 Ballona Ave., Baltimore 12, Delta Gaimia, WA 3085 

2HE Patton, Jean C, 2410 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va. , Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

2HE Patton, Patricia A., Lanham-Severn Rd., Lanham, HT 0162 

2En Pavesioh, James A., Elkridge, R.D., CA 268-W 

IAS Pavlovsky, Helen F., Goldsboro 

lAS Paz, Ralph B., 2403 Birch Dr., Silver Spring, SH 9405 

OEn Peay, Lawrence W., Jr., 4746 Homer Ave., S.E. 20, D.C. 

2Ag Peck, Francis P., 108 W. 27th St., Baltimore 18, 4604 Harvard Rd. , C. P. (Heists ,WA 3521 

Gr Peck, Richard M., 5829 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington, Va., 6816 Pineway, College 

Gr Pedell, Melvin H., 14 Lorraine Terr., Allston, Mass., 3413 Oakwood Terr., N.W.10,D.C., 

4BPA Pedlow, Lovedy L. , 1206 C St., N.E., D.C, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 (CO 5565 

lEd Peed, Hazel J., Westwood, Calvert, 352 

Gr Peeler, George D. M., Apt. 202-B, 708 S. St. Asaph St., Alexandria, Va., TR 2424 

AS Peeling, Alice C, 404 E. Lake Ave., Baltimore 12, Dorm. C, 319 

IAS Pelagatti, Nickolaa, 1204 Bye St., S.E. 3, D.C, AT 3770 

Gr Pember, Edward J., 525 Mellon St., S.E., D.C. 

2AS Penn, Mary T., 600 Homestead St., Baltin»re 18, Calvert, 352 

5AS Pennefeather, Ellen M., 6417 Coleaville Rd., University Park, WA 8515 

lAS Perohick, Marvin, 2-D Westway, Greenbelt, GR 5121 

lEn Perez, German C, 1708 New Hampshire Ave., D.C. 

lAg Perez-Muro, Mercedes, 1813-37th St., N.W., D.C, AAH, 286 

2AS Perkins, Oswald E., Punta Marias-Kil. 1-5, Box 3314, Santuroe, P.R., Silvester 

lAS Perruso, Edith M., 7319 Alaska Ave., N.W. , D.C, GE 8684 

4AS Peskin, Phyllis E., The Dingle, Cumberland, 7504 Yale Ave., CP., WA 4262 

IBPA Pester, Ifcirgaret R. , 4815-47th St., H.W., D.C, Calvert. 552 

lAS Peters, Kathryn M., Aspers, Pa., MBH, 255 



Or Peterson, Helen I., 422 Brandywine St., S.E.,20,D.C., LI 4082 

a- Peterson, Vincent Z., 216 Virginia Ave., Alexandria, Va., TE 4789 

4Bd Petroff, Katherine, 902 Ck)r6uch Ave., Baltimore 18, Dorm C, 319 

2HE Petrone, Laura U. , 3117 Adams Mill Rd., N.W., D.C., Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

2EB Petrott, Doris A., Rt. 1, Tlalkereville, Calvert, 352 

lAS Pettold, Jean M., 1226 Noyes Dr., Silver Spring, AAH, 286 

4AS Pfeiffor, liirjorie A., 127 E. North Ave., Baltimore, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IBn Phillips, Charles V.,Jr., 1919 Fleet St., Baltimore 31, Phi Delta Theta, lA 9884 

IHB Phillips, Florence E., Fishing Creek, Dorm E, 273 

2BPA Phipps, Louis N., 67 College Ave., Annapolis, Coliseum, 242 

lAS Phoebus, Harry T., Oriole, Dorm I 

IHE Pierce, Dorothy L., 6817 Georgia Ave., N.W.,12,D.C., Dorm E, 273 

2Ag Picrcy, Macon C, 5701 11th Rd.,Apt.8, K. Arlington, Va. 

lEd Pietrowski, Joseph J., 228 Cherry St., Dickson City, Pa., Coliseum, 242 

Ed Piker, Robert E., 4307 Eastern Ave. ,Mt. Rainier, Silvester 

lEd Pinocci, Peter G., 25 Bridge St., Hebronville,Ka8B., Silvester 

2HE Piper, Patricia A-, 1862 lfi.ntwood P1.,N.W.,9,D.C. , Dorm C, 319 

ZEE Pitcher, Maryanne, 204 Ifashington St.,C\anberland, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

4AS Pitt, Dorothy A., 407 Kensington Rd., Baltimore 29, Kappa Delta, TTA 9759 

2BPA Pitt, Elizabeth J., 407 Kensington Rd. , Baltimore 29, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

Ag Pittinger, Carl A., 1636 H- Fulton Ave., Baltimore 

4AS Podnos, H. Arona, 1215 Crittenden St., K.W., 11, D.C., RA 2330 

& Podolak, Edward K., 70 Maple St., Easthampton, Mass., 1701 19th St.,S.E.,20,D.C. 

4Ag Pohmer, David W., Yeoho Rd., Sparks 

IBPA Poling, William D.,Jr., 125 Morris Ave. .Athens, Ohio, Coliseum, 242 

lis Pollard, Prances ¥., 1304 Emerson St. ,N.W.,D.C., AAH, 286 

IHE Pons, Alice Jeane , 4715 47th St., N.W., 16,D.C.,EM 4880 

Gt Ponti, Zita, 7bOtf Dickinson Ave., C.P., WA 6055 

lAS Porter, Ruth E., 520 Maple Ridge Ed., Bethesda, MBH, 253 

Or Post, Richard P., 216 Virginia Ave., Alexandria, Va., TE 4789 

Ed Potts, Harry B., 4319 Lehigh Ave., C.P. 

lEn Powel, Samuel F., Ill, 406 Shepherd St., Chevy Chase, HI 7275 

lAS Powell, Ronald H., 323 E. Market St., Harrisonburg, Va., Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

lAS Powers, Dorothy M., 6117-43rd St., Riverdale, HY 0389 

lEd Powers, Elizabeth J., 3414 Morrison St., D.C., Dorm. C, 319 

Gr Powers, James T., 1948 W. North Ave., Baltimore 17, MA 5163 

4Ed Powers, M. Patricia, 1537 K St., S.E., D.C., Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

lEn Pranschke, Richard E., 3405 Vamum St., Brentwood, WA 1637 

lAS Pratt, Alfred J., 28 Crescent Rd. , Springfield, N.J., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

3HE Preble, Mildred L., 215 W. Wayne St., Corry, Pa., Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

lAS Pressman, Louis, 1530 Chesapeake Ave., Baltimore, 4607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

IBn Preston, G«orge M., R.F.D. 2, North East, 4605 College Ave., C.P,, WA 9884 

Gr Preston, Robert K., 3201-7th St., N.E., 17, D.C., DU 6822 

IAS Preston, S. Ralph, 4227 Madison St., Ryattsville, WA 7783 

3BPA Price, Barbara L., 3501 Rolling Rd. , Baltimore 7, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

IBPA Price, Richard R., 427 Decatur St., H.W., D.C., RA 0541 

IBPA Price, Richard S., 3501 Rolling Rd. , Baltimore 7 

3AS Prichard, Katherine M., 110 Albany Ave., Takoma Park, SL 3617 

2HE Pride, Marilyn W., 3008 Dunmore Rd. , Dundalk, Baltimore, MBH, 253 

4AS Proffen, Charles H., Jr., 4414 Linden Ave., Halethorpe 27, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

2BPA Proudley, George E., Jr., 6316-9th St., N.W. 11, D.C., GE 1501 

lEn Proudley, Robert E., 1352 Taylor St., N.W., D.C., TA 5348 

2Ag Provost, Stanley J., 26-P Ridge Rd. , Greenbelt 

lEn Pruett, Samuel E., 619 Highland Way, Hagerstown, Dorm. J 

lEd Pue, Beirbara C, Woodbine, Dorm. E, 273 

IAS Puleo, Angela D., 3021 Royston Ave., Baltimore 14, MBH, 253 

lAS Pumphrey, Elitabeli A., Upper Marlboro, MBH, 253 

IHE Purdy, Jean D., 1310 Allison St., N.E. 17, D.C, DU 8996 

IBPA Pumell, John R., 1503 Camden Ave., Salisbury 

lAS Puryear, Ann L., 620 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring 

lAS Puryear, Evelyn L., 620 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring, SH 4370 

Gr Puryear, Frances B., 620 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring, SH 4370 

lEd Putnam, E. Anne, 3917 Ednor Rd., Baltimore 18, MBH, 263 

2AS Pyle, Margaret P., 5203 Roland Ave., Baltimore, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9796 

OEn Queen, Galen K. S., 1566 Meridian PI., N.W., D.C. 

iBa Queen, James L., 8801 Greentree Rd. , Bethesda, Silvester 

Gr Quimby, Freeman H., 306 Longbranoh Parkway, Takoma Park, SH 1824 

IAS Eabinowieh, Malcolm L., 2418 Lakeview Ave., Baltimore 17 

2Ed Radziminski, Irene S., 1829 Chilton St., Baltimore 18, Sigma lappa, WA 9861 

Gr Bae, Colin, C, 417 Oakwood St., S.E., D.C. 


Gr Raff, Samuel J., 4423 South Capitol St., D.C. 

HE Raffety, Liargaret L., 3600 Connecticut Ave., N.ff., D.C, EM 2014 

2HE Rafter, Rosalie T., E. Landis Ave., Vineland, N.J., MBE, 253 

Gr Ragsdale, Milton il., 316-19th St., K.E., D.C, FR 2010 

lEn RsJirig, Thomas F. , 315 Pulaski St., Cumberland, Dorm, I 

2BPA Randall, Margaret E., 3146-19th St., N.W., D.C, Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

IHE Randall, Nancy L. , 519 Avirett Ave., Cumberland, Calvert, 352 

3AS Randall, Ramona, 2nd 4 Auburn Ave., East Riverdale 

lAg Rang, Carroll E., R.F.D. 1, Hagerstown, Dorm. K 

IAS Rankin, Tena, 2110 Brookfield Ave., Baltimore, Calvert, 352 

Gr Rappleye, Robert D., 6712-4th St., N.W. 12, D.C. 

4HE Rasch, Melva G., 2202 Kentucky Ave., Baltimore 13, AAH, 286 

lAS Rashbaum, Gerald M. , 3410 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 16, Silvester 

lAS Read, James L. , Lynic Apts., Frostburg, Dorm. I 

lAg Reckner, John T. , Jr., R.F.D. 1, Accident, Dorm. I 

lEd Rector, Joseph B., Beltsville 

2AS Redding, Lois L. , Street, Dorm. C, 319 

2AS Reed, Charles E., Jr., 4223 Kenyon Rd., Little Rock, Ark., Silvester 

3AS Reed, Dorothy I., 4711-44th St., N.W., D.C, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

4HE Reed, Lois P., 919 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, SB 0903 

IAS Reed, Patricia E., 110 Belvedere Ave., Cambridge, MBH, 253 

OEd Reeder, Harriet, Leonardtown 

IAS Reese, William D., Bonita Ave., Ovrlngs Mills, Silvester 

3Ed Regan, Leah A., 5706 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9775 

2AS Reges, Bernard M., 1659 Primrose Rd., D.C, RA 2890 

lEE Regus, Jeanne S., 5319 Brabant Rd. , Baltimore, Calvert, 352 

lAS Rehlaender, James E., 4811 Middlesex Lane, Bethesda, WI 2371 

4Ed Reid, Betty L. , 18 Gallatin St., N.W. 11, D.C, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

lEn Reid, JackM., 113 tieivin Ave., Catonsville 28, Silvester 

3AS Reincke, Bernhardt H., 6401 Walnut Ave., Woodlawn, 4614 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

4AS Reiney, Mary J., 403 E. Leland St., Chevy Chase 15, Gamna Phi Beta, WA 9773 

2HE Reinhart, tory D., 502 Rose Hill Ave., Cumberland, Calvert, 352 

AS Reinicker, Robert F. , 3803 Juniper Rd. , Baltimore, U.S. A.M.C, 12, D.C 

lEn Render, James W., 1825 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., D.C. 

SAS Renick, Mary B., 421 Maryland Ave., Westernport, Dorm. C, 319 

lAS Renitr, Pauline, 4504 Iowa Ave., N.W., D.C, 7406 Dickinson Ave., C.P., WA 8012 

4Ed Reside, Joyce R., 2012 Glen Ross Rd., Silver Spring, C-amma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

lEn Reynolds, David W. , 1703 Arlington Ave., Relay, Baltimore 27, EL 180 

2HE Reynolds, Julianne M. , Deaaton, Dorm. C, 319 

Gr Reynolds, Kenton C, 1617 Monroe St., N.E. 18, D.C, NO 4158 

IBPA Rice, Dolores L. , 3008 Bunker Hill Rd. , Mt. Rainier, WA 3894 

Gr Rice, Samuel M., 1902-23rd St., S.E. 20, D.C 

lAS Ric>«rd, John P., 609 W. Franklin St., Hagerstown, Dorm, I 

4Ed Richards, Jacqueline M. , 9 Boyd Ave., Takoma Park, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

4AS Richards, Louise, 8528 Draper Lane, Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

2AS Richards, Raymond A., Brandywine, Silvester 

lEn Richardson, Juliem L. , Jr., 6 Lake Dr., Bay Ridge, Annapolis, Silvester 

IHE Richardson, M. Jean, Centreville, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

Gr Richer, Kenneth A., 139 Joliet St., S.W. 20, D.C, TR 2424 

3AS Ricker, Vance T., 819 Quackenbos St,, K.W., D.C, Dorm, C, 319 

(TR 5089 

Gr Riebman, Leon, 1421 Creston St., Philadelphia, Pa., 4339 Nichols Ave., S.W. 20, D.C, 

2Ed Rike, liary C, 410-llth St., N.E., D.C. 

lAS Riley, Frances I., 14 E. Madison St., Baltimore 2, Calvert, 352 

5AS Ring, Benjamin A., Walker Ave., Baltimore 28 

4AS Ring, Elisabeth M., 8 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

lEn Ring, Morton L. , 8 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase 15, WT 6516 

lEE Ring, Sue A., 4622 Langdrum Lane, Chevy Chase, Calvert, 352 

lAS Rinner, Albert, Greensboro, Dorm. J 

IAS Ritchie, Eunice C, 6701 Ritchie Rd. , S.E. 19, D.C, MBH, 265 

3Ed Ritter, Betty K., 250 W. Side Ave., Hagerstown, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

lAS Rivero, Agustin, Road to Carolina Km. 5, Box 178, Rio Piedras, P.R., Dorm. I 

3AS Rivero, Pedro, Gautier Benitet 14, Caguas, P.R., 7422 Baltimore Ave., CP. 

lAS Robel, Edward J., 813 N. Glover St., Baltimore 5, Theta Chi, WA 9735 

IBE Roberts, Betty A., 4632 Asbury Ave., Baltimore 6, AAH, 286 

lEn Roberts, Courtland L. , Jr., fi. 1, Box 279, Alexandria, Va., Coliseum, 242 

4AS Roberts, Jeanne E., 2625 Howell Mill Rd., N.W., Atlanta, G«., Calvert, 552 

IBPA Roberts, Leonard H., Jr., 5514 Connecticut Ave., N.W., D.C, WO 1175 

Qr Roberts, William H., 4255-l8t St., S.E. 20, D.C, TR 2424 

Gr Robertson, Harry S., 131 Joliet St., S.W. 20, D.C. (WA 9755 

5En Robertson, Hewitt 0., Jr., 5512 Center St., Chevy Chase, 7401 Princeton Ave. , C.P., 

us Robertson, Ikrle E., 3530 Lynchestar Rd. , Baltimore, 7604 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 4262 

5AS Robertson, Patricia A., 227 Willow Ave., Takon» Park, SH 2485 

IAS Robey, Milton W. , 7676 Walters Lane, 19, D.C. 

lAS Robins, John B., N. Clairmont Dr., Salisbury^ Dorm. K 

5BPA Robinson, Dorotha J., 501 Country Club Rd., York, Pa., Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

OEd Robinson, Elizabeth J. (Mrs.), 312 Maryland Ave., Cambridge, 110-65th St., N.E. 19, D.C. 

2AS Robinson, Marion B., 5102-42nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 8165 

QAS Robinson, Marlon H., 604 Albemarle Ave., Takoma Park, SL 5004 

IAS Robinson, Selena, 5710 Dorchester Rd., Baltimore 15, Calvert, S52 

5AS Roby, Jean E., R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IHE Rockwell, Mary E., 601 W. Potonao St., Brunswick, 4615 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 3923 

IAS Rockwood, Sheila J., 610 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, MBH, 253 

IHE Roderuck, Margaret L., Walkersville, 6804 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., WA 9361 

lAS Rogers, Donald D., 3509 Ellamont Rd., Baltimore, LI 1949 

4BE Rogers, Grace L. , 1202 Manatee Ave., E. Bradenton, Fla., Mrs. Bmmeriok's, Yale Ave.,C.P. 

2AS Rogers, James W., Bealls Pleasure, Lcmdover, WA 4346 

lAS Rogers, Phillips C, Landover, WA 4346 

lEn Rohrbaugh, Marion G., 4210-34th St., Mt. Rainier, Signa Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

2En Rolenson, Julio G. , 6 Wilson St., Santurce, P.R., 7422 Baltimore Ave., C.P. 

IAS Rellison, Martha H., Hamilton, Va., AAE, 286 


2En Romanelli, Nicholas G., R.F.D. 1, Newbridge Ave., East Meadow, N.Y., Bureau of Mines, 

2AS Rombro, Maxine E., 4120-14th St., N.W., D.C, Phi Sign* Sigma, WA 9828 

lAS Roohan, Margaret, 44 Park Lane, Atlanta, Ga., MBH, 253 

4EB Root, Elltabeth M., 1717 learaey St., N.E. 18, D.C, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

5AS Root, Jean F. , 1717 Kearny St., N.E. 18, D.C, NO 3725 

Gr Rosch, William J., 20 Chesapeake St., S.W. , Apt. 2, 20, D.C. 

5Ed Rose, Vivienne R., 4604-9th St., N.W., D.C 

lAS Rosen, Marilyn P., 3622 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 16, Dorm. C, 319 

IAS Rosenberg, Philip E., 600 Whitelock St., Baltimore 17, Silvester 

OEn Rosenberry, W. Ward, 1000 Mississippi Ave., 20, D.C 

2AS Rosenblatt, Dolores R., 2500 Eye St., N.W. 7, D.C, DI 6596 

Gr Rosenblatt, Harlan, 228 E. 2nd St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 4607 Knox Rd. , C.P. (WA 8497 

2AS Rosenstein, Bette L., 2602 Springhill Ave., Baltimore 15, 7509 Princeton Ave., C.P., 

IAS Rosenthal, Coleman, 1621 Gough St., Baltimore, 4607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

2AS Rosenthal, Ifeiloolm J., 3803 Egerton Rd., Baltimore, Coliseum, 242 

2AS Ross, HughN., 801 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3685 

lAg Ross, Robert E. L. , Monkton, Dorm. K 

IAS Rostel, David W., 1415 Bolton St., Baltimore, Theta Chi, WA 9733 

lAS Roth, John C, 4620 Magnolia Ave., Halethorpe, AR 877 

IAS Rotondaro, S. Letitia, 5605-42nd Ave., Hyattsville, UN 0515 

5AS Rouse, Shirley J., 1441 N. Bentalou St., Baltimore 16, AAH, 286 

2AS Rovner, Dorothy B., 2244 Crest Rd. , Baltimore 9, Alpha Epsilon Phi.WA 9804 

lAS Rowan, Emory A., Jr., 1 W. 12th Ave., Brooklyn Park, Baltimore 25, Silvester 

4AS Rowley, Jean F,, 406 Tulip Ave., Takoma Park, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

OEn Roylanoe, Merriwether L., R.F.D. High Bridge, Bowie, BO 2031 (WA 9804 

SBd Rubenstein, Tema B., 1504 Pennsylvania Ave., Miami Beach, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Phi, 

2AS Rubey, Jean M., 16 Westwood Dr., Westmoreland Hills, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

«d Rubin, Anita R. (Mrs.), 11 Riggs Rd. , N.E., D.C, GE 5950 

IBPA Rubin, Corinne D., 445 Lament St., N.W. 10, D.C, 7406 Dickinson Ave., C.P., WA 8012 

2BPA Rubin, Marilyn, 2715 Woodley PI., N.W., D.C, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

Gr Rubins, Edward J., 4307-28th Pi., Mt. Rainier 

lAS Ruby, Ricimrd G., 3016 Lavender Ave., Baltimore 14, Tippett Bldg. , CP.(18, D.C,NO 4880 

Gr Rudebock, Betty-Irene, 12 Brighton Ave., East Orange, N.J., 2218 Bunker Hill Rd.,N.E., 

4HE Rudes, Stella, 291 Main St., Paterson, 1, N.J., Dorm. C, 319 

2AS Ruix, Benito M., 600 W. 115th St., Apt. 9-B, Hew York, H.Y. 

lEd Runkle, Barbara A., 9016 Bradford Rd. , Silver Spring, Calvert, 352 

2AS Runnion, Paul E., Jr., 2-E Westway, Greenbelt, GR 5127 

IHE Runyan, D. Anne, 3617 Jocelyn St., D.C, Calvert, 352 

SAS Rush, Betty L., 605 Cloverfield PI., Silver Spring, SL 7765 

lEn Russell, Leroy T., 5504 Stuart Ave., Baltimore 15 

IBE Rustin, M. Virginia, 1330 Holly St., N.W. 12, D.C, Dorm. E, 273 

4AS Ruth, H. Jeanette, 704 McNeill Rd., Silver Spring, Dorm. D, 359 

2AS Rutherford, Sarah L. , Franklin, Ala., 7304 Princeton Ave., C.P., HY 0039 

2AS Ryan, Charles P., Webb St., Towanda, Pa. 

lAS Ryan, Gloria V., Herald Harbor, Crownsville, Calvert, S52 

2En Ryan, James E., 3301 Ailsa Ave., Baltimore 14, Theta Chi, WA 9733 

En Ryan, Joan M., 45 Melvln Ave., Bradford, Pa., Calvert, 352 (D.C, W 9180 

Gr I^n, R. Pat, 926 Bay Blvd., E. Pensacola Hgts., Pensacola, Fla., 310-2nd St., S.E., 

2AS Rymland, Howard J., 4310 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9845 

2AS Ryon, Ann M., Waldorf, MBH, 253 


IHE Ryon, Barbara L. , U. S. Marine Hospital, Detroit, Mich., Calvert, S52 

IBPA Sabold, Clyde N., 1548 Oak St., Lebanon, Pa., 2500 Arundel Rd., Mt. Rainier, WL 7912 

5En Saoharoff, Victor, 1501-27th St., S.E. 20, D.C., FR 4234 

2AS Sachs, Ruth, 5229-2nd St., S.W., D.C., RA 3043 

IAS Sachs, Sheila H., 3819 Fernhill Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm. B, 273 

Gr Salkovitt, Edward I., 1719 Lanier Pi., N.W., D.C., MI 6525 

2AS Sacks, Marilyn L., 123 Aspen St., Che-vy Chase 15, AAE, 286 

2AS Sacks, Shirley J., 123 Aspen St., Chevy Chase 15, AAH, 286 

En Sadler, Lee F., Burkville, Ala., Coliseum, 242 

4En Safford, Frederick B., 714 Dale Dr., Silver Spring, 7504 Hopkins Ave., C.P., WA 9807 

IAS St. Clair, Jean B., 3211 Carlisle Ave., Baltimore 16, AAH, 286 

2AS St. John, Julia A., Vets. Adm. , Fort Washington, Calvert, 352 

SHE St. John, Mary E., Vets. Adm., Fort Washington, Calvert, 352 (Roekville, RO 200-201 

OAg Salomon, Fred Z., Jr., 800 Cella Rd., Clayton 5, Mo., 500 W. Montgomery Ave., 

2AS Sampselle, Joan C, 3702-34th St., Mt. Rainier 

2AS Samuels, Rita R., 4007 Oakford Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm. C, 319 

2AS Sanchez, Carlos, Ave. D #8, Stop 21, Santurce, P.R., Silvester 

Gr Sanders, Herman, 484 E. 94th St., Brooklyn 12, N.Y., 7506 Didcinson Ave., C.P. 

IAS Sanders, Ifcirtha E., 4607 Calvert Rd. , C.P., WA 7022 

lAg Banner, David M., 3813 Ellerslie Ave., Baltimore 18, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

lEn Sannino, Genaro F., Jr., 703 Randolph St., N.W. 11, D.C., TA 7S8S 

Gr Sansone, Marie J., 3909 Kimble Rd. , Baltimore 18, lU 8894 

lAS Sappe, Milton C, 1184 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, PL 3473 

2BPA Sapperstein, Fred, 5003 Queensbury Ave., Baltimore 15, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

2HE Sauer, Jean E., 710 Tewkesbury PI., N.W., D.C. 

4HE Saumenig, Betty L., 6709 Windsor Mill Rd., Woodlawn, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

3AS Savage, Marie, 13 W. Masonic View, Alexandria, Va. , 6100-42nd PI., Hyattsville,WA 1150 

Gr Sawyer, George A., 1208 Wells St., Ann Arbor, Mich., 1619-30th St., N.W., D.C. 

lEn Saylor, C. Frederick, Clearspring, Phi Delta Hieta, WA 9884 

4HE Sbarbaro, Virginia L. , 3201 Bellevlew Ave., Cheverly, WA 3086 

IAS Scaggs, Hettie G. , Upper Marlboro, Calvert, 352 (WA 6580 

lAS Schaaf, Mary C, 331 Independence St., Cumberland, 6521-40th Ave., University Park, 

2BPA Schafer, Howard D., 2316 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 24, 1407 Knox Rd. , C.P., WA 9766 

Gr Sdiamp, Homer W., Jr., 719 N. Broadway Ave., Sidney, 0., 1720 Rhode Island Ave., N.W. , 

IAS Scharpf, William G. , 1900 Oak Dr., Baltimore 7, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 (D.C, ME 2438 

IBPA Sdiaum, George J., 437 S. Robinson St., Baltimore 

4AS Sohellhas, Elsie T., 3417 DuPont Ave., Baltimore 15, AAH, 286 

lAS Scher, Lillian S., 1304 Randolph St., N.W., D.C, Calvert, 352 

lAS Soherr, Herbert S., 2803 Mt. Holly St., Baltimore 16, Silvester 

lEn Scherti, Donald C, 1305 Farragut St., N.W. , D.C, GE 0565 

2HE Schertt, Patricia R., 1305 Farragut St., N.W. 11, D.C, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

2AS Schiefer, Catherine B., 21 Franklin St., Kensington, Calvert, 352 

SHE Schildroth, M. Elona, 2714-17th St., N.E. 18, D.C, NO 4763 

2AS Schindler, Adolph F., c/o Glen Echo Vol. Fire Dept., Glen Echo, WI 5223 

lEn Schlaohman, Sidney, 60 Market PI., Baltimore, SA 0098 

2AS Schlenker, Mary J., 3517 Buiaker Hill Rd., Mt. Rainier, WA 2679 

IHE Schlossberg, Gilda H. , 2915 Chelsea Terr., Baltimore, Calvert, 352 

lAS Schmall, Barbara A., 457 Main St., Reisterstown, MBH, 253 (MI 8715 

lEE Schmidt, Barbara J., 98 Tiffaiy PL, Maplewood, N.J., 235 Douglas St., N.E. 2, D.C, 

2AS Schmidt, Meredith L., 5402 Springlake Way, Baltimore 12, Dorm. C, 319 

3BPA Schmidt, Wilson E., R.F.D. 1, Rosemary Lane, Hyattsville, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

lAS Schmier, Hilda F. , 621 St. Mary's Ave., Cumberland, Calvert, 352 

IHE Schneider, Barbara, 1353 Iris St., N.W., D.C, MBH, 253 

lAS Schneider, Elisabeth A., 5514-33rd St., N.W. 15, D.C, WO 6696 

lAS Schneider, Ruth L. , 4004 Oakford Ave., Baltimore, Calvert, 352 

En Sohrecongott, Robert J., 3821 Belmont Ave., Cincinnati, 0., Coliseum, 242 

SEE Schreiber, A. Jane, 4001 Round Top Rd. , Baltimore 18, Delta Gamma, WA 3083 

2AS Schroeder, Margaret E., 6503"41st Ave., University Park, UN 4244 

BPA Schulti, Ferdinand J., Jr., 401 S. Ellis St., Groesbeck, Tex., Donn. K 

lAS Schumacher, Theodore W. , 4609 Langdrum Lane, Che-vy Chase, WI 5070 

SHE Schunoke, Helen M. , 4218 Massachusetts Ave., Baltimore, AAH, 286 

IBPA Sohurr, Bernioe R., 4-A Crescent Rd., Greanbelt, GR 5667 

2BPA Schuster, Stuart W., 2526 Park Heights Terr., Baltimore, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

Gr SchwartE, Marvin, 2207-lst St., N.W. 1, D.C. 

IAS Schwarttman, Jerome, 2024 E. Fairmount Ave., Baltimore 31, Silvester 

lEd Schwarr, Edward J., 356 W. 4th St., Erie, Pa., Dorm. I 

3BPA Schwartz, Eugene B., 5280 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore, Lord Calvert Hotel, C.P. 

lEn Schwarz, Irwin, 4825 Georgia Ave., N.W., D.C, RA 1865 

lAS Scott, Joanne M. , 7-K Crescent Rd., Oreenbelt, GR 2392 

OEd Scott, M. Dorothy, 1548 Shepherd St., N.W., D.C, TA 5756 


IBPA Scott, Nancy D., Box 383, Berwyn, Dorm. E, 273 

4AS Soott, Richard W., Hilltop and Valley Rds. , Catonsvlll© 

Gr Scribner, Bourdon F. , 4801 Connecticut Ave., 8, D.C., WO 6217 

lEE Scull, Marjorio C, 4120-14th St.. K.'«., D.C., Calvert, 352 

2AS Seal, Janet E., 66 E. Irvin Ave., Hagerstcwn, Dorm. C, 319 

IAS Sealook, Mary B., Sperryville, Va., Dorm. E, 273 

3AS Searls, Portia F. (L(rs.), 3525 Netwland Rd. , Baltimore 18, Kappa Delta, 7TA 9759 

3HE Seed, Adel M., 3427 Carpenter St., S.E. 20, D.C., LI 1795 

Gr Sees, J. Edwin, 4402 Livingston Rd. , S.E., Apt. D, D. C. 

IHE Segers, Lucille 0., 2 Edgevale Rd. , Towson 4, Dorm. E, 273 

Gr Seigel, Arnold E., 1540 Geranium St., N.Ti., D.C., TA 3867 

3AS Seldin, Harriet J., 4605-29th St., Mt. Rainier, MBH, 253 

SAS Selis, Sidney M., 1410 Taylor St., N.W. 11. D.C., lA 4943 

3BPA Sell, Phyl'lis R., 680 Fayette St., Cumberland, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

4AS Sellhausen, Babette V., 2426-19th St., R.W. , D.C., Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

lAS Sellman, Dorothy V., 1623 Roxanna Rd., N.W., D.C. 

lEE Senser, Louise P., 4214 Rainier Ave., lit. Rainier, WA 2333 

Gr Serrell, Morton A., 112 Irvington St., S.W. 20, D.C. 

Gr Sesson, Ifary G., Prince Frederick, P.P. 55- J 

2AS Seward, Mary F., 8100 Custer Rd. , Bethesda, MBH, 253 

lAS Senrell, Adrienne T. , Centreville Rd., Easton, MBH, 253 

2BPA Sewell, Reamer E., Jr., 9 Helena Ave., Tfhite Plains, N.Y., Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

2AS Sewell, Walter E., Jr., Pallston, Dorm. K 

2Ag Shackelford, James M,, 7000 Beech Ave., Overlea, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

IBPA Shackman, Joan LI., 3122 Oakfield Ave., Baltimore 16, Dorm. E, 273 (DU 2737 

lEd Shall, Goldie J., 112 Charles St., Harrisburg, Pa., 235013th PI., N.E.,18, D.C, 

lEn Shalowitz, Mannes LI., 3812 Copley Rd., Baltimore 15, 4607 Knooc Rd., C.P. 

2AS Shank, Iris M., 132 Clayton Ave., Waynesboro, Pa., Calvert, 352 

IAS Shapiro, Annette R., 5018-16th St., N.W. 11, D.C, 7405 Didcinscn Ave., C.P., WA 3907 

2AS Shapiro, Herbert, 4101 Maine Ave., Baltimore 7, 4310 Knox Rd. , CP. 

2AS Shapiro, Lenora, 50lb-16th St., 11, D.C, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

OAg Sharogrodsky, Ida, 2223 Eutaw Pi., Baltimore 17, LA 1590 

2EE Sharpe, Mary E., Bayshore Royal Hotel, Tampa, Fla., Calvert, 552 

IAS Shaw, Carol L. , 89 Grove Ave., Haywood, N.J., MBH, 253 

2AS Sheedy, Rosalie P., 10004 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SH 7959 

2AS Sheeler, M. June, 6303 Weidner Ave., Baltimore 12, AAE, 286 

lAg Shehan, William H., Jr., 3209 N. Charles St., Baltimore 18, Dorm, J 

2AS Sheldon, Millicent M. , 6308-5th St., N.W. 11, D.C, TA 0629 

lEn Shelhorse, George L., 2036 F St., N.W., D.C, Dorm. L 

IHE Shepherd, Shirley A., 106 Sunnyside Rd., Silver Spring, SL 6680 

IBPA Sheppard, William S., Jr., 6 Cedar Ave., Gaithersburg, GA 152-U 

2AS Sherman, Barbara L. , Claiborne, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

4AS Shermem, Dale V., 411 Highland Dr., Kenwood, Chevy Chase, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

4HE Sherman, Doreen M. , 908 Quinoy St., D.C, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

Gr Sherwood, Helene G. (Mrs.), 3900 Hsunllton St., gyattsville, WA 0711 

2AS Sheviti, LJelvin S., 3701 Hilton Rd., Baltimore 15, Tau Bpsilon Phi 

lEn Shew, Russell F., 7013 F St., Seat Pleasant 19, HI 1073-R (WA 3189 

4AS Shields, J. Craig, Jr., 313 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington, Pa., 6407-45th PI., Riverdale, 

3Ed Shields, James D., R.F.D. 1, Bowie, Theta Chi, WA 9733 

iBn Shipley, Robert W., Old Court Rd., Pikesville 8, Silvester 

lAS Shipley, Wilraa J., Rm. 805, 15 Washington St., Newark, N.J., MBH, 253 

AS Shirley, Claudia S., Conchas Dam, N. M., Calvert, 352 

Gr Shoemaker, John R., 1 Elmira St., S.E. 20, D.C, FR 4657 

Gr Shortley, John L. , 3012-|- R Street, N.W. 7, D.C, AD 6160 

lAS Shoubin, Harry Z., 3712 Woodhaven St., Baltimore 16, Silvester 

Gr Showacre, Jane L. , S. Waverly Terr., Cumberland, 4703 Ravenswood Rd., Siverdale 

Gr Shumate, Mary 0., 12 Virgil ia St., Che-sy Chase 

2AS Sibel, Miriam M., 4109 Fairview Ave., Baltimore 16, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

lAS Siceloff, Patti, 1513 St., N.W., D.C, Calvert, 352 

2HE Siegrist, Louise M. , 1431 Iris St., N.W. 12, D.C, Dorm, D, 559 

lEd Sieker, Elsie M., 1419 Columbia Rd., N.W. , D.C 

2BPA Siemons, Thomas, 2305 Crestlawn PI. , Cheverly, WA 6617 

lAS Siggins, Gene P., 6129-lst PI., N.E. 11, D.C 

2AS Silberman, Marvin L. , 826 Newington Ave., Baltimore 17, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

Gr Silberstein, Morton S., 4306 Arkansas Ave., N.W. 11, D.C, EA 8529 

lAg Slier, Claude B., 6550-46th PI., Riverdale 

Gr Silkes, Bernard, 4546-6rd St., S.E. 20, D.C. (TTA 9804 

2AS Silverman, Jane A., 78 Waban Hill Rd. , N. Chestnut Hill 17, Uass., Alpha Epsilon Phi, 

'-AS Silverman, Morris L. , 2033 Banning Rd., N.E., D.C, 4607 Knox Rd. , C.P., WA 9766 

lAS Simmons, Anne W., Box 324. R. 3, Vienna, Va., Dorm. C, 519 

SEE Slnnons, Emogene L., 5 Travers St., Cambridge, Kappa Kappa Gamna, WA 9886 

2EE Sinnons, Nancy E., 1216 Gallatin St., N.W., D.C., GE 0936 

2AS Slmonhoff, Joy R., 5925 N. Bayshore Dr., Miami, Fla., Alpha Epsllon Phi, WA 9804 

2AS Slmonton, Lois A., 7704 Blair Rd., Sliver Spring, SL 5944 

lAS Simpson, B. Dare, 716 Revolution St., Pavre de Grace, Dorm. L (Hyattsville, UH 2797 

IBE Simpson, Eileen D., 1855 Avonlea Ave., Cincinnati, 0., 4100 Queensbary kd., 

IHE Simpson, Elizabeth A., 4512-49th St., N.W. 16, D.C., MBH, 253 

lAS Simpson, Grace E., 3060 Foxhall Rd. , D.C., Dorm, C, 319 

lAS Simpson, Robert C, Emmitsburg, Dorm. K 

IBPA Sinclair, Catherine M., Box 266, R. 13, Baltimore 21, MBH 253 

4Ed Sinclair, Jean, 130 St. Andrews Lane, Glen Cove, K.Y., AAH, 286 

lAS Singleterry, Bonita K., 609 Morris PI., N.E., D.C. 

lAS Slngley, Joan M. , 92 College Ave., Annapolis, Dorm. D, 259 

3AS Sinsky, Adele P., 5128 Chalgrove Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm. D, 359 

2AS Slnton, E. Page, 1500 Ralworth Rd., Baltimore, Dorm. C, 319 

lEn Sipe, Frank A. , Cypress Creek, Sevema Park 

Gr Slry, Josephs., 125 Ivanhoe St., S.W. 20, D.C, AT 2857 (WA 9864 

3AS Skinner, Barbara A., 64 Undercllff Rd. , Mlllburn, N.J., 4603 College Ave., C.P., 

Gr Skipton, Roy K., 3103 Shepherd St., Mt. Rainier 

IAS Skumik, Elaine B., 5046 Chalgrove Ave., Baltimore, Dorm. B, 273 

iBn Slayton, William T., 6600-47th PI., Rlverdale 

SAS Slifer, Hasel J., 2803-20th St., N.E., D.C, MI 5934 

CEn Small, Laf&yette G., 408 Floirer Ave., Takoma Park, SH 2138 

iHE Smart, Margaret E., Fort Washington, SP 0880 

lAS Smalser, Marylee D., Uniontotm, Calvert, 352 

lAg Smit, John P., 822 Market St., Paterson, N.J., P.O. Glendale, BO 3171 

Gr Smith, Albert E., Marshall, 111., 1332 Massachusetts Ave., S.E., D.C. 

lAS Smith, Carolyn P., 2708 Arthur Ave., Chicago, 111., Calvert, 352 

lAS Smith, Courlyne E., 1537 East West Highway, Silver Spring, Dorm. C, 319 

Gr Smith, Don C, 101 Jollet St., S.W. 20, D.C, TR 2424 

lAS Smith, Gerald S., 5606 Kansas Ave., N.W. 11, D.C, Coliseum, 242 

lEd Smith, Geraldlne E., R. 2, Smithsburg, MBH, 253 

IBPA Smith, Gilbert K., White Marsh 

Gr Smith, Harold D., 4400 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9701 

IBPA Smith, Hayden H., Jr., 618 Vale St., Chevy Chase, Silvester 

2AS Smith, Howard M., 2513 Linden Ave., Baltimore 17, 4310 Knox Rd. , C.P., WA 9845 

2HE Smith, Janet M., 3308 Bel le view Ave. , Cheverly, WA 8561 

IBPA Smith, Jean N., 299 Jackson St., Apt. 8-B, Hempstead, L.I., N.Y., Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

IHE Smith, Jerry J., Hernwood Rd., Granite, Dorm. C, 319 

IAS Smith, Joyce F., 14 Wyatt Ave., Alexandria, Va., 7504 Yale Ave., CP., WA 4262 

4HB Smith, Katharine D., Windsor Rd., Cumberland, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

4En Smith, Leslie A., Good Luck Rd., Glenn Dale, Coliseum, 242 

lAS Smith, Maiy Louise, 3118 Dunglow Rd., Dundalk 22, MBH, 253 

lAS Smith, M. Patricia, 7059 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park, Dorm. C, 319 

lAS Smith, Mason P., Haslewood, Mitchellville 

IAS Smith, Patricia K., Good Luck Rd., Glenn Dale, BO 3489 (WA 9886 

4Ed Smith, Phyllis E. (Mrs.), 41 Mulberry Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y., Kappa Kappe Gamma, 

OAS Smith, Rlc}»rd L., 2611-22nd St., N.E. , D.C. 

2AS Smith, V. Joyce, 6900 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

lEn Smith, Walton A., Jefferson Blvd., Braddook Hgts., 210 N« Market St., Frederick, FR 1224 

OBd Smoot, Ida F., Pasadena 

lEn Snulian, James, 3405 Carlisle Ave., Baltimore 16, Silvester 

IBPA Snyth, Frank J., R. 1, Box 21, Laurel, LA 365 

2HE Snyder, Helen H., 2004 Roanoke St., W. Hyattsville 

4HE Snyder, Maryanne K., 4319 Woodbury Rd. , University Park, WA 3606 

3HE Soden, Jean M. , 9918 Rogart Rd., Silver Spring, SH 7523 

lAS Sohmer, Herbert M., 2017 Westwood Ave., Baltimore 17, Silvester 

lAg Sohn, Henry A., 409 Yale Ave., Baltimore 

2AS Some, Seymour J., 1611 Crescent Ave., Hillside, N.J., 4614 Harvard Rd., CP. 

lAS Sommerkamp, Frank M., 3616-20th St., N.E. 18, D.C, DD 1881 

IAS Sommerkamp, Kathryn L., 3616-20th St., N.E. 18, D.C, DU 1881 

IBE Soiaers, Rosabelle, P.O. Box 213, Crlsfield, MBH, 253 

lEd Soo, Raymond, 1544 Fort Davis St., S.E., D.C. 

lAg Soper, Howard K., 103 S. Rolling Rd., Baltimore 28, CA 960-R 

4HE Souder, Martha E., 3503 Morrison St., 15, D.C, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

lAg Souder, Paul S., Bowie Mill Rd., Derwood, GA 39-F-22 

4HE Spamer, Helen M., 3323 Richmond Ave., Baltimore 13, AAH, 286 

4En Spamer, James S., 517 Campbell Lane, Baltimore 12, Terrapin Inn, WA 9870 

IBPA Spaulding, William W., Poplar Springs 5, Mt. Airy, Dorm. L 

2AS Speaker, Shirley R., 706 Berry St., Falls Church, Va., Kappa Delta, WA 9759 


2AS Speed, Dee, 3120 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, Dorm. D, 359 

IAS Speer, William T., Jr., 5320-8th St., N.n., D.C. 

4AS Spellacy, Patricia M. , 511 Van Buren St., N.W. 12, D.C, 4517 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9720 

4AS Spence, J. Robert, Greensboro, Tippett Bldg. , C.P., WA 3674 

3En Spencer, Richard F., 7 Ingleside Ave,, Catonsville, TTieta Chi, WA 9733 

IBPA Spessard, Raymond R., Colesville 

2HE Spicer, Mary Ann, 216 Buffalo Ave., Takoraa Park, SL 9874 

lAS Spire, Bernioe Z., 3413 Royoe Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm. E, 273 

lAS Spitzer, Charlotte 0., 4906 Iroquois St., Berwyn 

lAS Spitrnas, Sarah G., 5304 Kenilworth Ave., Baltimore 12, Dorm. E, 273 

2HE Spiva, Harriet W., 204 Main St., Princess Anne, Calvert, 352 

lAS Sprague, John C, 4225 Madison St., Hyattsville, UN 1686 

lAS Sprague, Marjorie J., 31 E. Bay St., Barnegat, N.J., Calvert, 352 (20, D.C, TR 2424 

Gr Sprague, Richard E., 1249 W. 34th St., Indianapolis 8, Ind., 1102 Mississippi Av8.,S.E. 

4AS Sprague, Shirley E., 4225 Madison St., Hyattsville, UN 1686 (LI 7892 

lEd Spriggs, John W. , 48 N. Mechanic St., Cumberland, 1213 Holbrook St., N.E., D.C, 

OEd Spriggs, Madeline A. (Mrs.), 101 Annapolis St., W. Annapolis 

2AS Sprung, M. Irene, 20 W. Lenox St., Chevy Chase, Dorm, C, 319 

Gr Squires, Delbert W., 3014 Dent PI., H,W,, D,C 

iBd Stafford, Betsy A., 1305 Adams St., N,E. 18, D,C, DU 7616 

Gr Stafford, Bruce H., 102 Irvington St., S.W. 20, D.C 

5AS Staman, Elna K., 538 Chestnut St., Columbia, Pa., Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

lAg Stang, Robert E., R.F.D. 3, Gaithersburg, 10109 Herford PI., Silver Spring 

2AS Stanton, Ruth J., 8116 Georgetorm Ra., Bethesda, 3R 0028 

2AS Stark, Bemyce S., 4524 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale 

2AS Stark, Edna B., 4524 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale 

2En Starr, Maurice D., 301-3rd St., S.E. 3, D.C, 4607 Knox Rd. , C.P. , WA 9766 

IHE Stathopoulos, Betty, 1000 Quebec Pi., N.W., D.C, MBH, 253 

Gr Stathopoulos, George, 1000 Quebec Pi., N.W. , D.C, RA 4018 

IHE Stathopoulos, Thelma, 1000 Quebec PI., N.W. , D.C, MBH, 253 

Gr Stecca, Anthony J., 4306 South Capitol St., 20, D.C 

IBPA Steele, G. William, 2323 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E. 20, D.C, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

lEd Stein, Carmencita R,, 67-80 Groton St., Forest Kills, K.Y., 7406 Dickinson Ave.,CP., 

lAS Stein, Eva, 5 East St., Delmar, MBH, 253 (WA 8012 

2BPA Stein, Uarilyn, 3122 Oakfield Ave., Baltimore 16, Dorm. E, 273 

lAS Steinnetz, Gladys M., Hurlock, AAE, 286 

lEn Stephen, Frank M., Jr., 4405 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, WA 2744 

2AS Stephenson, H. Louise, 101 Chester Ct., Peoria, 111., Dorm. C, 319 

2Ed Stepper, Arlene B., 3304 Liberty Heights Ave,, Baltimore, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9802 

Gr Sterling, John, Jr., Latham, Mo., 3401-37th Ave., Colaar Manor, UN 4135 

3Ed Sterman, Sidney D., 139 Varnum St., N.W. 11, D.C, Silvester 

4AS Stern, Deborah B., 3639 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, AAH, 286 

Gr Stevens, Elizabeth S., Prince George's Gardens, Apt. H-3, Hyattsville, WA 6446 

4EE Stevens, Eloise, 700 Easley St., Silver Spring, SL 1245 

IHE Stevens, F. Jeanne, 4707 West Virginia Ave,, Bethesda, MBH, 253 

3AS Stewart, Clarissa, 3022 Q St., N.W. 7, D.C, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

Gr Stewart, Dewey, 1736 Webster St., K.E., D.C. 

4Ed Stewart, Lucille L,, 211 Main St,, Annapolis, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

3Ag Stewart, Mary R. (Mrs.), 4704 Calvert Rd., CP. 

5En Stewart, Merrick W., 1414 Shepherd St., N,W. , D.C, GE 2633 

lAg Stewart, Paul, 9530 Warren St,, Silver Spring, SH 3918 

BPA Stewart, Ralph E., 1718 Nebraska St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Gr Stewart, Robert N., 4628 Woodberry Rd. , Riverdale 

4HE Stewart, R. Virginia, 6111-44th Ave., Riverdale, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

IHE Stilwell, Shirley J., 4812 Drummond Ave,, Chevy Chase, MBH, 253 

Ag Stinnett, Edith S. (Mrs.), 3051 N St., N.W., D.C, AD 6018 

5AS Stitely, Marguerite L., Woodsboro, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

IHE Stockett, Peggy M. , 3625 Brandywine St., D.C, WO 1061 

lAS Stone, Anne W. , 1102 Van Buren St., Eastport, Annapolis, Delta Gamma, WA 3083 

SEd Stone. Jane E.. 6-A Hillside Rd, . Greenbelt. GR 5736 

lEd Storti, Raymond P., 23 Rosewood Ave., Norwood, R,I,, Coliseum, 242 

3AS Stout, Mary M, (Mrs.), E. College Ave,, Salisbury, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

lEd Stover, James N,, 301 S, High St,, Harrisonburg, Va, , Coliseum, 242 

2Ed Stowe, David E., 406 Cedar St., N.W. 12, D.C, TA 7779 

lAS Stransky, Lillian 0., 2110 Queens Chapel Rd., Avondale, WA 6874 

lAS Strauss, William A., 4702 Washington Blvd., Halethorpe, AR 458-J 

4AS Stringer, Kenneth T., 2804 Mosher St., Baltimore 16, 4605 College Ave., C.P. 

4BPA Stringer, Lucille H., 3216 Cathedral Ave., 8, D.C, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

IHE Strock, Phyllis, Kables Station, Staunton, Va., Calvert, 352 

lAg Strother, James L. , 1409-15th St., N,W,, D.C, Dorm. L 


IAS Sturgill, Bytha N., 9604-48th St., Berwyn, BE 789J 

3BPA Suit, Ruth K., 4708 Norwich Rd., C.P., UN 3767 

IAS Sullivan, Joseph G., 6504 Davis St., 19, D.C, HI 0157-J 

Gr Sullivan, Miles V., 4339 Nichols Ave., S.W. 20, D.C, TR 2424-Ext 274 

Gr Sullivan, R, Patton, 1734 Colguitt St., Houston, Texas, 4690 Nichols Ave., D.C. 

4AS Sundstrom, Kabel, 6203-54th Place, Riverdale, WA 8745 

IHE Sultan, A. Perry, 307 T.oodlawn Rd., Baltimore 10, AAH, 286 

2En Svrjcek, Benjamin W., 715 N. Port St., Baltimore 5, Dorm Z 

2BPA Swain, Betty J., 608 TiTiittier St., N.T7., D.C, AAH, 286 

SHE Swyeert, Rebecca K., 1437 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., D.C, KI 4350 

2AS Sykes, H. Lenora, 2402 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 24, Dorm C, 319 Ext 427 

Gr SyTTion, Keith R., 415 "W. Union Ave., V:heaton, 111., 133 Ivanhoe St., S.T/., 20, D.C, TR 2424 

IAS Tabor, Neil, 3024 Tioga Pkwy., Baltimore 15, Dorm Z 

4AS Tackett, John H., IE. Chestnut St., Bowie, BO 3831 

IHE Talbert. Ruth K., 180 Sherman Ave., Teaneck, N.J., AAH, 286 

Gr Talbert, Tom S., Route 3, Tfaco, Texas, 2230 Mt, View Place, S.E., D.C, FR 4386 

Gr Talbot, Richard V., 3211 l\lieeler Rd., S.E. 20, D.C 

4En Talbott, William G., Clarksville, 7401 Princeton Ave., C.P., TfA 9733 

IBPA Tall, Elbert W., 207 Race St., Cambridge, 4603 College Ave., CP,, WA 9884 

3HE Tallant, M. Barbara, 518-26th St., Bradenton, Fla., Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2En Talone, Edward R., 2213 Rhode Island Ave., N.E., D.C, DU 2637 

IAS Tanaka, Sachiko, 1510-34th St., N.W., 7, D.C, Dorm C, 319 

IAS Tannenbaum, Barry, 3800 Chatham Rd., Baltimore 15, 4607 Knox Rd., CP., WA 9766 

lAS Taub, Ruth, 3604 Cottage Ave., Baltimore, LI 4257 

3AS Taubman, Ruth S. (Mrs.), 4304 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

HE Taj'lor, Betty B. (Mrs.), 1423 Park Ave., Baltimore, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

Gr Taylor, Jack H., 673 N. McLean St., Memphis, Tenn., 3814-2nd St., S.E., D.C 

3BPA Taylor, Muriel J., 110 Normandy Drive, Silver Spring, SH 7237 

2BPA Taylor, Nancy N., 3427 Guilford Terrace, Baltimore, Pi Beta Phi, WA 9831 

lAS Taylor, Norman D., 1730 N. Smallwood St., Baltimore 

3Ag Taylor, William B., Ridgely, Dorm Z 

lAS Teal, Lee D., Shipley Farm, Secane, Penn., University Lane, C.P., UN 1159 

2AS Tether, James E., 18-E Crescent Rd,, Greenbelt, GR 5496 

IHE Teuton, I'ary J., 7701 W. Foote Rd., 20 D.C, Dorm E, 273 

IBPA Thayer, Ethel S., Park Heights, Cumberland, Donn E, 273 

Gr Thibedeau, Robert T., 9507 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SH 5410 

lEd Thielscher, Janet P., 210 Kennedy Dr., Kenwood, MBH, 253 

lAS Thomas, Betty M., R.F.D. 4, Frederick, AAH, 286 

2Ag Thomas, Harold C, Darlington, Tippett Apartment, CP. 

IBPA Thomas, Jane, 105 Main St., Pennington, N.J., MBH, 253 

IBPA Thomas, Nancy L., 16 Beall St., Frostburg, Dorm E., 273 

2Ao: Thompson, Anne E., Morris & Francke Aves. S.E., Lutherville, MBH, 253 

2En Thompson, Charles F., Ellicott City, Elioak, 7506 Dickerson Ave., C.P., WA 6055 

IBPA Thompson, Eleanor M., Hughesville, MBH, 253 

lAS Thompson, Evelyn M., 9408 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, Dorm D, 359 

OEd Thompson, Frances A., 7105 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., WA 2606 

4Ag Thompson, Harold H., Poolesville, Bureau of Mines, C.P., UN 3100 

lAS Thompson, Mary L., 4601 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 0849 

lAS Thompson, Richard D., Morris & Francke Ave., Lutherville, Dorm Z 

IBPA Thompson, Richard N., 7105 Rhode Island Ave., CP., WA 2606 

Gr Tliompson, Robert H., Pawnee City, Neb., 263 Kentucky Ave., S.E. 3, D.C, FR 6535 

Gr Thompson, Sanford P., 4690 Nichols Ave., S.W» 20, D.C. 

lEd Thompson, W. Ellwood, Grasonville, 

lAS Thome, Betty L., 8201 Livingston Rd., S.E. 20, D.C, Dorm E^ 359 

lAS Thomthwaite, Elizabeth A., 4708 Calvert Rd., CP., WA 1726 

4Ed Throckmorton, Lenore, 6202 Bfaple Ave., Chevy Chase, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

lEn Tilghman, John B., 205 E. Isabella St., Salisbury, Dorm L 

4Ag Tittmann, Miriam T., 1718 Connecticut Ave,, D.C, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

IBPA Toler, Jack C, Route 8, Yakima, Wash., 4714 Woodbery Rd., Riverdale 

IHE Tongue, Corinne E., Hanover Rd., Elkridge, EL 244-J 

Gr Toole, Marguerite G. (Mrs.), Lanham, HY 5315 

lAS Topalian, Nora P., 4918-44th St., N.W. 16, D.C, EM 8797 

Gr Toppinr, Annie R., 4010 Kennedy St., Hyattsville, WA 0717 

2HE Torbet, Jean E,, 755 Cleveland Ave., Cumberland, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9877 

lEn Towers, Chester L., 1000 McKean Ave., Baltimore 17, 

Gr Towson, Helen J., 4550 Connecticut Ave., N.W., D.C. 

2HE Traband, S. Lucille, 4006 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, ViA 1022 

3HE Train, Betty S., 2505-13th St., N.W., D.C, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

lAS Travors, Jean I., 6426 Rosemont Ave., Baltimore, MEE< 253 

lAS Treiber, Martin W., 1723 Owynns Falls Pky., Baltimore, Dorm Z 


3Ed Trimble, Uarianna, Mt. Savage, Dorm. D, 273 

2AS Trimmer, Sarah J., 7709 Chicago Ave,, Silver Spring, SL 7927 

2HE Troeger, Betty B., 1928-3rd St., K.E. 2, D.C., Dorm. C, 319 

lEd Trout, Nelson E., Frederick (TR 6284 

Gr Troxel, David I., 706 Juniper St., Quakertowm, Pa., 2104-31at St., S.E. 20, D.C., 

4AS Troxell, Ann A., 223 Fayette St., Cumberland, AAH, 286 

4Ed Troy, Mary U. , 205 N. Pinehurst Ave., Salisbury, AAH, 286 

Ag Trundle, Henry 

BPA Trunnell, Ruth J., 4109-54th St., Decatur Heights, Hyattsville, UN- 1908 

SHE Tryon, Jean, 2802-20th St., K.E., D.C. 

IAS Tucker, Alfred J., 2001 Evarts St., K.E. 18, D.C, HO 6354 (KO 7076 

Gr Tucker, Irwin W., 200-23 45th Rd., Bayside, L.I., K.Y., 4122-14th St., H.S., D.C, 

lAS Turnage, Betty L., 2101-16th St., D.C, Calvert, 352 

lEn Turner, Donald S., 508 Liarket St., Denton, Silvester 

Gr Turner, Edythe M., 108 Woodrldge Ave., Silver Spring, SH 8968 

lAS Turner, E. Ann, 2-F Horthway, Greenbelt, GR 5623 

2AS Turner, James H., 108 ^T. College Ave., Salisbury, Theta Chi, TTA 9733 

IHE Turner, Janet E., 4400 Hartwick Rd., C.P., WA 1655 

JLAS Turner, Laura M., 2804 S. Joyce St., Arlington, Va., JA 1903 

2HE Turner, Lliriam R., 4400 Hartwick Rd., CP., WA 1655 

IAS Turner, Shirley E., 3553-16th St., N.TT. , D.C, Dorm, D, 359 

4AS Turner, William M. , 640 Lincoln St., Cumberland 

IBPA Turyn, Victor, Box 203, Holden, W. Va., Coliseum, 242 

OEd Uchuck, Elaine D., 541 K. Ltilton Ave, , Baltimore 5, BR 1370 

2AS Uhland, LSartha C, 6116 Western Ave,, Chevy Chase 15, Calvert, 352 

Gr Dhler, Elizabeth T. (Mrs.), Apt, G-305, Prince Georges Apts,, Hyattsville 

Gr Ulm, Amanda A,, Berwyn Rd, 4 Ruatan St., Berwyn Heights 

IAS Umpierre, Francisco J,, 3322 N St,, H,W. , D,C, Washington Blvd., CP. 

IAS Updike, Nancy E,, 1629-25th St,, S.E., D.C. 

4AS Upton, Emily F., Lanham, EY 5232 

2AS Upton, Virginia, Lanham, ET 5232 

3AS Utman, Pauline S., 1640 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 31, Dorm. C, 319 

lEn Vadala, Frank T., 3803 Hayrreird Ave., Baltimore 15 

4AS Vale, Marjorie E., 3516 Frankford Ave., Baltimore 14, Gemma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

2AS Valentine, Patsy J., 108 W. Nelson Ave,, Alexandria, Va., Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

lEd Valliant, Annetta E., Bellevue, Calvert, 352 

3BPA Valmas, Nora M. , Main St,, Ellicott City, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 (Hyattsville, WA 3688 

IBPA Vanaudestrade, Albert R. , 5414 Hampton St., Pittsburgh, Pa., 6601 Queens Chapel Rd., 

4AS Vance, Louise D., 16 W. Irving St., Chevy Chase, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

SHE Van Der Vliet, Janet E,, 86 Terhune Ave,, Lodi, N,J,, AAE, 286 

Gr Vandermark, Maybelle E., 303 Greenwood Ave,, Takoma Park, SH 6556 

2AS Van Eoesen, Sophie P,, 1922 Capitol Vie?/ Ave,, Silver Spring, SL 4379 (Apt, 4, CP, 

Gr Van Hook, John 0,, Sea Isle Hospital, Sea Isle City, N,J., 7400 Rhode Island Ave., 

Gr Van Meter, Alice, 300 Wabash Ave., Mattoon, 111., 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

SEd Van lianching, Ann F., 35 King Ave., Weeha'w^en, N. J., Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

IBPA Van Wagner, George H. , 4706 DeRussey Parkway, Chevy Chase, Colisevun, 242 

4En Varndell, C Robert, 1333 Fairmont St., N.W. 9, D.C, CO 8979 

IBPA Vausha, Virginia L. , 85 Valley Rd., Louisville, Ky., Dorm. E, 273 

lAS Voider, Milton, 1947 Lauretta Ave., Baltimore 23, Silvester 

Gr Velilla, Delia M., 7 Cerra St., Santurce, P.R., 4509 Calvert Rd., CP. 

Gr Velilla, Georgina, 7 Cerra St., Santurce, P.R., 4509 Calvert Rd., CP, 

lEd Velker, Eileen M,, 722 Linnard St,, Baltimore 

2AS Vermilya, Patricia J,, 128 Frontenac Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., Dorm. C, 319 

lEd Vieau, Janice Y,, 5710-SOth Ave,, Hyattsville, WA 6094 

lAS Viereck, Edith E., 210 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Park 12 (CP. 

2AS Villanueva, German, E. Padilla Ave., Box 188, Arecibo, P.R,, Howard's Cleaner Bldg,, 

lAS Vitiello, Evelyn T,, 2406 Cheverly Ave,, Cheverly, WA 1108 

lAS Vlangas, Louis P, , 2607 Aisquith St,, Baltimore 18, Silvester 

lEn Vogel, Max A., 4960 Brandywine St., N.W. 16, D.C, Silvester 

IBPA Volke, William G, , 524 N, Pulaski St,, Baltimore, Silvester 

lEn Vols, J. Frederick, Box 75, R, 16, Baltimore 21, Dorm. L 

Gr Von Batchelder, Frederick W. , 165 Mississippi Ave., S.E. 20, D.C 

3AS Vorobey, Stella, 324-5th St., S.E,, D,C., Dorm. D, 359 

SAS Vrahiotes, Louellen U. , 5126-9th St., N.W., D.C, GE 1355 

IBPA Vuncannon, Robert H., 4720 Wheeler Rd., 20, D.C, AT 9304 

2HE Wagner, Joanne, 4301 Emerson St., Hyattsville, WA 0744 

lis Wagner, Marian J., 8 Webster St., Westminster, Dorm. E, 27S 

lAg Wagner, Philip A., 2006 N. Wolfe St,, Baltimore 13, Silvester 

Gr Wagner, Robert E,, 7008 Eversfield Dr,, hyattsville, WA 8S78 

SAS Waite, K, Page, 2020 Lanier Dr,, Silver Spring, 7511 Princeton Ave,, CP., WA 9831 


3AS Waldrop, Francis N., 10714 Old Bladensburg Rd., Silver Spring, SH 9125 

ttn Wallaoe« Bert E., Randallstown, 7604 Hopklna Ave., C.P., WA 9807 

lAS Wallaoe, Carl G., 56 Duvall Dr., Weatmoreland Hilla, lilvester Hall 

4AS Wallace, Joanne U,, 4505 Tuokerman St., UniTersity Park, WA 1018 

8AS Wallender, Elisabeth A., 2510 H. 9th St., Arlington, Va., Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

IAS Wallenatein, Carol R., General Dellyery, o/o Middle Rirer P.O., AAH, 286 

IAS Waleh, Catherine T*, 118 Feninore St., Brooklyn, N.Y., Dorm E, 275 

6r Walah, J. Paul, 101 Joliet St., S.W., 20, D.C., AT 6476 

IAS Walter, Virian A., Bloe Ridge, Suamit, Pa., Dorm E, 275 

6r Walton, Edward, 6908 Willow St., N.W., 12, D.C., 7400 Rhode Island Ave., C.P.,WA 5812 

Gr Walton, William W., 5917 Oliver St., Hyattsville, WA 8666 

2HB Wannan, Jeanne A.* 604 Longfellow St., H.W., D.C., GB 5506 

Gr Ward, Frederick N., 4806 Laoksjranna St., Berwyn, BE 780-W 

2AS Ward, H. Christine, 5756-17th PI., N.E., D.C., NO 4606 

lEn Wareham, Edward A., Ill, 19 MoKee Ave., Hagerstoim, l>orm L 

OEd Waring, Eleanor B., 141 Gloucester St., Annapolis 

lEd Warner, R. Julienne, 6612 C St., Maryland Park 19 

2BPA Warren, James M., Delaplane, 7a., Dorm L 

2AS Warren, Morris J., 505 Prince George St., Uurel, LA 220-W 

lAS Warrington, Wilma C, 627 Murdook Rd., Baltimore, AAH, 286 

IAS Warshaw, Henry R., 4646 Riesterstown Rd., Baltimore, Silvester Hall 

5Ag Waters, Warner S., R.F.D. 1, Laurel, LA 5F15 

5BPA Wathen, Betty A., 5706 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9775 

2Ed Watkins, Betty L., 706-18th St., N.W., Apt. 1010, 6, D.C., Calvert Hall» 562 

2AS Watkins, Elsie L., "Perry Cabin", St. Michaels, 4605 College Ave., C.P, 

2AS Watkins, Mary A., Seat Pleasant, Capitol Heights 7112 

5AS Watson, Page R., Club Rd., Ruxton 4, Dorm D, 569 

Gr Watt, Arthur D., 5744 First St., S.E., 20, D.C. 

IHE Watts, Carol A., 1408 Eingsway Rd., Baltimore, HBH, 265 

16PA WaTBan. Harriet B., 5624 T St., N.W., D.C, Calvert Hall. 552 

IBPA Wayt, Florence J., 6404 Purlington Way, Baltimore, Calvert Hall» 562 

SEE Weakley, Hazel S., 5451 Guilford Terrace, Baltimore 18, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

2AS Weare, Phyllis M., 5198-18th St., N. E., D. C., NO 1289 

5Ag Weaver, Kitty D,, 521 Mansion Dr., Alexandria, Va., TE 5799 

OEd Webb, Margaret 0., 4912-40th PI., Hyattsville, HY 0516 

4AS Webb, Mary J., Federaleburg, 4808 Calvert Rd., C. P., UN 1169 

IAS Webber, D. Barbara, 567 Main St., Uurel, LA 202 

lAg Weber, David C, Oakland, Dorm. L 

Or Webster, George C, 4756 Rodman St., N. W., D, C, OR 5459 

Gr Weems, Sarah P., 4616 Harvard Rd,, C. P., WA 6790 

2AS Weger, Deana, 4621-16th St., N. W., 11, D. C, GE 6811 

lAS Weick, Donald V., 6905 Carleton Terr., C. P., WA 1966 (CP., WA 5925 

Gr Weidenhamer, Margaret H., 447 B- 12eth St., Belle Harbor, L.I,, N.y,,4616 Knox Rd,, 

lEn Weidner, Arthur A., Jr., 2450 Monroe St., N, E., D. C, MI 7714 

lEn Weiler, John A., Jr., 4218-50th St,, Mt, Rainier, UN 1676 

Gr Weimer, Earl W,, 1506-46th St,, S, E,, D. C. 

5AS Weiner, Marian N,, 4004 Piakney Rd,, Baltimore 15, 4825 Osage St,, Berwyn, BE 281 

4SE Weinstein, Evelyn, 2801 Bellevue Terr,, 7, D, C, Phi Sigma Signa, WA 9828 

Gr Weiss, Charlotte I,, R, F, D, 1, Farmingdale, N, J,, Calvert, 562 (WA 9564 

2A5 Weiss, Lila R,, 286 Schenectady Ave., Brooklyn 15, N,Y,, 4104 Russell Ave, A^t •Rainier 

6r Weiss, Max T,, 66 Bennett Ave., New York, 55, N.Y., 1452 K St,, S,E,, 5, D.C. 

Gr Weissler, Alfred, 2968-2nd St., S. E,, 20, D. C,,AT 0590 

Gr Weissler, Pearl G,(Mrs,), 2968-2nd St., S, E,, 20, D, C, AT 0590 

2Bd Welty, Patsy L,, Funkstown, Dorm, D, 569 

2AS Welty, Peggy L., Funkstown, Dorm. D, 569 

4HE Wentworth, Wilma R,, 6602-45rd Ave,, University Park, UN 5565 

2HE Wente, Mary E,, Manchester, M6H, 255 

Gr Werble, Eleanor, 1511 Quincy St., N, W., 11, D, C., TA 8654 

IBPA Werner, Charles I,, Main St., Old Saybrook, Conn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

lAS Werner, Helen 0., 808 Cox Ave., Hampshire Knolls, Hyattsville, SH 7459 

Gr Wertman, Frieda L.(Mrs.), 2705 Webster St,, Mt, Rainier, UN 2886 

lAS Weasel, T. Louise, Montgomery Bd., Ellicott City, CalTert, 552 

lAg Wesson, Jack E., Lawrenoevllle, Va», Dorm. L 

IHE West, Jeanette, 1912 Mt. Royal Terr., Baltimore, Dorm, E, 275 

IHE West, 0, Evelyn, 4800 Suitland Rd., S, E,, 20, D. C, MBH, 265 

lAS Wexler, Jerome J,, 7440 Georgia Ave., N, W,, D. C, Silvester 

IBd Wharton, William C, Jr., 5S16-28th St., N, W,, D. C, 

Gr Wheatley, Mabel M.(Mrs,), 10747-llOth St., Richmond Hill 19, N, T, 

lAS Wheeler, Robert G., 104 Paradise Ave,, Catonsville, Silvester 

lAS Whelohel, L«urel D,, 8 Revell St,, Annapolis, Calvert, 562 



SAS Wh«rley, Phyllla G,, 5402-40th Ave., Hyattrrlll©, HY 0699 

lAS WhitAore, Bruoe £• T,, 2030 IT. Lexington St., Baltinor* 2S, Silvester 

4AS Wiltoomb, Phyllla J., 37 RWerelde St., Watertown, Mass., Calrert, 352 

lAg Uhlte, C. Al-vln, 2126 Oirens Rd., 20, D. C. 

lEd T»hlte, Dorothy V,, Laytonarille, Calvert, 362 

lAS White, Herbert C,, 4002 Oakford Ave., Baltimore 15, Silvester 

4AS Tfhlte, Ira U,, 4716 Rittenhouse St., Rlverdale, WA 2652 

4Ed White, Jeanne D,(Mr8.), 225 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park, SL 8664 

SBd White, Louise G,, Laytonsvil le , Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

IBPA White, Marjorie E,, 2814 Myrtle Ave., N. E., D. C., NO 6749 

OBn White, Paul E. P., 8505 Glenview Ave., Takoma Park, 12, SH 7599 

IAS White, Shirley M,, 1776 N. Troy St., Arlington, Va. 

6r White, Williaa A., 117 Mohioan Dr., S. E., 20, D. C. 

IfiE Whit«ley, Erma L., Centreville Rd., Easton, MBE, 253 

IBPA Whittle, William E,, Offutt Rd., Randallstown, Baltimore, 4706 Harvard Ave., C. P. 

lAg Widdoirson, Paul M., Jr., Mardela Springs, SA 1850-F-2 

2AS Wldmann, Mildred R., 8 E. 14th St., Frederick, Dorm. C, 319 

IAS Widmayer, Rita L., 911 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, SH 1606 

IHE Wiegand, Mary R., Rogers Ave., Ellicott City, 4506 College Ave., C. P. 

6r Wiggin, Gladys A., 3822 Sheridan Ave., N.Minneapolis, Mian., 4624 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

3BPA Wigley, Walter P., Jr., Street, Lord Calvert Hotel, C. P. 

SAS Wiker, Mildred M., 4304-12th PI., N. E., 17, D. C, MI 5866 

OEd Wiloox, Ruth B.(Mr8.), 3210 Otis St., Mt. Rainier, WA 6589 

4SE Wiles, Ruth M., 4130 Westview Rd., Baltimore, AAH, 286 

lAg Wiley, Joseph H., 81 Hanover Rd., Reisterstown, Silvester 

SAS Wllhide, Eatherine E., 3524 Woodland Ave., Baltimore 15, Alph Xi Delta, WA 9720 

2En Wilkinson, Robert W., 1630 Chilton St., Baltimore 18, Theta Chi, WA 9735 

SEd Williams, Bertha L,, 301 E. University Parkway, Baltimore, Dona. D, 569 

iBn Williams, Charles R. H., 6720 Meadoir Lan«, Chevy Chase 15, College Ave., C. P. 

SAS Williams, Charles S., 827 E, 54th St., Baltimore, Poultry Bldg., 331 

SEd Williams, Helen L., 4001-5th St., Baltimore 25, Pi Beta Phi, WA 98S1 

IHE Williams, Janet D., Perryville, AAH, 286 

2Ed Williams, Jean A., 6576-51st PI., N. ff., D. C, Dorm. C, 519 (D.C., TR 6788 

Gr Williams, John R., 20515 Moross Rd., Detroit 24, Mich., 142 Wilmington P1,,S.E.,20, 

lEd Williams, Margaret M., Happy Acres Farm, Salisbury, Calvert, 352 

2AS Williams, Sally A., 835 Windsor Rd., Cumberland, AAH, 286 

IAS Willis, Patricia, 316 N. E. 16th Terr., Pt. Uuderdale, Fla, MBH, 255 

IHE Wilson, Betty J., 8404 Dixon Ave., Silver Spring, SI 1255 

lEn Wilson, Harold B,, 1618 Covert St., Parkersburg, W. Va., Silvester 

lEd Wilson, Louis L., 2005 N. Nelson St., Arlington, Va., Coliseum, 242 

2HE Wilson, Mary L., Rising Sun, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

IAS Wilson, Paul G., 5706 Quinoy St., Brentwood, UN 1024 

lAS Wilson, Robert L., Mardela Springs 

Gr Wilson, Shirley J., 202 Hodges Lane, Takoma Park, Alpha Zi Delta, WA 9720 

Gr Wilson, William K., 2145 California St., 8, D.C., OR 4040, Ext. 257 

2HE Windsor, Bette M., 5702 Elkader Rd., Baltimore, Dorm. C, 519 

Gr Wine, Hilda K., 4109-18th St., N.W., D. C, TA 7717 

SHE Winebrener, Barbara J., 16 Clarke PI., Frederick, Dorm. C, 319 

IHE Winebrener, Marjorie A., 16 Clarke PI., Frederick, Calvert, 562 

lAg Winfrey, Robert H., R. F. D,, Box 508, Baltimore 7, Silvester 

En Winkler, Carl T,, 6509-8th St., N. W., D. C, GE 5749 

SAS Winslow, Edward L., Jr., Dobb St., Hertford, N. C, 4405 Holly Hill Rd., C, P. 

Gr Winter, Charles B,, 252 Park Ave., ^akoma Park, SH 7565 

Gr Winter, William N., 2455 B. Madison St., Baltimore 5, WO 5512 

Gr Wintermere, Dorothy M., Belair Fann, Bowie 

SAS Winters, Adrlenne S., 4800 Georgia Ave., N. W., D. C, TA 4550 

2BPA Withers, Roy W., 62 Central St., Palmer, Mass., Theta Chi, WA 9755 

IBPA Witt, Lillian, 5900-l4th St., N. W., D. C, 7406 Dickinson Ave., C. P., WA 8012 

AS Wohl, Sam« S500 Piedmont Ave., Baltiraore 16, 4510 Knox Rd., C. P. 

2Ed Wohlfarth, B. Jean, 4524->40th St., Brentwood, WA 2279 

2AS Wolf, Earl S., 5406 Newton St., Mt. Rainier, UN 0SS8 

Gr Wolf, Harry B,, 9902 Renfrew Rd., Silver Spring, SL 1742 

IBd Wolfe, Martin S., 6016 Nebraska Ave., N. W., 8, D. C. 

5BPA Wolfe, Percy L., Jr., 6108-62nd PI., Rlverdale 

lAS Wolf el, Donald A., N. Rolling Rd., Ellicott City, Silvester 

Or Wolf son, Wilfred J., 1511 Quincy St., N. W., D, C. 

4AS Wolpert, Phyllis L., 2481 Shirley Ave., Baltimore, Phi Sipna Sigma, WA 9828 

IAS Wood, Donald 0., 508 Maple Rd., Linthicum Heigihts, Dorm. I 

lAS Wood, Dorothy L,, 8417-48th Ave., Berwyn, BE 150-R 

lEE Wood, Katharine M., 216 Albany Ave., Takoaa Park, Calvert, 552 


lAS Wood, Margaret E., 1015 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, SL 5552 

2Ed Wood, Teresa R., Ridgely, 4512 Clagett Rd., C, P. 

lAg Wood, Thamar D., 5128-2nd St., N. W., D. C., 4605 Wells Parkway, Calvert Homes, C. ?• 

4AS Woodbury, Virginia A., 4616 Butterworth PI., D, C, 1662 Vamum St., N, B,, D. C, 

2Ed Woodell, Christine Y.(Mrs.), 48 Green St., Oakland, 4505 Guilford Rd., C, P. 

5AS Woodell, Jose^i H., 48 Green St., Oakland, 4505 Guilford Rd., C. P. 

IHE Woodfield, Louise A., Galesville, Calvert, 552 

Gr Woodhull, John H., 1732 Park Rd., N. W., 10, D. C, CO 0501 

lAS Wooding, Nancy C,, 9107 Woodland Rd., Silver Spring, SL 6796 

lEn Woodruff, Joseph A., 4654 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale 

lEd Woods, Ruth P., Box 60, Clinton, Dom. C., 519 

2AS Woodson, Eleanor M., 6708 Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase 15, MBE, 255 

lEn Woodson, Nelson B., 6708 Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase 

IHE Woodward, Dorothy H., 4817-56th St., N. W., D, C,, Dorm. C, 519 

OEd Woodward, Emily C., 17 Southgate Ave., Annapolis, AN 4952 

Ed Worrall, Dorothy A., 5009 Roland Ave., Baltimore, MBH, 255 

lAS Wortman, Anne L,, 126 Webster St., N, W., D. C, RA 5103 

2HE Wragg, Frances Watterson, 5741-59th St., N, W., l6, D, C, 

IHE Wrathall, M. Lois, 1400 Somerset PI., N. W,, 11, D, C, Calvert, 552 

lAS Wright, Charles M., Indian Head, Dorm* S 

lAg Wright, Edward C, Delmar St., Delmar, 4400 Lehigh St., C, P, 

2AS Wright, Flo A., 5 W. Cochran St., Middletonn, Del., MBH, 255 

IAS Wright, John B., 4704 Locust Rill Ct., Bethesda, Phi Delta Theta, WA 9884 

IAS Wrigh-t;, John J., Pylesville, Silvester 

2AS Wright, Johnsie B., 2318-28th St., S. E., D. C, Dorm. C, 519 

5Ed Wright, I'atrioia A., 605 Bennington Lane, Silver Spring, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

lAS Wroe, William C, R. F. D, 2, Reisterstown, Theta Chi, WA 9755 

Gr Wuerffiel, Herman L., 102 Irvington St., S. W., D. C, FR 9619 

Gr Wyman, Frederick E., Jr., 1206 Highland St., Emporia, Kans., 17 Lincoln St., Takoaa F)c« 

4HE Wynne, Betty M,, 127 Vue de L'Eau St., Cambridge, Kappa Delta, WA 9769 

4AS Yolam, Jean, 4721 Blagden Terr., N. W., D. C, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

OEd Yamasaki, Ada K., 4703 Ravenswood St., Riverdale 

Gr Yamasaki, Miye, 4705 Ravenswood St., Riverdale 

lAS Yatt, Harold, 1925 Dukeland St., Baltimore 16 

IAS Yochelson, Ellis L., Box 25, R. F. D. 1, Clinton, CL 69 

5AS Young, Kathryn M., 4007 Jonestown Rd., Harrisburg, Pa., Dorm. C, 519 

Gr Young, Marvin P., Princeton, N. C, 1149 Oates ^t., N. E., D. C. 

lEn Yount, Robert S., Jr., 8209 Meadowbrook Lane, Chevy Chase, SL 9687 (DU 9868 

Gr Yurenka, Steven, 5417 W. 22nd PI., Cicero 50, 111., 1426-2l8t St., N.W., 6, D.C., 

OEd Zaoharias, Mary E.CWrs), 105 N, Linden Ave., Annapolis, AN 4767 

2AS Zeigler, Alice E., 2100 Allendale Rd., Baltimore, Calvert, 552 

4En Zeigler, Edwara J., 1500 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm. L 

lEn Zeigler, Robert F,, 1300 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm. K 

lAS Zelaya, Marielene P., Mexican finbassy, D. C, Dorm. E, 275 

IBPA Zelko, JacqueliAe T., 123 Granville St., Annapolis, MBH, 253 

3Ed Zotts, Michael D., 61 Hobson PI., Bradford, Pa., Coliseum, 242 

IBPA Ziefle, Gloria M., 3127 Northway Dr., Baltimore, Calvert, 362 

5AS Ziggles, Naomi C, 5425 Illinois Ave., N. W., D. C, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9804 

2AS Zimmerli, Mary E., 11 Everett St., Kensington, Dorm. D, 359 

lAS Zimmerman, James P., R. F. D, 4, Frederick, Dorm. I 

Gr Zimmerman, John R., 1230 Highland St., Emporia,Kans., 3100 H. PI,, 19, D.C.,LI 4635 

IAS Zimmerman, Phyllis J., 5286 Arcadia PI., N, W., 15, D, C, Calvert, 552 

IHE Zoffin, Lily R., Box 21, R. F. D., Clinton, CL 48-R